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A mysterious phone call will send four players on the ride of their lives.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Host (The Operator): Emmet Scanlan
Agents: Dan Newmark, Julia Vorth
Creators: Willem Brom, Beau van Erven Dorens, Marc Bennink
Craig Armstrong, Rick Ringbakk, Justin Timberlake
Packagers: Park Lane Productions & FremantleMedia North America for MTV Networks
Origin: Los Angeles
Fridays at 10p ET on MTV
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The Triad
May 22


We start at the Eastern Palace Restaurant where these four...

Malayah Wilhite - 18, babysitter
Jirair Makarade - 23, massage therapist
Josh Keim - 19, cashier
Agathi Bolanos - 23, waitress

...have answered the phones called up by the operator and they all want the chance to win $50,000.

A new game begins and then mayhem ensues which ends with a man being kidnapped. The operator then teams Agathi up with Josh and Malayah with Jirair. Their main mission for this game is save the man, who's an infmormant, from being executed by the Triad, a deadly gang operating out of Los Angeles.

For their first task, they have to open up fortune cookies. Inside each one is a proverb with a missing word in which they serve as clues leading up to a password which will allow them to gain access to the triad's hideout. The first team to get the password will have $5,000 wired to their account.

"A hardworking ant will plow more earth than a lazy _____." (see this game's quiz for the answer)

"Where the _______ crows there is a village." (rooster)

"Be a wolf in _____'s clothes, not a _____ in wolf's clothes." (sheep)

"You can't teach an old ___ new tricks." (dog)

"Only the sewer ___ is happy everywhere." (rat)

Malayah and Jirair send a text message with the answer "man".

They recieved an incoming message telling their their answer is wrong.

"A _____ without stripes is like a cat without claws." (tiger)

Josh then sends a text message with the answer "tiger", but they're also wrong.

Both teams eventually figure out that rooster, sheep, dog, rat, and tiger are a few of the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac. The password is "zodiac" and both teams have sent a text message with the correct answer.

Malayah and Jirair get to the temple first and enter inside after saying the correct password having $5,000 wired to their account. Josh and Agathi may get their redemption in the next task.

And speaking of which, teams must look inside the compound for the the scroll which contains information about the missing hostage. Oh, and there's a twist, it's being protected by a very unique security system...which consists of 640 snakes. There is more then one scroll inside this setup, and the correct one has Chinese writing.

Both teams try to put their fears aside in finding the correct scroll. Josh and Agathi complete the task first adding $10,000 to their account. But they better not celebrate this early, because the kidnappee is in grave danger. A limo is waiting for them outside where it will be taking them to Chinatown. And as for Malayah and Jirair, they're eliminated and all of their chances for big money have been slithered away.

Josh and Agathi are now in Chinatown, where they have to get someone to translate the Chinese characters on the scroll. The translation will help the team find a mahjong gambiling parlor nearby. When they get there, they must confiscate the gambling tiles in which one of them has the important clue for rescuing the hostage. If the team can complete the task within 10 minutes before the triad gang gets to the parlor, they'll add 15 large to their account.

Josh and Agathi find out that they must go to Hop Sing Tong, which is the name of the mahjong parlor. They get inside, they get all of the tiles, and escape to a laundry truck with a couple seconds to spare. So far, the account is now up to a total of $25,000.

The laundry truck takes Josh and Agathi to the Triad Hideout in the Warehouse District. The operator then has a decision for Agathi to make alone. She recieves a video of the hostage inside the warehouse where he as only minutes to live under hot and firey conditions. Agathi could take on the final task herself, and if she successfully frees the hostage, $10K will be added to the account. If she chooses Josh to take on the final task and ends in success, $20K will be added to the account.

Agathi decides to go inside the warehouse herself, where she'll recieve further instructions. Agathi finds the hostage who is secured to a chair with a lock that requires a four-digit code. The code is written on the back of one of the mahjong tiles gathered on the floor. Josh as the tiles that were confiscated from the gambling parlor. They have to use their phones to work toghether to find the tiles that don't match which to provide themselves the four numbers. They have five minutes to complete this final task.

With less than 20 seconds left, Agathi attempts a longshot guess of 7-8-0-1. Unfortunately, it was a wrong guess and she now has to get out of the warehouse where the hostage and the 20 grand are left to perish in the fire. But the good news is that $25,000 is on the line for either Josh or Agathy as they take the quiz.

Which of the following animals is not part of the Chinese zodiac?

Agathi's Response: Lion
Josh's Response: Lion
Correct Answer: Lion

They're both tied at one a piece.

What is the correct Chinese zodiac animal in the proverb "A hardworking ant will plow more earth and a lazy...?"

Agathi's Response: Ox
Josh's Response: Mule
Correct Answer: Ox

Agathi now leads 2-1, she could win it on this next question.

What was the name of the maj jone parlor?
Hop Sing Tong/Hip Song Tang/Hop Long Ting

Agathi's Response: Hop Long Time
Josh's Response: Hop Long Ting
Correct Answer: Hop Sing Tong

They're both wrong, but they're not done yet.

How many snakes were protecting the scrolls in the dojo?

Agathi's Response: 640
Josh's Response: 650
Correct Answer: 640

Agathi wins in a near shutout giving her the briefcase with $25,000 inside. She later decides to keep the whole thing and not split it with Josh.

The season finale is coming up next time when four more people answer the phone.

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