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The reality shows that you've come to love (or hate... or love to hate) over the past few years are being given the attention that they rightly deserve...

Recaps by Chico "Big Brother" Alexander and Gordon "The Biggest Loser" Pepper, GSNN

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Big Mother (or "Extreme Manipulation: House Edition")
July 17

Imagine a world where your biggest realities become reality.... Imagine 10 comedians put through the wringer on twisted revisions of your favorite reality shows. Imagine one of them winning $1,000,000 (give or take $950,000). Imagine what would happen if Game Show Marathon was actually decent. Imagine a duck stuck under a truck. Imagine Lindsay Lohan naked doing a crab walk.

Now quit imagining and read on...

Let's meet the comedians....

Kyle Cease; 30; comedian
Chris Fairbanks; ??; comedian
Jeff Garcia; ??; comedian
Red Grant; ??; comedian
Tiffany Haddish; ??; comedienne
Bert Kreischer; ??; comedian
Mo Mandel; ??; comedian
Donnell Rawlings; ?? comedian and friend of Dave Chappelle
Amy Schumer; 27; comedienne and reality ho
Theo Vonkurnatowski; 28; comedian and reality ho

Our first stop... a rented house in Encino outfitted with eight cameras.

The comic enter the Extreme Manipulation House Edition... house... for the first time. Theo wants to win to get out of debt and get a (better) apartment. Tiffany grew up in foster care; she lived with 15 "bitches on their period", so this is nothing new for her. Mo says he's not going to be a lame unoriginal reality player... right before he puts on his Flavor Flav hat. Amy says she should win because she's spoiled and white. Donnell is "doing it for the Rock". Jeff has no interests because he's married with children. Red says he's an ugly dude with cute features.

First challenge will have them wooing a potential mate in a darkened room using nightvision cameras.

Donnell is first, and openly professes his want to be performed on orally, when all of a sudden... "OH MY GOD! MA, YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE!" That's right. They'll be seducing their parents.

Theo's Native American warbler, Chris's boner, Red's spirits, Amy's standards, Mo's kisses, and Tiffany's fat cat all go away rather quickly. In Kyle's case, however, his mom couldn't make it to the show, so we have a stand in...

... a bikini model with nice'uns. Oh to be her kid.

Day 2... and one player has already called it quits... Two words: bye Jeff.

Anyway, onto the next challenge: Dirty Laundry. How well do the parents know their kids? Let's find out, because the winner will select two people to head to the cutting board. One of them will be asked to leave.

Note: Kyle's "mom" Tabitha has the correct responses on her cards as furnished his real mom.

1) What is your child's "substance" of choice? Donnell, Amy, and Tiffany are eliminated.
2) How many times have your child witnessed you fornicating? Chris and Kyle are eliminated.
3) How many drinks does it take your child to get drunk. Winner: Theo (and Theo's mom).

Now Theo gets to do two things... a) be a real (^_^), and 2) nominate two people for elimination. Those people... Donnell ("Yes, I WON!").. and Kyle ("The guy that doesn't know how to spell is in charge.").

But here's another twist, as the decision will be left to the moms, dad, grandma, and random bikini model. They will be voting on which contestant will be disowned and BANNED FROM TELEVISION FOREVER!

After the break, the votes come back... Kyle... will not be voted off... yet... Donnell... is the man. NOW Kyle's getting voted off. Pack your mom and leave.

Outside the EMHE house, Kyle spills his crap all over the staircase.

Next time, the eight remaining players will have to woo... all of this. It's the "Shock of Love" next time, when Reality Bites Back. Until then... DON'T GET ELIMINATED.