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A mysterious phone call will send four players on the ride of their lives.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Host (The Operator): Emmet Scanlan
Agents: Dan Newmark, Julia Vorth
Creators: Willem Brom, Beau van Erven Dorens, Marc Bennink
Craig Armstrong, Rick Ringbakk, Justin Timberlake
Packagers: Park Lane Productions & FremantleMedia North America for MTV Networks
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The Bomber
April 21

Somewhere in the city, a phone is ringing. And when it is answered, anything can happen. Four strangers are about to be ripped from their lives, and dropped into a plot of a high stakes game. They have no idea what is coming. The most dangerous day of their lives. Four players. Two teams. But only one will win up to $50,000.


Meena Mathis (23, Pastry Chef) at Alki's Fish & Crab and Danielle Barnum (23, Photographer) at the city's public library find and answer a ringing cell phone. The operator on the other end asks both of them: "If you want a chance to win $50,000, press "1" now." Both of them press "1", and the game begins. Then a bomb goes off in one of the cars in the parking lot near Alki's. Some of the people run away from the scene while a few others look at it and take pictures with their cameraphones.

Meena's phone rings again, and then the Operator tells her that a bomber on his city wide rampage. To win the game, she must stop him by sundown. Along the way, Meena must pay attention to everything she sees and hears. The bomber is within the vicinity of the parking lot area and Meena is instructed to take pictures of 20 possible suspects.

Meanwhile, back at the library, Danielle receives word about the explosion and also receives the same mission. The Operator gives her the task of going to an assigned computer and find the last ten people who logged on to From there she has to go to the bulletin board and print out pictures of those people who posted their comments.

Back at the Fish & Crab, we see Joel Perfect (22, Security Guard) coming into the picture answering another one of the Operator's phones. He tells him about the mission that Meena, now his teammate, is on. The police will arrive in two minutes to detain everyone, and Joel's first mission is to get with Meena into a cab before Seattle's finest do so. If the mission ends in success, $5,000 is added to their account. If they fail or mention a word of this conversation to anyone, they get nothing. Joel meets with with Meena telling her they have to go to the cab. But Meena isn't finished taking the pictures of the possible suspects.

Nearby the library, Delvaughn Tinned (23, Student) puts himself into the game, being told about the game's main mission and the current task at hand that the other team is also in. Delvaughn then goes to the library where he finds Danielle who can't join him yet until she gets the photos of the suspects printed.

Joel drags Meena out of the Fish and crab as the clock is at 1:08. Then Delvaughn talks Danielle into getting out of the library with the photos of the suspects in hand. Both teams complete the mission, and they both have an account worth $5,000.

The Operator then calls both teams to tell them to go to the Fishermen's Terminal and find 'The Suspect'. While their searches are in progress, they receive an instant message.

Hint: The suspect is not a person

Danielle and Delvaughn first find the 'The Suspect' which turns out to be the name of a boat. Which is the home of the game's madman who's targeting Seattle. Somewhere on this boat is a clue that will help them identify the bomber's next target. They'll then look for keys to a lock box that holds that very clue. They may be ahead, but they must hurry, because competing this task is worth $10,000 to their account. But if they fail or their other team competes it first, they're eliminated and will get nothing.

Both Danielle and Delvaughn find the clue which is the phrase "It sleeps witht the fishes!" The latter thinks he knows where its at. They both find the lock box which is in hold #1, then the Operator calls and tells them to get into their wet suits and jump in. The entrance door then closes on Danielle and Delvone, and they now have to use the four keys to unlock their next clue and be the first team to do so. It won't be easy as the water level inside the hold rises.

Joel and Meena reach the boat and find hold #2 and it's now a race against time as the water rises while each of the teams try to get their next clue. Meena and Joel complete the task first, receiving a pig. They not only advance further in the game, they also get $10,000 added to their account. As for Danielle and Delvaughn, they are eliminated and are also left in hold #1.

The operator calls Joel and Meena, telling them about the pig which is a replica of the pig that's in Pike Place Market, which is the bomber's next target. When they get there via taxi, they must track the bomber down and diffuse the bomb from detonating. Danielle has the photos that were taken on the camera earlier in the game to help find who the bomber looks like. They chase after the bomber, but he escapes and left behind for them the explosives to be disarmed.

The team ran out of time before they could correctly disarm the bomb, but luckily it was a decoy. However, according to the operator, failing to diffuse even a decoy bomb has cost them $15,000.

The operator now tells the team that the Space Needle is the bombers next target. The team then uses the monorail to take them over there along with their binoculars. When they get to the Space Needle, Meena makes a choice only by herself, which puts Joel in charge of finding four flags on the outer halo on the Space Needle. Joel has a fear of heights going into this task, but he overcomes his fear of heights and is able to retrieve four flag which make up the clue word "work". Then Meena has to climb for the remaining three flags, which have letters make up another clue word "gas". The team figures out that the Gasworks Park is the bomber's next target.

The team makes it over there where the bomber is caught by the police. The operator then tells the them that he notified the police on their their findings. And for the team's efforts, the operator adds $20,000 to their account for a grand total of $35,000. The good news is that the money is now put in a briefcase, but the bad news is that only one can get it.

Both Meena and Joel then go to their respective kiosks for a quiz based on the day's details. The first one to provide three correct answers wins the money.

What are the names of your opponents who were eliminated on the boat?
Damon & Denise/Delvaughn & Danielle/Deshaun & Debra

Both players lock-in the second choice, and they're both correct.

What color was the car that exploded at the beginning of your game?

Both lock-in on maroon, and they're now tied two a piece.

How high is the halo on the Space Needle?
520 ft./600 ft./530 ft.

Joel locks-in on 520 while Meena locks-in on 530. The correct answer is...520, Joel wins $35,000.

Joel gets to the location of the briefcase and the cash inside it.'s not over yet, the Operator then gives Joel one final decision to make. He can either keep all of the money for himself or split it with Meena. Joel decides to split the 35K with Meena and thus ends the show.

We'll be back next time to find four more people who'll dare to answer The Phone.

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