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Today is

Episode 1.4 - August 22

Last week, Kathleen Decker became the first person on Power of 10 to leave empty-handed. Then Mandy Gordon left with $1000 after miscalculating how America feels about females in football. Now it's Dewey Moorman's turn at it, having won $10,000.

As a reminder, every question answered correctly within range will increase her winnings by the power of 10, from $1000 to $10,000 to $100,000 to $1 million to $10 million. She can walk away at any time, but if she goes for it and misses, she'll lose by the power of 10 and walk out with that much. But she will have some help. She's got a 40 point range on the first question, 30 on the second, 20 on the third, 10 on the fourth, and one more game for $10 mill. Also, the audience will be playing along with Louise so we get to hear what they think.

But the moment an answer is "locked in", it is considered final and binding.

Let's play!

20 point range
What percentage of Americans think that Americans should be allowed to own automatic weapons?

Dewey puts in a first guess of 9-29%. Audience goes with 20-40%. Yana thinks he might want to go a little bit higher.

Dewey locks in with 15-35%.

America said...  41%. Everyone's wrong. But he does leave with $1000.

Next, Will Cleckler (Savannah, GA) is a personal trainer who's a big Bama fan ("Roll Tide"). Julie Foehr (Bloomington, IL) is a radio show host. Will this help? "Absolutely! We represent." We'll see...


1) What percentage of Americans have quit a job after just one day of work?
Will: 65%
Julie: 27%
ACTUAL: 16%. Julie leads, 1-0.

2) What percentage of Americans said they've had to use trigonometry since leaving high school?
Will: 7%
Julie: 11%
ACTUAL: 30%. Julie leads, 2-0.

3) What percentage of Americans said they have been attracted to their first cousin?
Will: 7%
Julie: 19%
ACTUAL: 15%. Julie's playing for the money!

"The Magic Morning Show with Bob V and Julie." That's the show. Back in the day, she liked to jump on stage and kiss rockers. Playing with him is Bob.. from the show.

Time to play "The Power of 10!"

40 point range
 What percentage of Americans think a woman should take their husband's last name when she gets married?

Julie dials in a first guess of 45-85%. Audience says... 60-100%. Bob V... goes a little higher. Julie wishes that her listeners could call on.

Julie is locked at 56-96%.

America said... 79%! That's $1000!

We move on with this...

30 point range
What percentage of Americans said George Bush should have released Scooter Libby from his prison sentence?

Once again, that's George Bush SHOULD have released Scooter Libby. The audience tries out 20-50%. Julie's first guess... about that, 12-42%. Bob V thinks that a lot of people are pissed at Washington right now.

Julie locks in with her first guess, 12-42%.

America said..... 27%! We're up to $10,000!

After a quick shout to the kids (Tyler and Suzanne). Tyler wants to record an album professionally, while Suzanne wants a Mini Cooper. Next question for $100,000...

20 point range
What percentage of Americans believe marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol?

Julie's first guess: 18-38%. The audience ... is dimorphic. Going to Bob V. He doesn't see the problems with driving while high. (C-Note: We do). Julie bumps it up a tad to 28 -48%..... then even higher.

Julie locks in 38-58% with authority.

America said...


...57%! Right in there for $100,000! Little Howie fist-pump, and we continue... She wants to have another baby if she wins on this next question...

10 point range
"Do you think that there should be a mandatory cutoff age for elderly drivers?" What percentage of Americans think there should be a mandatory cutoff age for elderly drivers?

Elderly people don't agree with this... First guess is 55-65%. Drew thinks that Americans don't like anyone telling them what to do. Audience goes with 70-80%. Bob V goes a little bit higher... Remember, Julie... you can quit at any time, because if you're wrong, you leave with only $10,000. The audience is split between lock-in and leave...

"I can still fix my car with $10,000." She's locked in at 62-72%.

Remember, we will only know if she's right if the game board flashes the million graphic...

America said... 



38%... Julie leaves with $10,000.

Next two on tap are Carissa Scarpa (Flagstaff, AZ), who shares a lot of ink with her mother. Dana Rainey (Redford, MI) is a single-mother who thinks that she's smarter than the average person.


1) What percentage of Americans think their mother-in-law is a good cook?
Carissa: 34%
Dana: 31%
ACTUAL: 68%. Carissa leads, 1-0.

2) What percentage of Americans currently live in the town or city where they grew up?
Carissa: 22%
Dana: 34%
ACTUAL: 37%. Tie game!

3) What percentage of Americans would rather be ugly and smart than good-looking and dumb (Drew: "Or you could be like me and have it all. Ugly and dumb, I've got everything.")?
Carissa: 62%
Dana: 43%
ACTUAL: 80%. Carissa leads, 2-1.

4) What percentage of Americans are not afraid to go to the dentist?
Carissa: 62%
Dana: 38%
ACTUAL: 81%. Carissa's going to the show.

Carissa hoped to win AT LEAST a million. Playing with her is her boyfriend Matthew, a psych major. Will that help? He thinks so.

Name of the game is "The Power of 10!" Let's play it!

40 point range
"Do you think rap music is degrading to women?" What percentage of Americans said that rap music is degrading to women?

Matthew doesn't listen to the rap music. He's no help. First guess of Carissa's is 50-90%. Audience goes with... 45-85%. Not everybody listens to the rap music, so Carissa's thinking "preconceived notions". Matthew would stick with that. She does. She's locked in.

America said..... 71%! That's worth $1000!

For $10,000

30 point range
What percentage of American men have flashed their middle finger at a fellow motorist while driving?

Depends where you're driving. Carissa goes with a first guess of .... 50-80%. Audience... Welcome to New York, they go with the max, 70-100%. Matthew has given the finger while driving. That's why he says to go higher. Audience also says, go higher. She's locked in with... 53-83%.

America said..... 58%! That's worth $10,000! We'll see if Carissa can go all the way, AND who out of the Big Brother House will try their luck.

For more information on the polls or to become a contestant, go to


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