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Who's singer enough, dancer enough, actress enough, and BLONDE enough to make it on the Great White Way?

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host: Haylie Duff
Judges: Paul Canaan, Heather Hach, Bernie Telsey
Creator: Jerry Mitchell
EP: Howard T. Owens, Mark Koops, Amanda Lipitz, Haylie Duff, Adam Paul
Packagers: Reveille for MTV Original Series Development
Origin: 37 Arts, New York City

Airs: 10p ET Mondays on MTV


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Act VI: Blonde to the Bone
July 7

Last time, the girls were tested in their ability to wear (and dance in) pink stiletto boots. Then a questionnaire threatened to tear the ladies apart. Emma, though, was torn from the rest of the ensemble, leaving the final five.

"If Emma doesn't walk through that door, I'm going to be shocked." Well, Rhiannon, prepare for shockage. Autumn is out of sorts when she retrurns to the hotel. Basically put, both her and Emma were not dancers. Afterwards, she calls out Rhiannon for being a little insensitive for saying "she's not going home."

Call sheet sends the girls to the salon. Could it be that the remaining brunettes (Natalie and Autumn) are going blonde? Legally?

Actually, that's exactly what's about to happen. Because that's what this workshop is all about.


John Barrett Salon... John Barrett... the owner. "Being blonde is a state of mind, and that's where we're going to take you." Lauren's a little bit conscious that this will level the playing field.

Bailey has attachment issues over her long hair being... slightly less longer. SLIGHTLY.

Natalie doesn't recognize herself... but she recognizes that she's got the competition running scared. As does Autumn (C-Note: and she looks cuter). "I hated it, but I knew that you couldn't let anyone see it."

After they go blonde, their newfound Elle will be put to the test at SoHo Studios... where THE Laura Bell Bundy is waiting. She's there to talk the philosophy. She's a very positive person, she gives the benefit of the doubt a lot, and she doesn't let anything get to her. Ah, so it's a method acting class.

Laura Bell calls playing Elle "the best experience of her life" and "therapy for her".

After that, they meet an agent and a photographer to get snapped. They're looking for the standout shot of Elle Woods. We have the same shoes, the same dresses, and the same hair. So it's all about the Inner... Elle.

After the photo shoot, the snappers take the best shots and then compare them against each other. The winner are going to lunch at Chop Suey with Andy Karl ("Emmett" understudy).

Autumn was creative and physically loose. Rhiannon had fun, but needed some more freedom. Bailey played it smart and chose the pose used in the advertising and marketing (C-Note: for the 12 of you who watched "Temptation" during the time where that prize was offered... you know what we're talking about). Lauren has her feet firmly planted ont he ground. Natalie was cute standing on books.

It came down to Bailey and Natalie. The winner... Natalie. She's speechless.

Now to the info on the audition. They'll be singing the ballad "Legally Blonde" with Andy on stage. It's a very sad song.

Next day, lunch. Andy says Natalie looks like Elle... and says he's feeling the vibe. Andy says that the song isn't about being sad, but about going back to her roots, about a choice that you've made. Hopefully this will give her a leg up in the competition.

Meanwhile, it's time to rehearse the number.... and Seth is a bit... "(sing-songy) Do the curtains match the carpet..."

Autumn has an epiphany... she sucks at auditions. She just has to remember that it's not about the show, it's about those three minutes. Bailey, on the other hand, has no problem nailing the song, but she needs to control the singing-with-her-hands thing. Natalie gets into the emotion of the piece... a little too much into the emotion. "Please see me as this part."


As stated before, the challenge is to sing "Legally Blonde" with Andy Karl.

Autumn's up first. She channels the emotions, and is called a gifted girl. Paul calls it a hit. Bernie calls it a 10.

Bailey is next, as she hopes to keep it real. Bernie feels a little letdown, not seeing anything inward coming out. Heather doesn't feel the devastation of the moment. Paul needs to see this from the gut. Bailey blabbers on about how people didn't really see her doing this for a living.

Natalie is next. Remember, she and Andy met prior to this. Didn't help her. She brought it. She delivered it, but she wasn't Elle.

Lauren is next. Bernie can't believe that Lauren's just 18, but Heather cites her being closed off with her body mechanics.

And finally... Rhiannon. She killed it... and not in a good way.

Let's get to the list... Two names deep.


That means that Rhiannon, Bailey, and Natalie are heading up to see the judges in...


It's Natalie's first time at the casting office, as is Bailey's.

This was not an easy decision. Bailey is the perfect package... but it's not complete based on today's audition. The emotion is lacking. There's a difference between showing and doing. She shows it, but it's not authentic.

Rhiannon is unique, but her voice is not leading-lady ready.

Natalie is a powerhouse singer, but her performance today is lacking. The connection wasn't there.

Bailey is basically given one last chance. She moves on. Which leaves Rhiannon and Natalie. Going with the Broadway voice or the special personality?

Natalie... you're cut. Which you kinda had to see coming. "The best think I'm going to take from this competition is all the friends I've made."

(End of Act VI)