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A mysterious phone call will send four players on the ride of their lives.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Host (The Operator): Emmet Scanlan
Agents: Dan Newmark, Julia Vorth
Creators: Willem Brom, Beau van Erven Dorens, Marc Bennink
Craig Armstrong, Rick Ringbakk, Justin Timberlake
Packagers: Park Lane Productions & FremantleMedia North America for MTV Networks
Origin: Boston
Tuesdays at 10p ET on MTV
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The Russians
May 12

In this episode, Russian spies steal top-secret plans for a Scramjet plane. And another group of contestants must compete to find them and collect to up 50 large.


The operator has got four more contestants who answered the ringing phones and they all want the chance to win $50,000.

Samantha White - 19, Biochemistry Student
Tanya Firicano - 21, Reservation Agent
Mitch Gladstone - 22, Personal Trainer
Rameika Boyd - 22, Sales Rep.

The operator then pairs Samantha up with Tanya and Mitch with Rameika for this game. They're being told that the Russian spies have stolen top-secret plans for a Scramjet plane. And the Feds believe that the plans will be smuggled out of the country inside a forged painting. At that point in time, they're making arrests, but they're no closer to finding this painting. The players' main mission is to recover the painting at all costs.

As both teams head off to the Boston Public Library, they get word that a Russian turncoat is waiting for them at a footbrige in the Boston Public Gardens. An image of the turncoat is fed to their phones to help find her. And once they do so, they must gain her trust by giving her the code, which is the name of the music composition hidden in one of the library's books. If none of the players learn how to play music, they must find a library patron who does. They have ten minutes for one of the teams to give the turncoat the correct password.

Mitch and Rameika get to the turncoat with the correct password: the Russian National Anthem. She then gives the passports to them before the operator wires $5,000 to their account. Mitch and Rameika also gets a key which will be used at their next location, the Russian Embassy. They get into a limo that'll take them there. Samantha and Tanya were late in getting this task done, so they get nada, but a limo with their passports and a single key is also waiting for them.

Russian Embassy

The next task for both teams is to go to the basement where they must find the Scramjet component and escape. The Russian ambassador has just arrived at the Embassy and is now under the watch of Russian guards who have attack dogs. The players must use their passports on the scanner near the front entrance to gain entry.

Both teams get to the basement, only to find an elaborate maze of lazer beams. Both Samantha and Rameka will wearing protective glasses, which will make finding the component difficult. They must trust their partner to guide them to the center of the basement where the component is at. If a team trips three lasers, they'll alert the embassy guards and they'll become dog food.

Rameika gets to the component first, which is in the cylinder and a key is needed to open it. Mitch slides the key to Rameika, opening the cylinder, and retrieving the component. They get $10,000 wired to their account and escape the embassy, while Samantha and Tanya get an elimination that bites, so to speak.

The Artist's Commune

The operator then tells Rameika to step aside from Mitch her solo decision. She's told that the blueprints have been stashed inside one of the paintings. Their next task is for her or Mitch to find a painting clue while the other distracts the artists by posing nude. If Rameika poses nude and the task is complete, $5,000 will go to their account. If the task is complete with after convincing Mitch to pose nude, an extra $10,000 will be added to their account.

Rameika convinces Mitch to pose nude, then finds a hidden room where she also finds the painting. In it, there's a hidden image that's a crucial clue to recovering the Scramjet plans. The image is only revealed when reflected on the Scramjet part. Rameika must find the image's counterpart somewhere in the loft. She didn't find it and the rime ran out, causing $15,000 to fall by the wayside and Mitch's posing was all for naught.

The painting has now been taken out of the commune along with the clue to the location of the Scramjet plans. The team takes a cab to follow the car that has the painting being transported. Then as Mitch and Rameika we're getting the car's license plate number, the chase turns dangerous. Eventually, the car being chased crashes causing the painting to be ejected from it. As the team gets out of the taxi, Rameika had to vomit after experiencing such a dangerous chase. They both open the painting to reveal the final clue, which leads to the Old South Church.

Old South Church

For their final task, Mitch and Rameika have to identify which of five nearly identical paintings perfectly matches the counterfeit they've been given -- it's the one where the blueprints are stashed. They have three minutes before the Russian ambassador arrives to pick up the plans.

After a process of elimination, Mitch and Rameka pick the correct painting in time adding $20,000 to their account, brining their final mission total to $35,000.

It's now quiz time, where three correct answers wins someone the cash...

What was the name of the book where you found the sheet music?
Encyclopedia of World Culture/History of Russia/Folk Sounds of Mother Russia

Mitch's Response: Encyclopedia of World Culture
Rameika's Response: History of Russia
Correct Answer: Encyclopedia of World Culture

Mitch leads one to zip.

What was the name of your Russian contact on the bridge?

Mitch's Response: Natasha
Rameika's Reponse: Natasha
Correct Answer: Natasha

They're both correct, but Mitch leads 2-1.

The stolen blueprints were for what kind of aircraft?
Scrim Jet/Stealth Jet/Scram Jet

Mitch's Response: Scram Jet
Rameik's Response: Scrim Jet
Correct Answer: Scram Jet

Mitch answers all the questions first in a near shutout, but he ultimately decides to split $35,000 with his partner. And another episode of the phone has been commenced, another group of players competing and another 50 large up for grabs next time.

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