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April 21

A mysterious phone call will send four players on the ride of their lives.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Host (The Operator): Emmet Scanlan
Agents: Dan Newmark, Julia Vorth
Creators: Willem Brom, Beau van Erven Dorens, Marc Bennink
Craig Armstrong, Rick Ringbakk, Justin Timberlake
Packagers: Park Lane Productions & FremantleMedia North America for MTV Networks
Origin: Seattle, WA
Tuesdays at 10p ET on MTV
In High-Definition Where AvailableStreaming Online

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The Conspiracy
April 28

We're back at Seattle, Washington for another go-round of The Phone.

We start at Occidental Square, where these four people...

Kristi Fukuhara - 24, Music Content Specialist
Cassie Torres - 20, Student
Jason Hoehne - 21, Cheerleading Coach
Joey Malloque - 23, Student

...are all under the watchful eye of the Operator. All four of them answer the phones, then they all press '1', and the game

A car chase through the square gets their attention, in which a victim is left in its wake. The Operator tells the contestants that he was part of an enviromental group that just made a shocking discovery in this city. That group is being hunted down by a powerful chemical company, which as they've just witnessed, will do anything to protect its deadly secrets. The players' objective for this game is to uncover the conspiracy that the enviromental group was trying to reveal. The Operator then partners Jason up with Kristi and Joey with Cassie, before he sends them to the Westlake Plaza.

Westlake Plaza

Above and around both teams are banners that were hung by the enviromentalists, one of them just got run down. Their purpose is to publicize a massive rally being held tonight, where they were planning to reveal the conspiracy. The chemical company then destroyed those banners.

The first mission for the teams is to piece the banners together to know where to run to next. Joey and Cassie spot a bus with a phrase on a sign saying "Get In!" and they actually get there first adding $5,000 to their account. Then Kristi and Jet get tipped off by the Operator, who then joins them, but get no money on account.

At the next stop, the teams hop off to check out their next form of transportation at the end of the dock -- airplanes. For their next mission, the teams have to use the equipment on the plane to decipher the CEO's conversation to track down the enviromentalists' headquarters. But the teams must be careful, because a team who gives three wrong answers is game over for them.

Both teams are give two wrong answers before Cassie and Joey correctly guess University of Washington. They get an additional $10,000 on account bringing their total up to $15,000. Unfortunately for Kristi and Jason, the game is over for them, and the plane they're riding in goes down for a crash landing.

University of Washington

Cassie and Joey's next mission is to find the environmentalist's headquarters and find out where the rally is taking place within 15 minutes.

The pair get to the headquarters where look around at all of the objects. The operator then calls Cassie and Joey for further instructions. They have to figure out the exact length of the rope in the room, match it with one of the correct diagrams, and guess the right GPS coordinates.

Cassie guesses 513 feet as the exact length of the rope, and 47 35'42.55N as the coordinates which are the correct answers. Their efforts earn themselves $15,000, raising their account to $30,000. The team now has only 40 minutes to uncover the enviromentalists message.

Cassie and Joey leave on their helicopter, after giving the correct coordinates. On the ride over to their next location, Cassie tries to encourage Joey to work harder since she solved the last two puzzles. But Joey disagrees with Cassie's accusation that he is not working hard enough.

The team arrives at the football where they see the operator on a video screen. Their next mission is to reveal the banner within 15 minutes. The operator then tells Joey to move away from Cassie. He then tells him that if Cassie unravels the banner they'll get more money wired into their account than if he did it.

Joey elects Cassie to perform that task and she's pumped to get to work. Joey helps Cassie get near the banner, but he's struggling to swing her rope near the target. With six seconds left on the clock, Cassie is able to reach the target and unravel the environmentalists' banner to reveal the conspiracy. The operator notified about it, causing the authorities to arrest the chemical company's CEO. And an additional $20,000 is wired to their account, bringing their total to the maximum $50,000. However, the team's celebration gets interrupted when the operator tells them only one of them will be able to win the $50,000.

The teams then run to their kiosks on opposite ends of a row of tackling dummies for their quiz.

How many activists were being chased when you recieved your very first phone call?

Both Cassie and Joey lock in "3", and they're both correct.

What were the GPS coordinates you gave to the helicopter pilot?
37 35'42.85 N/47 35'42.55N/122 35'42.55N

They both lock in 47 35'42.55N, and they're both correct. Here comes what could be the final question.

What were the names of the contestants on the opposing team?
Kristin & Chuck/Kristi & Jason/Katie & Jake

A difference of opinion has occured with Joey going with "Katie & Jake" and Cassie going with "Kristi & Jason".

The correct answer is..."Krisi & Jason", Cassie wins and goes to section H 25 of the stadium to find a briefcase filled with 50 large. Will she keep the whole thing, or split it with Joey?

After thinking about her future, Cassie decides to take money for herself, leaving Joey in tears at the 50 yard line.

And on Joey's sad note, the show has reached the climax. We'll be back next time when the operator finds four more people who'll dare to answer The Phone. And another $50,000 could be up for grabs for one of them.

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