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Behind a huge wall in Atlanta, eight families are competing for $250,000 and the title of Kings of the Neighborhood!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Matt Rogers
Creator Mike Fleiss
EP Mike Fleiss
Jay Bienstock
Packager Next Entertainment & Jay Bienstock Productions for Warner Horizon TV
Origins Annandale Main, Kennesaw, GA
Airs 9p Sun, CBS
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Freedom/The Walls Come Tumbling Down
September 13

We started with eight families, and now only three remain, the Upshaws, the Johnstons, and the Schindlers. In 120 minutes, one of them will win $250,000. The other two families return to life as normal.

Soon as the Mullennixs left, Renee gave the evil eye to the Upshaws. They do care about the other neighbors, but in the end, will they still be friends after the game?

The next morning, the Johnstons celebrate their victory with a steak breakfast. They haven't won anything, while the Upshaws have won everything. Meanwhile, the Upshaws think about what would happen if the Johnstons won the next challenge. They are their biggest target. Rick doesn't know what to say to the families, but he knows that whatever happens, there are no hard feelings.

Rick tells everyone of that. Cameron says that he's concerned with friendship... but he's also feeling that he may win the next challenge.


The entire neighborhood has been converted into one giant waterpark. The first leg will have a family member slide down the first slide and run to a board with 12 water-themed items on it. Remember them. Once you think you have it, slide through two more slides to a family cubicle with 12 boxes. Match the items to win. If you don't match, another family member will take their turn.

First to 12 wins a trip OUTSIDE of the wall to a trip wherever they choose. Not only that, they will choose who goes with them to the final challenge.

The Upshaws are the first to their boards... but they have a hard time remembering things. That seems to be a hard thing to do with all three families, but the strategy this time... fill out what they can remember. Lexi is still in the lead, but she tires out easily. Carleigh Johnson says they have it... but the Upshaws think they have it first. They... do NOT! The Johnstons... HAVE IT! They win Kings of the Neighborhood!

The other two families will have their fate residing in the Johnston family.

But that's water under the bridge, as tomorrow they will get the ultimate family day. But not before Cameron enters on crutches. The Johnstons get a rare opportunity to go over the wall... and we do mean OVER the wall..

Meanwhile, the Schindlers are disappointed, as Emmett is starting to go stir-crazy. The family says that he needs to keep his mind on the game, but it's hard when the kids are bored out of their minds and the adults want some time on their own. They're going to focus. This is a life-changing experience.

The Johnstons begin their away-day at an arcade/bowling alley. Sensory overload. What's also overloading... the decision that they're going to make.

The Upshaws meet with the Johnstons as they talk about what happens next. Chris hopes that their long-time relationship as friends makes a difference going into the final Neighborhood Meeting.

What's on David's minds? The Upshaws have done whatever they can to win this game. Does he come out and say that the Schindlers had an alliance with the Upshaws? And if so, does he do it in the open before... or during... the Neighborhood Meeting? "The Upshaws are the harder team, given what's gone on these past two weeks."

The Johnstons weigh in a six-year relationship with the Upshaws versus the Schindler family who just really came into their lives. Relationships are driving their every decision. Cameron wants the decision to be unanimous among the family.


The Johnstons say it was weird getting out and away from the game. The weirdest thing... being in a world of electricity... without having been in that world for the last couple of weeks. They're still close to the Upshaws and the Nelsons. The Schindlers were acquaintances. He's nervous... Will the Johnstons take their best friends to the final or will they look at body of work? The Schindlers reveal that they've aligned themselves with the Upshaws.

The Upshaws ask if they'd be happy losing to Rick or to David. The Schindlers say that if you're going to go in, go in with the best hand. Libby Schindler speaks her mind...and Chris Upshaw calls them on it. This will not be a secret ballot vote. Tonight, everyone will know where everyone else stands.

The Johnstons have decided to support... the SCHINDLERS. So the Upshaws have been upset, and the remaining two families will compete for $250,000... right now.

Morning breaks, and all Cameron can do is think about what's happened before... and what's to come. Cameron's been laid off from work, and winning this money will change their lives.

The Schindlers and the Johnstons decide to have one final cookout together behind the wall. They peg the Mullennix, the DeGirolamos, and the Nelsons as the most bitter. Needless to say, there's going to be some damage control. And there will be as early as tomorrow morning...

"Tomorrow morning, it's Schindler-Johnston. May the best man win."


It's the ultimate neighborhood obstacle course, and it'll take you all over the neighborhood. First, navigate some hurdles and head to a flower garden. Hidden in the garden is a humongous dog bone. Find it, and use it to break a piņata to uncover puzzle pieces. Pass them to family member #2, who'll then break open some balloons to find a key that will open a shed. In the shed, a lawn mower with more puzzle pieces. Pass them to family member #3, who'll use the lawn mower to mow down a putting green until they can sink a hole-in-one. A birdhouse will then drop another set of puzzle pieces. Use all three puzzle bags to construct a ladder. Climb the ladder and head via flying fox to the finish line.

The first team to the finish will win a barbecue with the other families that have been eliminated, one final chance to plead their case. Each member of each family will cast a vote in the Neighborhood Election. The family with the most votes will win $250,000. The losers will arrive late to the barbecue and only have a fraction of the time.

Leg 1: Noah Schindler vs. Theresa Johnston

Noah's the first to the boneyard... but Theresa's the first to find her bone. Now she has to beat the piņata like it owes her money... and she does. She's the first to find the puzzle pieces.

Leg 2: Christina Schindler vs. Gina Johnston

Gina's the first one to the balloons. She has to find the key. Christina's next to the balloons.... and Christina's the first with the key. She heads to the shed and gets David's lawnmower.

Leg 3: David Schindler vs. Cameron Johnston

David starts mowing, while Gina is overlooking that key. David needs to mow some more. But David made his putt! Now to make that ladder! Cameron makes it to the ladder, but David's up to the top already and zipping to the finish...

... and the SCHINDLERS are Kings of the Neighborhood! They're going to host the barbecue to campaign with the neighbors on why they should win the quarter-million.

The Johnstons are upset that they lost. They think that the Schindlers think that they have the advantage of "the Core", but after all that has happened... is there a Core anymore?

It's barbecue time, and the Schindlers are arguing about lighting the grill... The tension started that morning... and it's getting the better of David.  Meanwhile, the Johnstons are trying to get an idea of how everyone's votes will go. Cameron's not a good schmoozer. The people in the neighborhood know that, and Cameron is not about to change who he is just to get some votes.

The parade of the eliminated have arrived to the barbecue. The Schindlers have to be careful about not coming on too strong. They're going to just win votes by being good people. All the Johnstons can do now is listen on.

... and after an hour, the Johnstons join the party... and Gina doesn't waste any time on playing to the crowd. Cameron, on the other hand, believes that friendships will outlast this game. And in the end, that's all that matters.

Matt enters the scene... and it's time for the...


Jackson Nelson says that he missed the families. Jeff DeGirolamo says it was a good time. Laurie & Haley Southey are talking to the neighbors again. Nellie Nelson says that he'd play differently if he had to do it again, and that the three families that didn't make up "The Core" would be welcomed into it. Rick Upshaw says that he's looking at Lexi in a different light now that she's a woman. Chris Mullennix says that her family has grown together. There's been respect, and she thinks that it'll continue. Tom Bussiere says that he got to know the neighbors more.

The families are closer to the Johnstons than they are to the Schindlers. And it's a hard question to answer as to who would win the money. Chris Upshaw says that he's going to base his decision on who did more for him.

The final two families are brought out for the final vote. Every single family member will vote for a family to win. The family with the most votes will win $250,000.

The vote to win is 13.

Nellie Nelson: JOHNSTON
Jake Bussiere: SCHINDLER
Rick Upshaw: SCHINDLER
Lexi Upshaw: JOHNSTON

So far, the vote is tied at 2 a piece. After the final two share a heart-to-heart, the Johnstons say that it's been beyond their wildest dreams to stay in this game as long as they did. It's been a great experience. Schindlers said that they call it silly and a little sad that it took some walls to come up in order to bring the neighborhood together.

Matt counts the votes... and it's a landslide victory.

By a vote of 21 to 3... the winner of "There Goes the Neighborhood"... is the JOHNSTON FAMILY! They wins $250,000!

You give to each other, and you get back together, and that's why the Johnstons won. And that's also why this neighborhood is the best neighborhood.

We began the series with a little axiom: "Great fences make great neighbors." And nowhere is this truer tonight than in the walled off section of Atlanta that called this series home for the last weeks. Hopefully you took an appreciation for the folks that surround your world. They may be different in age... or race... or occupation... but like they say on Sesame Street... they are people in your neighborhood.

Thanks for reading and stick around for what the site has to offer next. We'll leave a light on for you.

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