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Behind a huge wall in Atlanta, eight families are competing for $250,000 and the title of Kings of the Neighborhood!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Matt Rogers
Creator Mike Fleiss
EP Mike Fleiss
Jay Bienstock
Packager Next Entertainment & Jay Bienstock Productions for Warner Horizon TV
Origins Annandale Main, Kennesaw, GA
Airs 9p Sun, CBS
Available Streaming Online

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Behind the Huge Wall

They say that great fences make great neighbors. And like all great axioms, this is about to be put to the ultimate test in the ultimate block party called "There Goes the Neighborhood" as a giant wall mysteriously appears around several houses in an Atlanta suburb. What does this mean for the people inside? We'll find out...

The eight families inside the wall are about to lose more than just contact with the outside world. They're about to lose their electricity as well... no phone. No computers. No video games. Not a single luxury. And it's all for a quarter-million.

Let's meet the families...

The SCHINDLERS - Mixed faith couple David and Christina (David is Jewish, Christina is Christian) from California moving back east after the Northridge quake. Together, they have three kids, Noah, Emmett, and Olivia

The UPSHAWS - Mixed race couple Ricardo and Therese (Ricardo is black, Therese is white) from Ohio and their two adult kids Christopher and Alexus. They're athletic.

The BUSSIERES - Tom & Susan (originally from Boston) and their two kids Elise & Jake... and Susan's mom Marcia "Mimi" Flerra. Tom's what you would call... a workaholic.

The JOHNSTONS - Cameron & Regina (originally from Pennsylvania) and their daughter Carliegh... and their niece Theresa. They call themselves "the intellectuals."

The NELSONS - Native Floridians Chris & Mickey and their three boys Christian, Branson, and Jackson.

The SOUTHEYS - Single-parent Laurie and her only child Haley.

The DEGIROLAMOS - Jersey natives Jeff & Lisa and their two boys Greg & Chris

The MULLENNIXS - Lesbian couple Chris Mullenix and Renee Hatcher with their two kids Nathanael Mullenix and Keith Goff. Technically, Keith is Chris' nephew due to her taking him in after a freak accident killed both his parents.

With a quarter million dollars at stake... people are going to get hurt quickly.

There is one out, though... a huge door in the front of the wall. But like all huge doors in front of the wall, it only swings one way. If you're behind the door, it means that you've lost.

Cameron thinks that the Mullennixs are the first to go. "Too fracturing." We'll see. First challenge is tomorrow.

The Mullennix boys are playing their games when they are called down to spend some quality time with their two moms. "If this is the way it's going to be, then you might as well walk outta that wall right now."

The Upshaws think that the greatest thing they can do is keep to a routine. That's going to be hard... as of 9:12p... You're out of power. No AC... no cooking... in Atlanta.... in the summertime... Oh, this is going to be fun.

Jeff D. tries to stifle the heat by putting in screen window. Greg decides to push dad's buttons if only because it's funny.

And then Matt and the fire brigade shows up. He basically saw the electricity as a giant distraction and now that it's taken away, they can focus more on their families.


Two members will play. One is going to be in a muddy t-shirt. The other will untangle fire hoses and use them to reveal numbers on a shirt. There are three of them. Run to your family chest and open up a lock to raise a flag. First family to do that will be crowned Kings of the Neighborhood. They will have the responsibility of picking two families to kick out of the neighborhood, which will be bittersweet, because in the end, they're still neighbors.

Tom B. is the first to unravel his hose, and now he's hosing down his wife Susan. The Nelsons and the Upshaws draw even, but the Nelsons have the numbers first. The Bussieres catch up... but the winners are the NELSONS!

Winners of the neighborhood challenge have life behind the wall a little easier. Today... the Nelsons are going to be cooler with a new fridge/freezer powered by a generator and cold BEvERages inside.

The rest of the neighborhood shows up to hang out. Everyone's basically trying to get into the good graces of the family... butter them up... et cetera, et cetera.

The Schindlers think that the DeGirolamos are a sneaky family and therefore a threat. The Bussieres think that they're going to screw them over somehow.

The Nelsons don't want to put any of the families up. But in the end, Christian says that the DeGirolamos are threats and the Mullennixs are weak links. The Bussieres are also on the hit list because they were inches away from winning the challenge earlier. "We put those two names up, and we've lost them as neighbors."


Chris M. was hoping that this would take away distractions, but no electricity is proving to be hard on everyone. David S. says that this is terrific to put work aside and focus on his family for a moment. Jeff D says that he's sweating bullets.

The Nelsons nominate the DeGirolamos, being tough people. They're not surprised. They also nominate the Mullennixs, being unstable. And Miss Chris is visibly hurt. She's always had their back and this is blowing her mind right now. The Nelsons hope that when all is said and done, there's no long-term damage.

The rest of the families are going to go back home and pull the picture of the family that they want to stay in the neighborhood.

Schindler: MULLENNIX

That's four, that's enough. The other family voted for the Mullennix family to stay. But right now, the DeGirolamos are the first family kicked out of the neighborhood, as they exit to a show of support from the neighborhood.

Some important things to remember: this is only a game... they will always be neighbors... and this will always be your neighborhood.

Come back next week to see who goes next. We'll leave a light on.

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