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The reality shows that you've come to love (or hate... or love to hate) over the past few years are being given the attention that they rightly deserve...

Recaps by Chico "Big Brother" Alexander and Gordon "The Biggest Loser" Pepper, GSNN

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So You Think You Can Dive
August 14

Last time, the six remaining comedians were "almost American" on "Almost American Gladiators". Five continued to live the dream, while Red Grant was deported back to obscurity. Now it's all about the high-dive, the twists, the turns, and... the high-dive.

Tonight on Reality Bites Back... "So You Think You Can Dive"! Get wet.

Jack Gordon's back in the water to serve as reporter, and on the judges panel, to serve as judge... a man who's won back to back Olympic titles and was portrayed on the small screen by Mario Lopez, confirming what we've all known about Mario Lopez... Mr. Greg Louganis. He's humiliated for the sport that he's practiced for so many years being trivialized in this manner.

Wouldn't we all, Greg.

The other two judges, international model and Big Brother castoff Holly King and Michael's brother-in-law Ethan, really have no other purpose.

Here's a quick look at how our players trained all morning. Mo was looking for an excuse to shave his back all morning... You relaly don't have to shave down for diving really.

Now we're instructed by our lawyers to inform you that diving can be a really dangerous sport if not done correctly. So to insure that it's done correctly... we try using a bungee apparatus.

First up, the 3-meter technical dive, in which the contestants will be judged on difficulty and execution. First up, Chris Fairbanks. And that was actually a nice looking flip and full extension. "Did I have enough whiskey." Holly... "Yay!" Greg... "For one day of training, not bad."

Second, Amy Schumer... Bert is looking overweight, Theo's looking down deep, and she's going to win. She uses the baby board instead of the 3-meter. Greg wanted to see an approach...

Next up, Mo Mandel... He's just freaking out right now. He just up-and-overs it. Terrible execution. Holly gives Michael an 11.

Theo is next, and he thinks diving for fun is okay, diving for fish... not so much. And again, terrible execution there. But he was busy thinking of the children.

Finally, we've got Bert. Bert loves speedos... He dedicated this dive to Greg... And it just fell all to pieces. Greg is not too impressed by Bert's come-on...

And it's time for the Rose Ceremony... Whoever gets the rose gets immunity... and it's Chris! He's holding victory in his hand... and it has thorn.

The five others, they're diving for their life.

Next is the artistic round. First is Amy and "The Dive of Shame". It's a walk-of-shame... with a dive attached. Holly can relate. "It was totally fun... Girls' Night Out!"

Mo has an homage to bad comics. And sure enough, he gets hit off the board. Greg was kinda hoping he'd hit his head on his diving board.

Theo has a tribute to Amelia Earhart. Complete with wheelchair to simulate what Amelia might've gone through that last seconds. The only thing that worked... was gravity.

Finally, Bert with "Osama bin Divin". He starts out with a robe and ends with a rave stick and a speedo that was two sizes too small. "I just wanted to get into a thong." Greg says he's losing points...

Time for the FINAL ROSE CEREMONY. Getting Greg's final long stem... Theo. For the other three, time to head to the Board Room.

Amy thinks that she's better for ratings. Mo accepts friends requests form unpopular people on Myspace. Apparently that's enough for both of them, because they're both safe. Bert, though, is not. Apparently hitting on a gay man when you're straight... Not a good move. Sorry, Bert. He ends this tenure by stripteasing a perfectly straight individual.

Next week, the remaining contestants grab their guns and go out firing... with W-level celebrities. It's "Hunting with the Stars" next time... when reality bites back.