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Past Real Worlders and Road Rulers are teaming up in pairs of rivals in the ultimate of competitions in MTV's reality franchises.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Host TJ Lavin
Creators Mary-Ellis Bunim
Jonathan Murray
EP Jonathan Murray
Packager Bunim-Murray Productions for MTV
Origins Costa Rica
Web rivals.mtv.com
Airs 10p Wed, MTV

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Underdog Day Afternoon
July 6

In the previous episode, Evelyn & Paula and Adam & CT crush the female competition in the Car Crusher challenge. On the Men's side, Wes and Kenny made a costly mistake which may have given Adam and CT safe from elimination. And in the jungle, Wes and Kenny went against Davis and Tyrie and won in a shutout playing Blast Off.

Challenge #3: Sync or Swim

Two teams at a time will each start in a container with pounds of sand inside. When T.J. gives the signal, they'll bail the sand out with their hands until their container is raised high enough to get to the platform. Then both teammates must reach the zip-line and ride as far as they can until they hit the water. And at that point, they swim until the reach the finish line. The male and female teams who complete the challenge the fastest wins.

Round 1:
Jasmine & Jonna - 13m 06s
Theresa & Camila - 11m 12s

Round 2:
Sarah & Katelynn - 12m 46s
Cara Maria & Laurel - DQ (didn't jump to the zip-line)

Round 3:
Jenn & Mandi - Time Not Given
Paula & Evelyn - Time Not Given

Round 4:
Leroy & Michael - 7m 33s
Ty & Brandon - 7m 12s

At that point, Leroy fell on top of Michael just as they came off the zip line. Michael then gets taken to the hospital after coughing up blood.

Round 5:
Evan & Nehemiah - 6m 28s
Johnny & Tyler - 5m 48s

6th & Final Round:
Kenny & Wes - 5m 28s
C.T. & Adam - 4m 16s

On the Men's side, C.T. and Adam put up the best time to win, giving them another $2,000. C.T. is hoping that their win will tell Wes to shut his mouth...or maybe not.

On the Women's side, Paula and Evelyn's best time (known only to the producers) keeps them safe from the jungle again. It's a different story for Cara Maria and Laurel, whose lack of communication puts them up for possible elimination.

Back at home base, Michael returns from the hospital in okay condition. One of Leroy's knees had hit him, but didn't have any broken ribs. Michael isn't completely well, but he's trying to keep his chin up through the Challenge experience.

Before the deliberations took place, Paula rallies the mob to throw Theresa and Camila into the jungle against Cara Maria and Laurel to get rid of a strong female team. After 20 minutes of deliberating, their rallying pays off.

Theresa and Camila then fool the other competitors into thinking they are going to quit the game. But in reality, they really want to leave Cara Maria and Laurel unprepared.

Jungle Game: Door Jam

There are 48 rotating doors, each with a show logo on one side. The teams involved have five minutes to turn the doors to have the logo shown on their side of the board. The team who has the most logos facing their side wins.

Camila and Theresa went all out in the jungle, and they threw Cara Maria and Laurel for a loop. However, Cara Maria and Laurel come out of the jungle victorious with a score of 26 to 19, becoming a better team. The leaves Camila and Theresa out of Costa Rica.

Wes now plots with the mob to get rid of C.T. and Evan plans to throw the next challenge.

To see this episode in its entirety, along with extra content, visit rivals.mtv.com.