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August 9
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Behind a huge wall in Atlanta, eight families are competing for $250,000 and the title of Kings of the Neighborhood!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Matt Rogers
Creator Mike Fleiss
EP Mike Fleiss
Jay Bienstock
Packager Next Entertainment & Jay Bienstock Productions for Warner Horizon TV
Origins Annandale Main, Kennesaw, GA
Airs 9p Sun, CBS
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Middle of the Hot Georgia Summer
August 23

We learned a lot about the neighbors last time, as it was determined that there was a core group of neighbors versus everyone else. The Mullenix family were crowned Kings of the Neighborhood, and while Chris sought revenge, the rest of the family decided to stick together with the core and send the Southeys packing.

The Schindlers, another outsider family, are relieved that the rest of the neighborhood supports them. The "outsiders" are concerned that they're not part of the in-crowd, so they have to figure out a way to stay in the game.

The next day, Nellie Nelson and Ricardo Upshaw hang out, like best friends do. They say that this is coming down to love now.

Speaking of love, here comes a barbecue with the core... and the Bussieres are looking on, and their Northern upbringing decide against crashing the party.

Christopher Upshaw decides to make a pact with the rest of the families, an alliance if you will. Mom agrees. They decide to talk to the Schindlers about it. They're not in the core, so no one will really suspect it. The core has a good friendship, but $250,000 is a lot of money. The Schindlers think that this is a good move.

HOME CHALLENGE: Christmas in Summer

Before you are 50 feet of Christmas lights tangled. First one to untangle them wins.

Winners... MULLENNIX. They will have a slight advantage going into the Neighborhood Challenge.

NEIGHBORHOOD CHALLENGE: The Ultimate Suburban Challenge.

Each family will put together... a home theatre system. Inside each of eight boxes are different components... a 40" flat screen LCD HDTV, a five-disc CD changer, a Blu-Ray disc player, a surround sound receiver, air speakers and a TV stand, powered by a generator. The winners will be crowned Kings of the Neighborhood.

The Mullennixes, as the winners of the Home Challenge, will only have to take in seven boxes.

Keith & Nathanael are hardcore gamers... if it's anything they know, it's how to set this sort of thing. Tom thinks he has a chance to correctly set things up. The Schindlers... panic. This is what happens when you can't find batteries.

The Nelsons are the first to set up their system, but they decide to test it out first, while the Upshaws get in each others' ways. Who will be the first to radio Matt?

It's... the UPSHAWS! Their prize: they get the Kings of the Neighborhood flag... and they get to keep the entertainment center! Also, they take away a 47" HDTV, a laptop, a camcorder, a digital camera, and... their power back! If only for a while.

They also have a big decision to make. They'll have to put up two families for elimination.

The Bussieres have a hunch that they'll be put in danger... so they decide to go against their upbringing and go talk to the Upshaws... and bring in green wigs. Later in the Upshaw house, they enjoy their new prizes... and their warm showers. Alexus is going off to school so she'll need that computer.

Then the lights went out again.

The next day starts with the kids playing B-ball, older kids versus younger kids. Nathanael rolls his ankle.... which is not good news for the Mullennixes.

The Upshaws decide to put the Schindlers on the block for strategic purposes. Meanwhile, they also decide to take up the Bussieres. They also decide to tell both families of their ultimate decision. The Bussieres decide to prepare their kids for the shock.

As for the Schindlers, they feel like they're in danger, as David doesn't know if the Upshaws are playing them. They say that Nellie has put strategy against friendship. Christopher believes that the Nelsons would lie for a quarter-mill. Meanwhile, Nellie thinks that friendship will supersede the game and he'll stay in the game.

So who'll end up on the block? The logical move would be to keep the Nelsons, right? Not so, says Chris. Therese is tired of being emotional about it. Just make a decision and go for it...


We start with Nathanael's ankle and the Bussieres' rally caps. The Upshaws say that there are personal relationships in play, so that makes the game complex. Tom says that there is no strategic rationale to eliminate the Bussieres with two small kids and a senior citizens. They appreciate the Upshaws for being upfront about it. Susan then says that she wouldn't be here were it not for the care she had after a stroke two years ago. The Nelsons don't believe that they are in danger. But are they?

Let's make it official. The Bussieres (this is a game, but that is a problem... a problem he doesn't want to deal with) and the Schindlers (who came prepared for this).

Time to vote...

Mullennix: SCHINDLER

And for the record, the SCHINDLERS win, 4-0, meaning that the Bussieres will be leaving the neighborhood tonight. So much for the hope of a rally.

This game is the big unknown... and of the five families remaining, it's time to figure out which ones are the strong ones. Come back next week to see who goes next. We'll leave a light on.

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