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Today is

Episode 1.10 - September 12

Ira Levin pulled off the comeback to win $1000. Sue Sanbento wins that same amount. Meanwhile, Isabella Gjidede continues her march to the 10 mill.

As a reminder, every question answered correctly within range will increase winnings by the power of 10, from $1000 to $10,000 to $100,000 to $1 million to $10 million. Players can walk away at any time, but if they go for it and miss, they'll lose by the power of 10 and walk out with that much. Help is available, though, in the form of the audience and companions.

But the moment an answer is "locked in", it is considered final and binding.

Isabella won $1000 when we last left her, so we're playing for $10,000 now.

30 point range
What percentage of Americans said they do not trust the police?

Isabella is a law-abiding citizen, leading off with 10-40%. She thinks local police more than the federal level. The audience.... agrees. Chrissy thinks you can trust the majority you can trust.

Isabella locks in at 16-46%. Roll the barrel!

America said...  30%! That's $10,000!

Next up for $100,000...

20 point range
Michael Moore ticks people off for a living. What percentage of Americans think that based on his documentaries, Michael Moore is anti-American?

Isabella actually talked about this with her cab-driver, as he said he was anti-American. She goes with 15-35%. The audience goes... dimorphic with peaks at 20 and 40. Chrissy thinks it could be half-and-half, telling Isabella to cover the bottom half.

Isabella locks in... with 29-49%. She's worried that it will be higher.

America said... 34%! We're up to $100,000!

Now we come to the serious question... Could Isabella be the second person to win the million?

10 point range
What percentage of Americans said would rather have the power to read minds, instead of the power to fly?

Isabella would go with the ESP, going with 54-64%. Chrissy would rather fly. Going to the audience... a little lower. That doesn't help Isabella. She's running with the $100,000.

Just for fun, though... Isabella would've gone 60-70.

America said..... 67%! She would've had a million dollars. But hey, $100,000 isn't too shabby either.

Next to play are Mark Spagnolo & Marci Overstreet. Mark (Pittsburgh) is very competitive. Marci (Atlanta) is a flight attendant who teaches etiquette to little kids.


1) What percentage of Americans own a Confederate flag?
Mark: 22%
Marci: 13%
ACTUAL: 14%. Marci leads, 1-0.

2) What percentage of Americans said they made their mother cry?
Mark: 66%
Marci: 51%
ACTUAL: 66%. Mark ties with the exacta.

3) What percentage of Americans think that Sesame Street characters Bert & Ernie are more than just "good friends"?
Mark: 15%
Marci: 9%
ACTUAL: 23%. Mark leads, 2-1.

4) What percentage of Americans said when someone criticizes America, they are personally offended by their remarks?
Mark: 66%
Marci: 65%
ACTUAL: 62%. Tied!

5) What percentage of Americans said they already know who they're going to vote for in the presidential election?
Mark: 31%
Marci: 71%
ACTUAL: 31%. Mark's on it again! He's going to the show.

Helping Mark out is his nurse practitioner wife Jessica.

You know how to play the game, so let's play the game.

40 point range
Is Michael Jackson black or white? What percentage of Americans describe Michael Jackson as being white?

Mark goes low with 2-42%. The audience... likes it. Mark locks in 1-41%.

America said... 8%! That's $1000!

He's been married one year now.

30 point range
What percentage of Americans said the 70-cent hike in the minimum wage will make a difference in their lifestyle?

Jessica says not more than 30%. Mark goes with 10-40 to start. Audience... goes way lower. 0-30. Jessica says to go 5-35. Mark goes even lower with 4-34%. That's a locked answer.

America said..... 22%! He's got $10,000!

20 point range
What percentage of Americans think NYC should get more money for terrorism protection than other American cities?

Mark's first prediction... 25-45. New York audience... peaks at 63. Mark dials a bit higher, to 30-50%. Jessica.. wants a bit more.

Mark locks in... 29-49%. He thinks it's 36.

America said..... 41%! Hundred grand! He literally slides to his wife.

For the second time tonight, let's play for a million!

10 point range
What percentage of Americans think a person raised by gay parents has a greater chance of being gay?

Mark has a great idea, he says, going to 49-59. The audience... dimorphic. One of the peaks is 25-35%.

"Who lives with my wife? I DO! I'm taking the money!" Mark leaves with $100,000!

And for the second time tonight, we're choosing the money over the chance.

He would've gone with 44-54. America said... 35%! He played it right.

Next round features Mike Cocco and Tien Davis. Mike (Nutley, NJ) hangs around a lot of Italians. Tien's (Lake Jackson, TX) husband is a football coach.


1) What percentage of Americans would be proud to be called a "redneck"?
Mike: 15%
Tien: 25%
ACTUAL:  23%. Tien leads, 1-0.

2) What percentage of Americans have made at least one prank phone call in their lives?
Mike: 44%
Tien: 76%
ACTUAL: 35%. Tied at one.

3) What percentage of Americans own a shirt that says "USA" or "America" on the front?
Mike: 40%
Tien: 57%
ACTUAL: 46%. Mike leads, 2-1.

3) What percentage of Americans said if they had a son who wanted a Barbie doll, they would buy him one?
Mike: 36%
Tien: 6%
ACTUAL: 45%. Mike wins. He'll play for the big money next time.

For more information on the polls or to become a contestant, go to


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