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Who's singer enough, dancer enough, actress enough, and BLONDE enough to make it on the Great White Way?

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host: Haylie Duff
Judges: Paul Canaan, Heather Hach, Bernie Telsey
Creator: Jerry Mitchell
EP: Howard T. Owens, Mark Koops, Amanda Lipitz, Haylie Duff, Adam Paul
Packagers: Reveille for MTV Original Series Development
Origin: 37 Arts, New York City

Airs: 10p ET Mondays on MTV


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Act VIII: A Star Is Born
July 21

We started with a bevy of Broadway beauties. Then we whittled it down to the best 10. Each one was transformed throughout the course of the competition. But now... it's down to the final three... Autumn... Bailey... and Rhiannon. All three deserve to be where they are, but in one hour's time, one of them will not just go to Broadway... they'll be a STAR.

But first, we have to get to the final two.

When we last left off, we were just about to GET to the final two after one person was kicked out. Who'll join Lauren in this final elimination? Youth... gifted talent... or willingness to learn?

Bailey made strides... Autumn is captivating when she's prepared.... Rhiannon is adorable...

... but she's cut because of her voice. "I've accomplished so much by being here." Bailey and Autumn are your final two. One of them is the next Elle Woods on Broadway. The next time they perform, it'll be for Jerry Mitchell for the ultimate part.

The next morning... quiet. The calm before the storm. Both are here for a reason. Both want to be Elle. The question now... Who wants it more?

The call sheet summons the two to the Palace Theatre, stage door... home of Legally Blonde. Bailey says that her dreams are starting to unfold. The girls walk by what they hope is their dressing room (in reality, it's still Laura Bell Bundy's).

Then.. it's to the stage. Imagine the rush. "I am exactly where I'm supposed to be," Autumn says.

But the high soon comes to an end as Haylie informs them of their final audition... three numbers ("Omigod, You Guys", "Positive", and "So Much Better") with full dress in the theatre with sets, cast, and orchestra. You've done this before... but can you do it for real this time? The audition is tomorrow.

"Omigod" is acting. "Positive" is dancing. "So Much Better" is singing. It's a lot to learn, but they won't be alone, because they're going to have help from Denis Jones, Marc Bruni, and Seth Rudetsky from previous this season.

And as usual, there's a lot to learn and not a lot of time. Especially from Autumn, who's never learned the beginning of "Positive". Bailey, though, thinks her strength is her character as Elle, but her weakness... is "So Much Better".

Okay, enough happy fun time, the Broadway company of "Legally Blonde" is here to join everyone. And a perfect time for Autumn to just self-implode. Bailey just calls it crazy.

Time to sleep. Not many people know this, but sleeping on Broadway... VERY important. Bailey wants it more, but Autumn says she's more prepared for it...

Wow, it's the presidential election all over again.

Next morning, and it's time to check out.

Back at the theatre, and it's time for a fitting.

"Autumn... Bailey... This is your half-hour call." Both girls are ready to give it their all... but who's ready to go the extra mile for it? Welcome... to Broadway history in the making.

Break a leg!


Joining the judging is the director and choreographer, Jerry Mitchell. "Casting the next Elle Woods will be MY decision."

Meanwhile, as the girls prepare for their final takes, the parents arrive! Both sets love their kids, and both couldn't be any prouder.

"Autumn, Bailey, take the stage. It's showtime."

First up, Bailey with "Omigod, You Guys". She looks like Elle Woods, and she's a joy. And it makes Heather want to cry. Time to reset for Autumn. She absolutely floors the judges. "Wow wow wow wow wowzies," says Paul... Jerry is all smiles. "That's almost enough for me."

Next up, the dancing on "Positive", and Autumn says she's nailed the dancing twice in a row, but can she nail it when it counts? Umm... No. "She's just not hitting her steps right." And Jerry's not smiling anymore. That could be a problem. Bailey is next... and everything Autumn wasn't... Bailey was. But Jerry's still not smiling... Oh dear. This could be about as much as a wash as the first round.

Finally, it's all about the singing. The number: "So Much Better". First up is Autumn, who's been the stronger voice for the duration of the contest. And today is no exception. "I feel so amazing." Bailey has one more shot on it. "She's got that strength." Bailey? "I'd be completely heartbroken if I didn't get it."

Well, the competition is over, and now it's in the judges' hands. One of these women is going to be the toast of Broadway in about two months time.

Both did brilliantly at times, but neither of them are THERE. YET. This coming from Jerry. Heather calls Autumn out for starting on a weird note. Bernie says they were feisty. Heather says that Bailey was the best she's ever did, but Jerry says she was "schmacting." Jerry also says that Autumn's voice was the best he's heard today. But how does she feel about being a sorority girl?

So Bailey's a dancer, and Autumn's a singer... This looks like it'll be decided on acting chops. Autumn says she can bring something unique and spunky to the role. "I will not be a carbon copy." Bailey says she doesn't have to try to be Elle Woods. This part was made for her...

But now it's all come down to this... One of these two blondes is about to become a star.

It's decision time. One is an experienced actress and singer. The other has the role in her very blood. Who wanted it more? Time for that question to be answered.


The envelope, please...


Congratulations to Bailey Hanks, the new Elle Woods of "Legally Blonde". And words from Autumn? "Go get'em, girl!"

Here's the last bite from your winner, Bailey.

"When all this started, I was just a girl with a dream. Now I'm about to be a leading lady on Broadway."

Bailey gives us one more encore of "So Much Better"... joined, quite literally, by a choir of the eliminated.

And that's scene. Thanks for reading... thanks for watching.... Now go read the book.

[All characters EXEUNT]