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Home cooks from all over the country have a shot to become the newest star in the culinary firmament.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Joe Bastianich
Graham Elliot
Gordon Ramsay
Announcer Charlie Ryan
Creator Franc Roddam (based upon "MasterChef")
EP Elisabeth Murdoch
Eden Gaha
Robin Ashbrook
Gordon Ramsay
Adeline Ramage Rooney
Pat Llewellyn
Ben Adler
Packager One Potato Two Potato (an All3Media company) and Shine America
Origins Los Angeles
Web fox.com/masterchef
Airs 8p ET Weds, Fox

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Top 15/14 Compete
June 19

Last week, four home cooks were so bad that the judges could not decide who to send home, necessitating a SECOND round of back-round challenges. After burned burger buns and butter poached lobster... Kathy was left to stew in Vegas. And then... there were 15... and one judge's mother.

Round 3 starts... NOW.

MYSTERY BOX #3: A Box from Another World

Inside the Mystery Box today... we have a whole lot of foreign stuff. We're talking stuff from Russia, Spain, China, all around. Usually they say what's in the box. Today, you're going to have to figure it all out for yourselves.

And you have 60 minutes to do it. Good luck!

If you're playing along at home, we have elk, mojama (Spanish salt-cured tuna), Okinawa sweet potato, cod liver, and Chinese ground moss.

The top 3...

- Eddie: Elk Flank with Japanese Sweet Potato
- Jordan: Stack Salad with Chinese Moss & Baby Eels
- Bime: Elk Flank with Baby Eels & Sweet Potato

This is Bime's SECOND Mystery Box top 3. Will he nail this one?

Winner.... Steady Eddie Jackson!


Eddie's three choices... agnolotti, mezzelune, and caramelle.

Eddie's first advantage: he will not have to cook any of these three. His second... he's going to choose.. the most difficult of the three... Joe's agnolotti. To help you out, we have a demonstration by someone near and dear to Joe's heart... Italian culinary legend and DAYTIME EMMY WINNING CULINARY HOST ... and also Joe's momma, LIDIA BASTIANICH!

Eddie now has a third advantage. He decides which two of his competitors will NOT get to witness Lidia's demonstration. He picks James and Lynn. Men... get out of here. We'll call you back when we're finished. And if you want to witness this, but you missed it, Fox.com may post it later. I hope they do. I want to try this. It's an egg pasta, four whole eggs, five egg yolks, flour, rest for 20 minutes. Hand cranker, lowest setting, get it translucent. Then fill it with any kind of meat. You don't food-pro it. Stuff, boil, and then saute in butter sauce. Full recipe is online. Get it and get cooking.

Sixty minutes to make agnolotti to make Ms. Bastianich proud.

James: Agnolotti Alla Vodka - stuffing to pasta is good. Taste is good.
Lynn: Short Rib Agnolotti - Underseasoned AGAIN and the pasta is too thick.
Jonny: Squash Agnolotti with Maple Alfredo Sauce - "more of a dessert, no harmony".
Jessie: Oxtail & Short Rib Agnolotti - Good.
Krissi: Swiss Chard Agnolotti - Good.
Beth: Cheese & Herb Agnolotti with Sauteed Mushrooms - Undercooked. She couldn't boil water.
Howard: Chicken Agnolotti with Bell Pepper & Jalapeno - a mouthful of peppers. And Joe isn't buying what Howard is selling. After a stern speech, he goes on full with "I want pasta cooked properly, because you know what? The only thing worse than a cook who can't boil is a narcissist in full denial. Thank you for nothing."

Honorable mention goes to... someone who's going to be a frontrunner... and Lidia's one of heroes. Krissi, you're a captain tomorrow. But the best dish of the night and the winner of this test... Jessie. Polar opposites.

Now the bad news. FOUR people instead of three are going to meet the judges for final judgment. Those four... Jonny... Lynn... Howard... and Beth.

Jonny and Beth... were really bad. BUT the other two were far worse. Lynn was a total mess with everything that could be wrong being wrong. Howard has no idea how incompetent he was.

And reaching the end of his rope tonight.... is a guy who knows who he is... Gordon asks him to do the honorable thing and leave with dignity.

That person... Say goodnight, HOWARD SIMPSON. You have no place here.

We're going to go to the field in a moment, but right now let's pause 10 seconds to give stations a chance to identify themselves over the Fox Broadcasting Company.

(10 seconds)

Welcome to Hollywood, as the cooks are going to serve the cast and crew of... McKinley High.


At the Paramount Studios in Hollywood, and after a brief VIP tour, we find ourselves in the hallways of William McKinley High School in Lima, Ohio... Only it isn't Ohio and it isn't high school. We're on the set of "Glee" for this one. Today, you'll be serving lunch to the cast and crew, over 100 members.

And picking your teams... the one and only "SHUT UP! SHUT UP!" ... JANE LYNCH! She separates based on who's "beauty" (Jessie) and who's "beast" (Krissi).

REDS (Jessie): Bri, Jonny, Luca, Savannah, Natasha, Eddie
BLUES (Krissi): James, Beth, Bime, Lynn, Jordan, Bethy

Jane isn't happy. She wants Beth to switch with Natasha. She wants Jonny to switch with Lynn. And we've got teams. "Now I'm going to get a pedicure." And shoot a game show while you're at it. Hollywood Game Night, July, NBC.

Today's menu... three regular lunches: fried chicken, grilled salmon, and vegan lasagna. The crowd votes on their favorites. Most votes wins.

You have 90 minutes to prep and one hour to serve.

The blues are moving into action with Krissi at the helm. Jessie and the Reds are feeling the pressure to catch up. Meanwhile, Jessie cuts her fingertip through and she needs medical attention. When she gets it... she almost passes out. That's how bad it is. That and Jessie can't handle blood. She cuts her nail clean off. The rest of the Reds pick up the slack. Meanwhile, the Blues... are just coasting.

Twenty minutes to go, and Jessie is back in action, but the salmon comes up burned and stuck to the grill, thanks to the soy and the ginger. Forget about the grill, cook it on a flattop. Their only hope right now... flavors. Because plating is going to be a beeyatch.

The cast and crew of "Glee" have just wrapped, and now they're hungry. TIME FOR LUNCH!

RED Buttermilk Fried Chicken Grilled Salmon with Soy Ginger Glaze with Pesto Sauce
BLUE Spicy Latin Fried Chicken Balsamic Marinated Salmon with Spicy Tomato Sauce

And no one expected the chicken to fly. "As God as my witness, I thought that chicken could fly!" Both teams race to get more chicken cooked, but that's not the worst of it. The blue chicken... IS RAW. That is literally death on a plate. Red is back in it with a fresh batch of chicken.

... and Jane Lynch arrives wanting fried chicken. Chicken on the fly, right now!

The votes are in... and the winner... by a score of 90 to 37...

... RED TEAM! This gives Jessie two wins to Krissi's... zero. But if you go sabermetric with it...

- BLUES won chicken, 30-26
- REDS won salmon, 52-2
- REDS won vegan lasagna, 12-10

The SALMON was your killer.

PRESSURE TEST #3: No-Lemon Meringue Pie

Krissi will decide who will compete in the Pressure Test. She'll save as many or as few as she'd like. She has to save at least one, but not more than five of her teammates. Krissi decides to save Jonny... Natasha... and, of course, herself. "Krissi, you hypocritical bitch."

This Pressure Test... Lemon meringue pie. The secret is in the base, a salt crust pastry. The lemon curd, and the meringue has to be perfect. Get it wrong by even a grain of sugar... "and it can go absolutely pear-shaped." BUT... you CANNOT use lemons. You must use another citrus fruit for your curd. You will be given the exact same ingredients and a not-so-limited limited pantry of citrus fruit.

First 15 minutes, make the crust. Then make the curd. Egg white comes last.

You have 90 minutes to bake your lemon meringue pie... WITHOUT THE LEMON.

Bime couldn't make his curd work, because instead of cream of tartar... he used cornstarch for his meringue and cream of tartar for the curd instead of the OTHER WAY AROUND! Krissi? "Exactly what I wanted to happen happened."

- James: Blood Orange & Lime Meringue Pie - Soggy bottom. Not enough curd. Meringue undercooked. But it tastes nice.
- Bethy: Lime Meringue Pie - Visually stunning, but way underdone.
- Jordan: Regular Lime & Key Lime Meringue Pie - Raw crust, but held together. Good curd.
- Bime: Lime Meringue Pie - DISASTER.

Krissi is up in there LOVING IT.  

... Going through the motions, here. Jordan's safe. James... is saved by two worse pies. Well, one really.

The person leaving MasterChef tonight... is BIME CRUZ. That watery pie was your Waterloo.

So the question now... who does Krissi have to smoke next? Round 4 is NEXT WEEK, complete with a pig's head, and the head of the MasterKitchen from LAST SEASON.

To see this episode in its entirety OR to apply to be a contestant on season 5 of MasterChef, go to fox.com/masterchef.