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Home cooks from all over the country have a shot to become the newest star in the culinary firmament.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Joe Bastianich
Graham Elliot
Gordon Ramsay
Announcer Charlie Ryan
Creator Franc Roddam (based upon "MasterChef")
EP Elisabeth Murdoch
Eden Gaha
Robin Ashbrook
Gordon Ramsay
Adeline Ramage Rooney
Pat Llewellyn
Ben Adler
Packager One Potato Two Potato (an All3Media company) and Shine America
Origins Los Angeles
Web fox.com/masterchef
Airs 8p ET Weds, Fox

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Top 11/10 Compete
July 10

Two weeks ago, Beth couldn't roll with MasterChef Christine Ha, so she rolls out. Then in a test of macaroon madness, Jonny's cookies crumbled... and so did he. Now 11 remain to take on a very special guest in Round 5...


Inside the Mystery Box today... EVA LONGORIA! Yes, a desperate housewife and an even MORE desperate restauranteur nowadays. She's just opened a hot spot on the Vegas Strip called "She". Speaking of "She", Eva has handpicked the ingredients in your Mystery Box.  They are... corn, pork loin, shrimp, avocado, mangos, Mexican chocolate, several varieties of peppers, hot sauce, onions, garlic, tomatillo, cotija, crema mexicana, and huitlacoche.

Put it together in 60 minutes. ¡VAMOS A COCINAR!

The top 3...

- Bri: Butter & Cilantro Shrimp with Grilled Corn Salad
- Eddie: Chili Pork Loin with Cream of Corn & Mango Relish
- Savannah: Spice Crusted Pork Loin with Creamed Corn & Guacamole

This is Eddie's SECOND Final Table.

Winner.... Bri Kozior!

ELIMINATION TEST #5: Ingredients, Time, and Money

Bri will get two baskets - one for one competitor and the other for the rest WITH their time limit. Basket #1: strawberries, banana, three eggs, milk, butter, sugar, flour, strawberry gelatin, baking powder, and a lemon, all under $5... and all in an hour. The second basket: sweet potato, onion, tomato, cauliflower, tricolor mini-bell pepper, and a 14-ounce steak - all a little under $25.... and all in half an hour.

So one basket has MORE ingredients in LESS time, but the other has LESS ingredients, but MORE time.

Bri's decision: Natasha will cook the MORE ingredients/LESS basket. Everyone gets the OTHER basket. Natasha will start in a half hour. The others... start... NOW!

Luca: Banana Cake with Pastry Cream & Strawberry Compote... Which miraculously comes out okay.
Lynn: The king of plating.... has Baked Meringue with Banana Puree... which looks and tastes like absolute crap. Joe? Let'em have it. "I think maybe... (empties into the trash) ... might be a memento for you to take home."
Savannah: Banana Cream Pie with Banana Meringue
Jessie: Shortbread Tart with Caramelized Banana
James: Deep Fried Banans with Strawberry Puree & Custard
Krissi: Strawberry Muffins with Caramelized Bananas... and a teaspoon of strawberry gelatin. Oops.
Natasha: Rib-Eye Steak with Sweet Potato Fries & Roasted Cauliflower

Jessie wins this one in a walk.... and she will be choosing the teams in the next challenge. In danger of not joining her in the top 10... James, Lynn, and Krissi.

Lynn Chyi... is going home. It was THAT horrendous.

For James and Krissi, another day in the kitchen. And it begins in 10 seconds. Let's give stations a chance to identify themselves over the Fox Broadcasting Company.

(10 seconds)

Next up ... 101 hungry surfers... and 10 cooks. Let's go to Huntington Beach.


Here in "Surf City USA", the teams will have to feed 101 hungry surfers... fish tacos. You have 60 minutes to prep and 60 to serve. But you can use only one type of fish. First to 51 wins.

Jessie will pick HER team of all-stars

BLUES (Jessie): James, Eddie, Bethy, Natasha
REDS (Savannah): Jordan, Luca, Bri, Krissi

The Reds are going to go with a fried cod with a killer sauce and slaw... which needs to be seasoned. The Blues are going to go with mahi-mahi with a little roasted pineapple habanero sauce. A little sweet, a little heat.

The judges are concerned with the Blues' hot sauce. The sauce isn't coming together. James will try and remedy that. Meanwhile, Jordan is making his own cilantro-lime sauce. The fried cod looks gorgeous... but it's tastes like hot sauce. Switching to grill.

Organization is proving to be a determining factor in getting everyone fed.

BLUES: Grilled Mahi Mahi Tacos with Chipotle Ranch Slaw
RED: Spicy Blackened Cod Tacos with Pickled Onions & Cabbage

The Blues... are about to wipe out. They're running out of product. But they're back on track, and the blues are moving quickly down the line. Over on the Reds, a miscalculation leaves them short a few tacos.

The tacos have been sampled. Now it's time to vote. By a score of 51-25, the BLUE TEAM comes back to SHRED the competition!

And Krissi is sick of being a fricking loser. 

... and the Blue Team also win MLB jerseys from their hometown teams... the Braves, the Marlins, the Dodgers, the M's, and the Stros. Why? Because a) Fox is holding the MLB All-Star Game next week, b) Graham's a Cubs fan, though I've never seen him in the 7th inning stretch saying "Let's get some runs!", and c)... THEY'RE GOING TO THE ALL-STAR GAME! Sucks to be Luca, he's a Yankees fan,

PRESSURE TEST #5: Chicken Three Ways

Krissi's the weakest performer according to the rest of the team. BUT... will she sit out this Pressure Test? The team will decide in the wine room in five minutes. Meaning expect to hear five minutes of Krissi bitching.

They save Jordan. But he's not going to the All-Star Game. Sorry, Jordan.

The rest of the team is going to take on... chicken breasts. Crisp skin, basted in butter, moist in the center. Forty minutes. .... OR you can have the Southern Fried Chicken... seasoned on the outside, moist on the inside. ... OR stuffed with mozzarella and proscuitto. One method.... easy. Three... in 40 minutes... THAT'S A PRESSURE TEST!

- Savannah: saute is too fatty, fry is undercooked, stuff is "a little goopy".
- Krissi: slightly pink saute, fry is all the way, stuff is understuffed.
- Luca: overcooked saute, fry is slightly under, stuff is raw.
- Bri: undercooked saute, fry is raw, stuff is "a little buttery".

Krissi is undoubtedly safe. She's not here to make friends... she's here to make food. Joining her at the gallery... Luca.

The person leaving MasterChef tonight... is SAVANNAH STURGESS. She couldn't lead at the challenge, and she cracked under the pressure.

... and then there were nine.

To see this episode in its entirety OR to apply to be a contestant on season 5 of MasterChef, go to fox.com/masterchef.