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Today is

Episode 1.1 - August 7

One person... in one night... could walk away a millionaire... Ten times over. All they have to do is get a feel of their fellow man? Simple, right? This promises to be anything but simple. This is the "Power of 10!"

We start with a head-to-head face off between potential contestants Jamie Sadler and Maureen Francisco. One of them could win $1000... $10,000... $100,000... $1 million... or maybe the grand prize of $10 million! First, let's meet the players

Maureen (Issaquah, WA) lives near Seattle, where she's a marketing sales manager who runs marathons and takes eight hours of dance to train for them. She secretly wants to be a cheerleader. On the other side, 19-year-old Jamie (Upper Montclair, NJ) is a med student. He thinks he has a good read on America.

Now to the elimination round. Drew will read a question, and both players will have 10 seconds to lock in a choice. The closest to the actual result, over/under, will win the question. First to three will play for $10 million.

With that, let's play "Power of 10!"

1) What percentage of Americans said they have a better relationship with their parents as an adult than they did as a child?

Jamie: 74%
Maureen: 56%
ACTUAL: 89%. Jamie leads, 1-0.

2) What percentage of Americans have spent more than $100 on a pair of jeans?

Jamie: 19%
Maureen: 43%
ACTUAL: 10%. Jamie leads, 2-0.

3) What percentage of men said their partner had a nickname for their private parts?

Jamie: 33%
Maureen: 38%
ACTUAL: 30%. Jamie's playing for the big money!

Jamie's a caddy and a waiter... and if he wins the $10 million, he will be neither. He was once paid $20 to swallow half a dozen raw eggs, proving he'll do anything for a dollar. He brought his father Hal to watch him play, who says he can help due to his greater experience.

Now it's time to play for the money, and here's how. Every question he answers correctly within range will increase his winnings by the power of 10, from $1000 to $10,000 to $100,000 to $1 million to $10 million. He can walk away at any time, but if he goes for it and misses, he'll lose by the power of 10 and walk out with that much. But he will have some help. He's got a 40 point range on the first question, 30 on the second, 20 on the third, 10 on the fourth, and one more game for $10 mill. Also, the audience will be playing along with Jamie so we get to hear what they think. ALSO Hal will be available to give his insight.

But the moment Jamie says "Lock it in," the answer is final and binding.

Let's play!

40 point range
We asked America which of these two men invented the diesel engine: Rudolf Diesel or Vin Diesel. What percentage of American said Vin Diesel invented the diesel engine, instead of Rudolf Diesel?

Audience locks in... with between 10% and 30%. "I think they're pretty stupid."

Jamie locks it in with between 1% and 41%.

America said...  25%! He wins $1000!

Jamie wants to keep going.

30 point range
We asked America "Do you think elementary school kids should be required to learn Spanish, since there are over 40 million Hispanics in this country?" What percentage of Americans think elementary school kids should be required to learn Spanish?

Jamie dials in a guess of between 12% and 42%. The audience thinks 20% to 50%, maybe 15% to 45%. Hal would guess around 30%, so everyone's guesses match up. "Maybe a little lower," Hal says.

Jamie is locked at between 12% and 42%.

America said..... 21%! We're up to $10,000!

Needless to say, Jamie's excited at the possibility of playing for $100,000.

20 point range
We asked America "If you and VP Dick Cheney were dueling pistols at 50 feet, which of the following is more likely to be the outcome: you would shoot Cheney or Cheney would shoot you?" What percentage of Americans said in a duel with Dick Cheney, they would probably get shot by the Vice President, instead of the other way around?

Jamie right now is a guaranteed $1000 right now, and Hal says he should go for it, as Jamie dials in between 20% and 40%.

The audience is in between 35% or 55%. Hal on the other hand, goes with the audience and says 35% or 40%.

Jamie dials in between 35% and 55%. Hal wants to lock it in there... Jamie does. And if he's wrong, I'm sure he'll try again with "The Price is Right".

America said... 43%! He's got $100,000!  "Jamie! Jamie! Jamie!"

10 point range
We asked women "Do you consider yourself feminists?" What percentage of American women consider themselves feminists?

Jamie dials in a first guess of 25% and 35%. The audience thinks alike: 35%. There's a small peak around 65%.

Hal, thinking that it's time to go home, says 15%.

Some yutz in the audience tells Jamie to lock it in. Drew thinks that if he wasn't sure of the answer, he'd walk away. Hal is right now pretty sure that he'd walk away.

Jamie dials in again with ... the same answer he had earlier. His mom (in the audience) says, "Lock it in."

"I'll give it a shot." Jamie is locked in at 23%-33%...

NOW up until this point, we got an exact number. We will not get an exact number this time, we'll just get a signal that Jamie is within range. If he is, he'll win a million bucks. If not.. well, we'll show him the number and he'll be on his way with $10,000.

After the break, American women said...  JAMIE'S WITHIN RANGE! He's a millionaire! First show, first player, 19-years-old, a millionaire. Jamie... is going to med school.  Quote, Jamie? "Easier than being 19 and not having a million. I can't even usually afford gas, now I'm going to buy a car."

And now, for something completely different, and this is Drew talking... the producers never even rehearsed the bit they're about to do. Jamie can risk his million for $10 million. We know the percentage is somewhere between 23% and 33%. Give us the exact number, and you're going home with $10 million. It's a 1 in 11 chance, and if he misses, he walks away with $100,000. OR you can walk away with the million.

Jamie dials in a guess with... 24... with the crowd chanting "Walk away."

And that's just what Jamie does.

The correct answer... 29%. Very well played, Jamie!

Okay, we just gave a million dollars away? Can we do it again? The game begins anew with two new players. First up, Emily Kozlowicz (Woodside, NY) used to be a professional flautist, now she's a financial analyst. She thinks she has a grasp on what people think in the Midwest and in New York think. Playing against her today is Louise Palmer (Bakersfield, CA). She loves to gamble.

Elimination round coming. Let's play "Power of 10."

1) What percentage of Americans color-coordinate their underwear with the rest of their clothes?

Emily: 14%
Louise: 18%
ACTUAL: 15%. Emily leads, 1-0.

Emily's color coordinated right now.

2) What percentage of Americans are afraid of circus clowns?

Emily: 69%
Louise: 7%
ACTUAL: 9%. Tie game, 1-1.

3) What percentage of Americans have had an area of body hair waxed?

Emily: 48%
Louise: 23%
ACTUAL: 25%. Louise leads, 2-1.

 4) What percentage of women said if they could implant a GPS tracking chip in their significant other without their knowledge, they would?

Emily: 34%
Louise: 62%
ACTUAL: 13%. Tie game, 2-2.

5) What percentage of women have changed a flat tire on a car?

Emily: 7%
Louise: 14%
ACTUAL: 50%. Louise is playing for the money... NEXT TIME on the "Power of 10!"

For more information on the polls or to become a contestant, go to


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