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Behind a huge wall in Atlanta, eight families are competing for $250,000 and the title of Kings of the Neighborhood!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Matt Rogers
Creator Mike Fleiss
EP Mike Fleiss
Jay Bienstock
Packager Next Entertainment & Jay Bienstock Productions for Warner Horizon TV
Origins Annandale Main, Kennesaw, GA
Airs 9p Sun, CBS
Available Streaming Online

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Over the Wall
August 23

Last time behind the wall, the Core made another power move in getting rid of the Bussieres, even as their competition, the Schindlers, allied with the Upshaws, a member of said core. Meanwhile, said partners were named Kings of the Neighborhood... and ultimately, they chose the Core. Now five families remain.

And the Upshaws are talking about it once they get home. Are the Bussieres trying to win as bad as they are, or are they in the wrong for casting a grandmother outside?

The next day, the Nelsons and the Upshaws compare appetites and sleep patterns. The Schindlers realize that they are on the outside looking in, and that this round is a must-win. And all of this after they start to develop a case of cabin fever...

... then the ice cream man comes and tosses a few treats over the wall. That's an appreciation from Rick Upshaw. Nice little break...


The mail's been piling up, and the mail carrier does his duty and tosses it all over the wall. In each mail bag are 500 pieces of mail. Only 10 of them are addressed to the families. Find the 10, win a slight advantage in the Neighborhood Challenge.

Winners... JOHNSTONS! They take their first challenge AND will get a slight advantage in the...


In a competition that is totally not ripped off of a game produced by Hasbro, you have 10 tiles. Use them to spell words. Each word will have a point value based on letters and placement. The family with the most points at the end of the game wins Kings of the Neighborhood.

We're building off of the word NEIGHBORHOOD.

Johnson: HEELING for 11
Nelson: CLOUDS for 9 and Choose a Family to Lose a Turn. They choose the Mullennixes.
Mullenix: 0

Play goes on for a bit... and the Mullenixes are next.

Mullenix: LEAGUE for 7 and Choose a Family to Lose a Turn. They choose the Nelsons. Karma's a bitch. Schindlers lead with 24 at the end of round 2.

Round 3, and so far the Upshaws lead with 29. Mullenix Family play... KNOB for 10 and Choose a Family to Lose a Turn. They choose the Nelsons... again. Bad strategy.

After 4 rounds, the Upshaws lead with 42.

Final round...

Johnston: QUEER for 14 and a final total of 45.
Nelson: QUEERS for 15 and a final total of 37.
Schindler: SOY for 6 and a final total of 39.
Upshaw: PAINT for 7 and a final total of 49.

Mullennixs are too far behind... and the UPSHAWS are Kings of the Neighborhood. They also win a new backyard with a margarita maker, a smoker, a grill, and a firepit.

The rest of the neighborhood, of course, are going to enjoy that as much as the Upshaws are. But first, the Nelsons regroup and count their losses with the Mullennix. Their actions have secured their fate, says Nellie Nelson.

The Mullennixes and the Schindlers talk. The Mullennixes aren't sure where they belong in the Core, even going so far as bringing up the fact that they are the only gay couple in the Core. It gets worse, as the Mullennixes say that their house is a big burden on them, and that they may not be living in Legacy Park any longer.

The next day, the Upshaws wake up to their new backyard set. That oughta kick Rick's plans for the backyard into high gear.

Meanwhile, Nellie and Cameron Johnston notice that Chris Mullennix is trimming her yard. Cameron says that the Mullennixes have been wild cards this whole competition. Nellie says that the Johnstons have been silent players this whole game, but at the same time, they've been tired of the Mullennixes. They have to go, if for no other reason than to show that the Core is not afraid to go against its own. Cameron goes to the Upshaws with the plan. This is a game, but at the same time, can Rick hold his family to that agreement?

More lawnwork, this time, on the Nelsons' yard. That's where they hold the Neighborhood Meeting, so he has to keep it up.


Nellie says that they got hammered in the Neighborhood Challenge. Chris M. on the other hand says that the first time was revenge. Cameron doesn't know what the strategy was during. Chris M is livid as she learns that maybe the Mullennix family is not a part of the Core, something the Core vehemently denies. She says that she would lay down her life for anyone in this game, but at the same time, she thinks that emotions would be different if she were sitting next to a man. The Johnstons say that orientation is a non-issue. Nellie is not threatened with leaving tonight. David Schindler says that he was the last to enter the Core.

The Upshaws decide to nominate the Johnstons (to no one's surprise) and the Nelsons (to EVERYONE'S surprise). Why? "Based on previous challenges... the Johnstons and the Nelsons... it's moving their way."

Nelsons... Johnstons... and the final vote is... Johnstons. Which means that the NELSONS have been kicked out of the game, something that the Upshaws MAY come to regret later.

Four families remain, but no one is safe unless Matt hands you a six-figure check. Be back next week. We'll leave a light on for you.

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