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May 22


Home cooks from all over the country have a shot to become the newest star in the culinary firmament.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Joe Bastianich
Graham Elliot
Gordon Ramsay
Announcer Charlie Ryan
Creator Franc Roddam (based upon "MasterChef")
EP Elisabeth Murdoch
Eden Gaha
Robin Ashbrook
Gordon Ramsay
Adeline Ramage Rooney
Pat Llewellyn
Ben Adler
Packager One Potato Two Potato (an All3Media company) and Shine America
Origins Los Angeles
Web fox.com/masterchef
Airs 8p ET Weds, Fox

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Top 19 Revealed/Top 19 Compete
May 29

Auditions got started last week, as Graham, Joe, and Gordon entertained the most unique flavor profiles. Tonight, the players who will compete for the title of MasterChef will be revealed. First, though, the final day of auditions, and one more crucial test.

It begins... here.


First is Howard (26; US Army vet; San Diego). He has a year in Afghanistan under his belt as well as a love for food and wine. He wants to make the most of his life right now for the people that didn't make it home. He has a Bourbon Peach Blackberry Cobbler. Gordon called it rustic and charming. Graham notes that panko and graham cracker adds crunch. Joe thought it was a very good home dessert. But it has a little too much bourbon. It's up to Joe to split the deadlock. He... walks with Howard out to the prep kitchen... where he gives his grandmother his MC apron!

But the path to an apron doesn't get easier.

Finally, we arrive at Jonny (28; carpenter, Marlboro, MA) with Lobster Crackerjacks. Lobster. Popcorn. Nuts. Caramel. Really. "Popcorn... should never go with lobster." DUH. But for some reason, it works. Gordon says yes. Joe agrees. Graham makes it a sweep, and we have our roster of semifinalists. But now they have to really push themselves in the next stage.


You have an apron. Now to fight to keep it.

This... is a lamb. Cute. Cuddly... Delicious. You will not cook it. You'll cook at least 100 of his friends. The panel has every cut of lamb you can think of. You will be granted full use of the pantry to make you dish shine. Only the top 19 dishes will move on to the MasterChef kitchen.

You have 90 seconds to shop in the pantry, then 60 minutes to cook.

With 15 minutes from the end of cooking time, we've seen enough out of some people, and Joe is taking aprons back. Starting with... Gabriella's and James'. And Brian's.

Two minutes left. If you're not plating, you are already too late.

Now there are three groups based on what the judges have seen... The first two groups are lined up in front of the judges... The group to the right... is IN THE KITCHEN! The group to the left is going home.

Then there are eight. They have to have their plates tasted.

Malcolm: Lamb Trio with Sausage, Rib & Loin Salad
Seymira: Cotes D'agneau Chermoula with Casablanca Couscous

Jonny: Lamb Rangoon with Tzatziki Coleslaw
Brian: Southwest Liver & Onion with Cactus Salad

Nanci: Lamb Chop with Red Pepper & Artichoke
Bri: Four Season Lamb with Mashed Potatoes

Luca: Lamb Loin Roulade with Sweetbread, Endive & Goat Cheese
Beth: Lavender Hay Roasted Loin with Fried Sweetbreads & Celeriac Puree
THROUGH: BETH .... and after the mother of all fakeouts, LUCA!

And we have our final 19...

- Krissi Biasiello (34; Philadelphia; paralegal) - @MC4Krissi
- Jonny Blanchard (28; Marlboro, MA; carpenter) - @MC4Jonny
- Lynn Chyi (27; San Diego; IT systems administrator) - @MC4Lynn
- Natasha Crnjac (26; San Diego; SAHM) - @MC4Natasha
- Bime Cruz (25; Taunton, MA; boxing coach) - @MC4Bime
- Sasha Foxx (42; Tuscaloosa, AL; singer) - @MC4Sasha
- Malcolm Green (27; Cambridge, MA; unemployed) - @MC4Malcolm
- Adriana Guillen (26; New York City; college admissions rep) - @MC4Adriana
- Eddie Jackson (32; Americus, GA; personal trainer/former NFL player) - @MC4Eddie
- Beth Kirby (29; Chattanooga, TN; writer/photographer) - @MC4BethK
- Bri Kozior (22; Doylestown. PA; theatre assistant) - @MC4Bri
- Jessie Lysiak (27; Social Circle, GA; yacht stewardess) - @MC4Jessie
- Luca Manfe (31; Astoria, NY; restaurant manager) - @MC4Luca
- James Nelson (26; Victoria, TX; retail sales) - @MC4JamesN
- Kathy Prieto (29; The Bronx, NY; office assistant) - @MC4Kathy
- Jordan Roots (29; Minneapolis; delivery driver) - @MC4Jordan
- Bethy Rossos (28; Estacada, OR; highschool PE teacher) - @MC4Bethy
- Howard Simpson (26; San Diego; barback) - @MC4Howard
- Savannah Sturgess (27; San Diego; special ed teacher) - @MC4Savannah

And now the game begins in earnest as they fight their way toward the cookbook, the presidential flash cards, and the perspex resin trophy... but right now let's pause 10 seconds to give stations a chance to identify themselves over the Fox Broadcasting Company.

(10 seconds)

... and with that, the competition... IS ON.

MYSTERY BOX #1: Back to Basics

With every Mystery Box this season, you will also have a Pantry Box which has flour, sugar, butter, eggs, heavy cream, baking powder, lemon, vanilla bean, and a gallery of herbs & spices. The winner of the Mystery Box will receive an important advantage in the Elimination Test.

Inside the first Mystery Box is... one tomato, a couple of bars of chocolate, one potato, and three bacon strips.

60 minutes... STARTS NOW!

According to the judges, the "devil in the box", the ingredient that should not have ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOUR DISH, is the chocolate.

- Bime: Poached Egg over Hash with Tomato Basil Salsa
- Natasha: Lemon Pie Tart with Bacon Chocolate Ganache & Meringue
- Krissi: Bacon Potato Frittata with Tomato Basil Salad

WINNER: Natasha

Her advantage... is in the MasterChef pantry.

ELIMINATION TEST #1: Not-So-Basic Ingredients

As the winner of the Mystery Box, Natasha gets to choose the ingredient or equipment used in the Elimination Test. The one thing that she cannot control is the theme. Today, the theme is... three luxury ingredients  Natasha has a choice among langoustine, the first-cut veal cop, and Stilton blue cheese, a cheese so luxurious, only five farms in the world are allowed to produce it.

Natasha chooses... LANGOUSTINE. But she will not have to cook it, because her second advantage is immunity to the next round. She has a THIRD advantage that even she doesn't know about yet. She gets to choose ONE MORE PERSON to save from the test today. She saves... Savannah.

Another hour on the clock.... and GO!

Krissi: Langoustine Mac'n Cheese
Jordan: Langoustine Bisque with Vegetables & Bacon
Howard: Poached Langoustine with Spinach Citrus Salad... that the judges will not even entertain.
Luca: Langoustine Fettuccine
Lynn: Poached Langoustine with Lime Beurre Blanc
Kathy: Boiled Langoustine with Yellow Rice
Sasha: Langoustine and Grits
Jessie: Tempura Langoustine with Shiitake & Swiss Chard
Malcolm: Stuffed Langoustine with Pasta

There were some outstanding dishes, but there were also some disasters.

First, though, we reward perfection with wins. Those wins go to JORDAN... and the winner of this challenge.... JESSIE

Now for the three worst dishes, not just disappointing, but nowhere near MasterChef quality.


Malcolm says he hasn't peaked... He survived. So it's down to an underthought salad and an all-over-the-place grits dish.

It's the end of the road for.... SASHA FOXX.

Next week, the first Field Challenge. On the back of that, a Pressure Test and an elimination.

To see this episode in its entirety OR to apply to be a contestant on season 5 of MasterChef, go to fox.com/masterchef.