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A mysterious phone call will send four players on the ride of their lives.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Host (The Operator): Emmet Scanlan
Agents: Dan Newmark, Julia Vorth
Creators: Willem Brom, Beau van Erven Dorens, Marc Bennink
Craig Armstrong, Rick Ringbakk, Justin Timberlake
Packagers: Park Lane Productions & FremantleMedia North America for MTV Networks
Origin: Boston
Tuesdays at 10p ET on MTV
In High-Definition Where AvailableStreaming Online

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The Wiseguys
May 5

In this episode we go to Boston, where another group of four players must stop the mob from assassinating a prominent anti-corruption police lieutenant.


The operator first calls up the first phone at Chelsea Square, which is nearby his first contestant, Katelyn Kennedy (22, Nanny) Then we go to Broadway Deli where Stephanie Hallett (19, Hostess) hears that same ringing. Then the operator gets his last two contestants, Rob Wilson (20, Mortgage Broker) and Chris Hanoian (18, Student). They all want a chance to win up to $50,000, so they press '1', and a new game

After gunshots have been fired all around the players, the operator pairs Stephanie with Rob and Chris with Katelyn. The teams are now being told that they're in a mob war and the hitmen are taking out targets across the city. The mob is knocking off snitches in their own organization, and now they're going after the police. The mob's biggest target is the leader of Boston's own organized crime task force. The players only have until sundown to stop the assassination, they must trust no one...except their partners.

The teams are then kidnapped by whom they seem to be undercover police officers, but in fact, they're mobsters who are now digging graves for them. The operator then tells the teams that in the front of their cars are keys that will get them out of their handcuffs. Then they must open the trunk of the car they're in to find another key to make their escape. The first team to complete this mission will have $5,000 wired to their account.

Despite Stephanie's disappointment with Rob's performace in the first mission, they're the first to break free. Katelyn and Chris catch up soon after, but get nothing for their 2nd-place finish. The teams now have to use their phones to download directions to Mike's Scrap and Metal.

Mike's Scrap and Metal

When the teams get there, the operator calls Rob and Chris that late last night, the mob's clean-up operation began with the murder of two gangsters who turned in state's evidence. Their next mission is to find what's left of those men, one right thumb. The teams must follow a trail of evidence about the murders starting with the Lincoln Continental, where they'll find a newspaper inside which is their first clue. From there, they'll be led through a series of cars until they find the car which has the right thumb. Rob and Stephanie will have west side of the lot while Chris and Katelyn have the right.

Chris and Katelyn are the first team to find the thumb, adding $10,000 to their account. They'll also continue with the game. And as for Rob and Stephanie, they're are doomed when the mob finds them still in the car lot leading them to their "crushing" elimination.

Boston Common

Chris and Katelyn go into a room where, from their vantage point, see the operator. He then tells the team that a mob meeting that will take place at an adjacent square. Their next mission is to use the photos and other clues to determine where the mob's hit list is stashed. Chris will be at the square to get the conversation using the provided audio equipment. The information found then must be relayed to Katelyn to determine the location.

The team comes dangerously close to tracking down the boss of the mob. And after 15 minutes have passed, Katelyn tells the pperator that the hit list is located at Joey's Bar, but the answer is wrong and $15,000 won't be added to their account. Their next location is actually Tri National Shipping at Pier 17. The team needs to get there quick to intercept the hit list in which it'll tell them which police lieutenant is being targeted for assassination. But they don't have much time to save his life, so Chris and Katelyn better hurry. The team reaches a subway train after being chased by two of the mob's henchmen.

Pier 17 - Tri National Shipping

The operatior gives some bad news to the team that the members of the mob's family are already inside where they should be. The team then cautiously goes up to the office where they'll find the information pertaining to the hitlist and to prevent the lieutenant's assassination. Upon their entrance, the operator calls Chris telling him that a poice raid has taken place, keeping the mob at bay. Their next mission is for one of them to go downstairs to unlock the safe. If Chris decides to go and complete the mission, $10,000 is added to their account. If he lets Katelyn take on the mission and she completes it, $20,000 is added to their account. Chris turns it down, and instead, takes on the next mission himself. Katelyn asks the operatior if its too late to change his decision. Sadly, once Chris has made up his mind, they have to go along with the decision.

The team is shown a computer monitor with an eight-digit code in which it opens the safe. Though there is a catch, the code changes every 15 seconds. With each code there's a 15-second window to allow Katelyn to relay it to Chris. They now have five minutes to complete the final mission.

With a number of seconds to spare, Katelyn is able to give Chris the correct combination and the pair are able to unlock the safe using the thumb acquired. They've also figured out that the lieutenand was to be assassinated from the roof O'Riley's Bar at 6:15. They've added $10,000 to their account for the final total of $20,000. They have also managed to stop the mob from their police assassination.

Katelyn and Chris now go to a police car in which each of them has a kiosk for the quiz. The first contestant to get three questions correct wins the prize pool of 20 large.

What was the name of the car crush yard?
Mike's Scrap Yard/Mike's Scrap & Metal/Mike's Scrap & Wrecking

Both Katelyn and Chris lock in on Mike's Scrap & Metal, and they're both correct.

what body part did you retrieve from the car?
Left Thumb/Right Thumb/Left Index Finger

They both go with "right thumb" and they're now tied at two a piece.

The audio recording said "Cut'em up and throw them into the Crown Vic..." Who would be by to pick up the pieces?

They both go with "Sal", which is incorrect, it was Sal. Let's try again.

Besides yourselves, how many people were involved in the gun battle in the warehouse?

Katelyn goes with "6" while Chris goes with "7". The correct answer is...6! Katelyn gets to the briefcase that's $20,000 full of cash. She then decides to split it with Chris since she would not have been able to bring down the mob without him.

And another episode of The Phone is in the books. We'll be back next time, when four more strangers get pulled into another game of high stakes.

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