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August 9

Behind a huge wall in Atlanta, eight families are competing for $250,000 and the title of Kings of the Neighborhood!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Matt Rogers
Creator Mike Fleiss
EP Mike Fleiss
Jay Bienstock
Packager Next Entertainment & Jay Bienstock Productions for Warner Horizon TV
Origins Annandale Main, Kennesaw, GA
Airs 9p Sun, CBS
Available Streaming Online

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Ransack the Neighbors' House

No phones. No lights. Not even AC. In a hot Atlanta suburb, it could cause you to do some crazy things like hose down your family and vote one of them out. That would be the DeGirolamos. That leaves seven families in the hunt for $250,000. Let's go back behind the wall.

Chris "Nellie" Nelson regrets getting rid of the DeGirolamos. Cameron Johnston says that it's all part of the game. Meanwhile, the Mullennixes are scared of what they're calling "the Core": five families - the Upshaws, the Johnstons, the DeGirolamos, the Nelsons, and themselves. It all goes back to "doing for yourselves". So Chris goes to Nellie about the nomination... and he calls it a strategy move, because the Mullennix ladies didn't know about what they were doing. He swears that he's not doing anything funny behind the scenes.

Laurie Southey has been talking of her divorce and raising Haley on her own. The big thing they miss... phones and computers.

The Johnstons think that something is going to happen today. Theresa's getting a little bit crabby due to the situation she's placed in.


In a home challenge, the entire family competes for a slight advantage in the Neighborhood Challenge. Today's Home Challenge.... simple... You have a jar of jellybeans. Guess how many are in there, and the closest to the actual amount, high or low, wins. You have five minutes to figure it out.

Guesses..... and a break.

Upshaw: 3573
Southey: 4001
Schindler: 5123
Nelson: 8050 We Love Jelly Beans!
Mullennix: 12,500
Johnston: 12,586
Bussiere: 27,000

The actual retail price is... 6318, and the Schindlers win! They will have an advantage going into...


Two members of each family will go into another family's house that has been randomly assigned. They'll find a walkie-talkie and a scrapbook with five items. The first family to find all five will win home security for the week.

Since the Schindlers won the Home Challenge, they will only have to look for four items.

Oh, did we mention that you're going to be joined at the hip? Good luck!

The assignments...

Nelson: Schindler
Schindler: Bussiere
Bussiere: Nelson
Johnston: Mullennix
Mullennix: Southey
Southey: Upshaw
Upshaw: Johnston

Johnstons are first on the board. The Schindlers find Tom's Speedo. The rest of the families... just freak out. Soon, it's a race to see who will radio Matt first. It's... the Mullennixes... and they have all five items! They're the Kings of the Neighborhood. Their prize... a new kitchen!

Unfortunately, that comes with a responsibility... putting up two families for elimination.

Susan B is doing something strange... sitting around. Usually, she's "the mom bus." Meanwhle, a crane is dropping the Mullennix's prize, a new kitchen. While it's being installed, they have to... do something outside. When they come back, new kitchenware and a dining room set await them.

The Mullennixes, though, have a difficult choice to make... stick by your friends, or take out the competition. Their position is good. There are four families left in the Core, the extended family. Christina Schindler doesn't have that strong bond with the Core, so she thinks that she might be in danger. Meanwhile, David Schindler is starting to feel nerves... to the point of throwing up. He feels like he's letting his family down.

Sounds more like heat stroke to me.

Cameron talks to Chris M about the last meeting. Turns out that the Mullennixes were safe the whole way, but they were a pawn to get the DeGirolamos. Cameron says that Nellie's going to let the next pawns know when the names come up. But what does Renee think? The Southeys, they don't know very well. They may ride on coattails. Chris thinks that they're silent but deadly. Their kids think that the Nelsons are a lot stronger than any of the other families. But Chris is torn between getting rid of the stronger links and keeping the core together. Seems like she's the only one feeling that way.

And a special hello to those people tuning in for "Cold Case".


David says it's great to spend time with the family and the neighbors. Today, they had half the neighborhood over. Everyone's missing the DeGirolamos, but the rest of the families are coming together. It doesn't feel like the Core anymore, says Chris M. Susan says that she hasn't felt like going over and meeting any of the families in the Core. Nellie is nervous that the Nelsons could be kicked out.

The Mullennixes nominate for elimination... the SOUTHEYS (Chris thinks they're silent but deadly) and the SCHINDLERS (strong players).

Southeys say they want to be in the game. The Schindlers say that they've enjoyed getting to know everyone. They're hoping to have people support them.

Time to vote for a family to keep in the game...

And it's unanimous. By a 3-0 vote with two withheld, the SCHINDLERS... are staying in the game. The Southeys have been eliminated.

The families are beginning to come together as people and as a neighborhood. Hopefully this will serve them well into the next round.

Come back next week to see who goes next. We'll leave a light on.

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