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Home cooks from all over the country have a shot to become the newest star in the culinary firmament.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Joe Bastianich
Graham Elliot
Gordon Ramsay
Announcer Charlie Ryan
Creator Franc Roddam (based upon "MasterChef")
EP Elisabeth Murdoch
Eden Gaha
Robin Ashbrook
Gordon Ramsay
Adeline Ramage Rooney
Pat Llewellyn
Ben Adler
Packager One Potato Two Potato (an All3Media company) and Shine America
Origins Los Angeles
Web fox.com/masterchef
Airs 8p ET Weds, Fox

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Auditions 1/Auditions 2
May 22

One is the son of the reigning queen of Italian cuisine. One is the youngest chef in American history to earn a Michelin Star. And the third has 14 Michelin Stars, 12 TV series, and is the most prolific and successful restauranteur in the world. Combined, they forgot more about food today than you will ever know in your life.

And they want you to cook. They want you flip a recipe on its end. They want you to have culinary finesse. They want you to put perfection on every plate.

The object: find someone who has the knowledge, the skill, and the palate to win the greatest culinary game show in the world. Who has what it takes to rise from home cook... to MasterChef? A quarter of a million, their own cookbook, and a place in the pantheon of great gourmands such as season 3 champion Christine Ha are on the line. Who wants it?

It begins... here.


... with 100 home cooks and only a select few getting a coveted apron to the next round. Each cook will have five minutes to plate in front of the judges. If two out of three judges like what they taste, the cook will earn an apron.

The first cook in MasterChef 2013 is Natasha (26, San Diego, SAHM). Her son Diego turned 1 recently. She only cares about the judges, so what do the judges think about her dos empanadas with chimichurri skirt steak. Is this the best she can do? Gordon thought it was very well balanced. He says yes. Joe agrees. Graham says she's a fighter. And we have our first sweep!

Also from San Diego is Christine (19; bakery assistant), who wants to be one of the best chefs ever. She has a Korean duck with kalbi marinade. But is the youngest contestant intimidated? Not in the slightest. Even when she looks it. She ends up serving it with raw fat. Gordon thought it wasn't "humble" enough. Joe thought it was perfectly cooked, though the dish was ill-conceived. It's up to Graham... he says... it's a no.

Meanwhile, we get some strange, yet edible dishes from this montage... Sure you can eat rabbit, ostrich egg, and waterbug, but are you man enough for... wild bear?

Brian (38, Terrell, TX; SAHD) cooks... roadkill for his family. No, seriously. His dish of great importance today... a shaved & stripped Cajun beaver with frog chips. And to answer your question of how to kill a beaver, jab, then pull out a 22... double tap.  Brian... has the crazy eyes. It has a depth of seasoning. Joe says no. Gordon says yes. Graham says... APRON. For beaver.

Jordan (29, Minneapolis, delivery driver) is here with his father and brother, all of whom dropped everything to be here on "MasterChef". Will he deliver a winning dish with an ancho chili tostada with cilantro mint aioli? He is cooking with the apron of his mother, who died five years ago of brain cancer. Graham's a bit disappointed... that there isn't a plate for each of them. Gordon agrees. Joe says that he may have very well found the winner of "MasterChef". It was one of the best opening dishes ever tasted on the show.

Next round of dishes are literally hard to swallow. Including the worst dish ever tasted on the show.


Adriana (26; New York City; college admin rep) was born in Mexico, where she had no indoor plumbing, but plenty of cows. She'll have both to work with, BUT she's opting for a prickly pear soup with dried shrimp croutons to serve for her parents... who are still on the road traveling to the prep kitchen... and they just arrived in the nick of time. Back to the dish. Graham says that she's staying true to her roots. He says yes. Gordon is not convinced. Joe... doesn't think Adriana can hold up. ... But she gets an apron after saying that she's prepared to stab a lobster in the back.

Four other aprons fly out the door. Will George (33, OH) make it five? He's cooking Greek Wedding Soup with Greek yogurt crostini for his girlfriend. Now here's the thing... He's carrying a wedding ring WITH him. Will he have a reason to pull it out after this? Joe's saying no on the basis that butter doesn't go in a Greek wedding soup. Graham disagrees. Joe thinks it's a waste of time to bring the girlfriend in. And... that's not going to stop Gordon from asking him to do so. Maria thinks George's cooking is excellent. Not excellent enough for an apron, but George could end up a winner anyway.... "I think it's about time that you... man up." Now if you're a big Gordon Ramsay fan, because Chico Alexander is a big Gordon Ramsay fan, you know that when Gordon tells you to man up, it means that if you have a good woman by your side, and she's willing to stay by your side... you already know what you gotta do. Get the ring. Get on your knee. And wife her.

And that's exactly what George does. "I take it that's a yes."  No apron, but hey, a fiancee's not a bad trade off.

Last up, Krissi (34; Philadelphia; paralegal), a single mom who sleeps on a couch in a flat. She draws strength from her son. She cooks for him. He's here right now to surprise her and cheer her on. We end day 1 with a Stuffed Meatloaf Florentine with Potatoes & Asparagus. The judges meet the son, who wants to be a chef. Krissi has potential... and now a sweep. Mikey gets to give mom a hug, and Krissi gets to hug up on an apron.

... and that ends day one. Day two in a moment, but right now let's pause 10 seconds to give stations a chance to identify themselves over the Fox Broadcasting Company.

(10 seconds)


And we continue our search for the next MasterChef with Bime (nee: Albaya Cruz Reya Riva la Cuzala Tesero III; 35; Taunton, MA; boxing coach), a father of three with Puerto Rican flair and a love for his family. He's cooking Mofongo con Camarones, fried plantain mash with shrimp. Does he have the emotional stability to go through with this? He calls Joe "his future rival". Graham says he's got a lot of spirit, saying yes. Joe thinks it's a goof on shrimp scampi. He says no. Gordon says that he's got soul and passion. He's worried about his girls... but he's not going to see his three girls for a while. He's got an apron, 2-1.

Jessie (27; Social Circle, GA; yacht stewardess) comes from a rural town with little to no culinary culture. She's cooking Sea Bass en Croute with Beurre Blanc sauce. Gordon says that dish comes from the 80s. Joe says it's "too much", saying no. Graham disagrees, saying yes. Gordon... steps outside. Why? It's Gordon Ramsay, only God knows why. He returns with two fish. Gordon gets ready to fillet one of them. And now he wants Jessie to start prepping six portions with the second fish.

Ladies and gentlemen... she is the REAL. Get your apron, girl.

Next up, a bike, a tractor, a pogo stick... and fire. Oh, and a robot. There's a robot. And none of them can capitalize. Well, almost. Pogo Boy gets an apron.

James (26; Victoria, TX; retail) grew up poor, lost both of his parents, and had his resolve tempered to do something with his creativity in honor of his parents. He decides to do a Crispy Pork Belly with Lentil Hash. Graham thinks it's simple and creative. James pushed his wedding aside to be here today. Is it worth it? Graham says yes. Joe says no. Gordon... says this competition will eat him alive. He leaves... with a red apron on... and the fake out of the century of the week goes to... JAMES!

Next up is Sasha Foxx (42; Tuscaloosa, AL; singer), a "beast in the kitchen". Today, she's got a fried Cornish hen crepe with bourbon glaze. And Sasha thinks that this is another show on Fox. Personality aside, Gordon thinks that she's a talented girl who cooks from the heart. The others agree, and she's got an apron. DEUCES!

Rudy (35; San Diego; archaeologist) is as fearless in the kitchen as he is in his own life, having been through the Southern California wildfires in 2003 and living through them losing an ear and a finger. His motto: "Just because I'm disabled doesn't mean I'm done."  He serves up a Fry Bread Taco with Buffalo Meat. His buffalo is slightly dry. Joe says... no. Graham says that it's him on a plate. He says yes. Gordon says he's very inspirational... but ultimately, it's a no.

The bar has been raised for season 4. Will we see Eddie Jackson (32; Americus, GA; personal trainer), a former defensive back for the Miami Dolphins, rise to meet that challenge? He has a Jerk Meatloaf with a sweet potato mash. Joe says yes. Graham says it looks sloppy and it doesn't do enough. Gordon.... gives him an apron.

We're down to the final home cook, and it's a familiar face from last season, Luca (31, Astoria, NY; restaurant manager). He still wants his own NYC restaurant with his name on it. Last year, Gordon thought he could come back this year and rise above the competition. Will he make the most of his second chance? The dish... a Broccoli Rabe Ravioli. Joe says that there is issue with the pecorino sauce, but he has a lot to give. Joe says yes again. Graham does think it's perfect, but the sauce ruins it. He says no again. Gordon... it's up to you... again....

... "Luca... I'm sorry... You're not going back to your job in New York. You're in Masterchef." Luca is IN! Forza Italia.

That's all the food you're getting tonight. Come back next week for another helping.

To see this episode in its entirety OR to apply to be a contestant on season 5 of MasterChef, go to fox.com/masterchef.