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Today is

Episode 1.2 - August 8

Last night, Jamie Sadler, a student from Upper Montclair, NJ was the first person to win $1 million on the very first night. Can lightning strike again with Louise Palmer of Bakersfield, CA? She survived the elimination round and is now ready to play for the big money.

As a reminder, every question answered correctly within range will increase her winnings by the power of 10, from $1000 to $10,000 to $100,000 to $1 million to $10 million. She can walk away at any time, but if she goes for it and misses, she'll lose by the power of 10 and walk out with that much. But she will have some help. She's got a 40 point range on the first question, 30 on the second, 20 on the third, 10 on the fourth, and one more game for $10 mill. Also, the audience will be playing along with Louise so we get to hear what they think.

But the moment an answer is "locked in", it is considered final and binding.

Louise loves gambling in Vegas... aggressively. She plays the slots. In the crowd is Leticia is in the crowd. She's the voice of reason. She'll function in the same capacity tonight.

Let's play!

40 point range
We asked America if Drew Carey is a comedian or a presidential candidate. What percentage of Americans think Drew Carey is a presidential candidate, and not a comedian?

First guess for Louise is between 12% and 52%. Leticia thinks that she's about right. The audience goes with 10% at a peak. Louise goes lower, locking it in at 2% to 42%.

America said...  9%! She wins $1000!

We keep on keeping on with this...

30 point range
What percentage of Americans think the police should be able to search your home or car without a warrant, if they suspect you have illegal drugs?

Louise guesses with 21% with 51%. The audience... about 20% to 50%. Leticia goes with that. So does Louise.  She locks it in.

America said..... 28%! We're up to $10,000! That was pretty close.

Next up, the $100K question.

20 point range
We asked America, "Do you believe you're living the American Dream?" What percentage of Americans believe they are living the American Dream?

Louise dials in a first guess of 20-40%. The audiences goes within 35-55%. Leticia goes with 45% somewhereabouts. She tells Louise to go up at least 10 more points.

She locks in 24-44%.

America said... 47%. Louise goes down by 10, leaving with $1000.

Two new players for the Power of 10 are Kevin Kula (Parma, OH) and Holly Esposito (Brooklyn, NY). Kevin won his ticket to the studio by rapping to a 90s song.... "Ice Ice Baby." Holly is a teaching chef and a home girl. She was hoping to be against a man because "men usually don't listen to what other people say". Heh. We'll see, Holly.


1) What percentage of women have rejected a man's marriage proposal?
Kevin: 17%
Holly: 9%
ACTUAL: 40%. Kevin leads, 1-0.

2) What percentage of Americans think fat jokes in movies are not funny?
Kevin: 52%
Holly: 18%
ACTUAL: 59%. Holly may have to eat her words. Kevin's up, 2-0.

3) What percentage of Americans would clone themselves if they could?
Kevin: 47%
Holly: 30%
ACTUAL: 13%. Holly's on the board. Kevin leads, 2-1.

4) What percentage of Americans think it's not appropriate for mothers to breastfeed in public?
Kevin: 34%
Holly: 26%
ACTUAL: 34%. EXACTA by Kevin! He's playing for the money. 

And only two men on stage remain, and both are from Ohio. Kevin's a grad student who's getting his Ph.D. in educational research at Ohio State. He's here with Jeff, his brother. He's also a Ph.D. student.

First question for $1000...

40 point range
We asked American parents if they would be happy if their child grew up to be a doctor or a lawyer. What percentage of parents said they would be happier if their child grew up to be a lawyer instead of a doctor?

First guess for Kevin is 5-45%. "Doctors have a lot of people who believe in what they do." Audience goes with... 10-50%. Right around that range. Jeff thinks that it's safe to think about 30%. His choice is pretty safe. And he is locked.

America said...  25%! That's a grand... Right in the middle.

Next for $10,000...

30 point range
What percentage of men would give birth if they could?

Kevin dials in a guess of 1-31%. Almost locked it in. Good think Drew stopped him. The audience... agrees. 5-35%. Jeff thinks that it's fine.

NOW you can lock it in.

America said..... 30%! He's right in there with $10,000.

Next up, the $100K question.

20 point range
We asked Americans, "What would you rather watch on TV, a debate between the presidential candidates or a hot dog eating contest?" What percentage of Americans would rather watch a hot dog eating contest over a 2008 presidential debate?

Thinking that Americans think it's a mite too early, Kevin guesses 42-62%. That, and this year's hot dog contest was a thrill for the US. Joey Chestnut won that one. The audience goes with ... dimorphic population. Two peaks at 45 and 68. Not too much help. Jeff takes Kevin's word for it. He brings up that there might not be a big audience for both.

Kevin's thinking about stopping. Jeff says it's worth to guess. He does, locking in 46-66%

America says... 26%. Everyone's off, as Kevin too leaves with $1000.

Bringing in two more for the Power of 10 with Derron Forrest and Kathleen Decker. Derron (Meriden, CT) is a cheerleading coach. A winning cheerleading coach. Sounds like he's got his team with him. Kathleen (Woodside, NY) is a rollerskating limbo champion.  She says she was flexible in her youth, not so much anymore.


1) What percentage of Americans think cats are smarter than dogs?
Derron: 56%
Kathleen: 24%
ACTUAL: 32%. Kathleen's up, 1-0.

2) What percentage of Americans think it's acceptable to break up with someone via e-mail?
Derron: 11%
Kathleen: 19%
ACTUAL: 17%. Kathleen's two-for-two.

3) What percentage of American women said they have had a fantasy involving a fireman?
Derron: 33%
Kathleen: 27%
ACTUAL: 7%. Kathleen is playing for the money. ... Next time on the "Power of 10".

For more information on the polls or to become a contestant, go to


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