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Who's singer enough, dancer enough, actress enough, and BLONDE enough to make it on the Great White Way?

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host: Haylie Duff
Judges: Paul Canaan, Heather Hach, Bernie Telsey
Creator: Jerry Mitchell
EP: Howard T. Owens, Mark Koops, Amanda Lipitz, Haylie Duff, Adam Paul
Packagers: Reveille for MTV Original Series Development
Origin: 37 Arts, New York City

Airs: 10p ET Mondays on MTV


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Act III: Omigod, She Threw Us Under a Bus!
June 16

Last time, the Blondes moved in, acted out, and one of them, Cassie O was sent home. Now nine remain in the hunt for one of the most elusive gigs in all the world...

We pick up with Cassie S... err, Cassie... and Lindsey returning from the casting office to the usual squeals of joy. But underneath the squeals, a darker side. Bailey doesn't believe she possesses any of the qualities of Elle Woods. Cassie notes that Lindsey was getting more love than she was. "Oh, it's on."

New day... Empty bed... New call sheet. 11a. Club H. Be there. "Dress casually and comfortably." That means be ready to work.


Club H is a fitness studio with a spinning room. In the spinning room, nine bikes. Looks like we're singing while spinning. Helping out, Seth Rudetsky. We met him in episode 1. The workshop today: stamina. Today's top performer will receive an edge to help in the next elimination challenge.

Ah, the stamina!

So we start out with a little warmup, and then, singing a storm while spinning... to various degrees of success. Emma hasn't smoked in two weeks, and two of the hardest things to do while going cold turkey... singing and exercising. But if you can relearn to do those without cigarettes... you can do anything. This message brought to you by Paraplegic Hamsters United for a Greater Tomorrow.

Haylie returns with the folders, but first, the top performer... They're going to get manis and pedis at Dashing Diva's with Orfeh ("Paulette" in the musical). Seth chooses... Lauren. "I'm a sucker for fierce belting." Emma thought she rocked the best.

Lauren gets to choose one girl to go with her... Cassie.

Now for the info on the audition challenge. They'll be acting and singing "Omigod You Guys" in front of the judges.

But before that, let's get our nails done, ladies. Orfeh asks if everyone gets along. They answer that yes, everyone gets along. WRONG. Her words of wisdom: "The stronger you become physically, the easier Broadway is to do."

Cassie & Lauren return and receive... an awkward silence. Bailey still believes Emma deserved it more. "It doesn't matter. I'm not the judge of this."

Next day, call sheet. Bernie's at 9a. It's 8a NOW. That leaves 30 minutes to get ready. No one has any time to shower so today's rehearsal is going to stink.

They make it with five minutes to spare. Seth throws a curveball in the rehearsal. When you're not playing Elle, you're playing a Delta Nu (chorus girl). The laides find it difficult to learn BOTH the main part and the chorus part at the same time. Some of the girls learn the Elle part very quickly, but they don't find the same concentration with learning the chorus parts. Because they want to be Elle. A man much wiser than I once said, "There are no small parts, only small actors."

Meanwhile, Bailey, who's from South Kackalacky, needs to relearn how to say "price" without the Southern drawl.

That night, they do some more rehearsing at home. Except for Bailey, who's lost her voice. Cassie notices that she was "marking" through everyone else's turn as Elle and when she played it, Cassie went all out. "She's a bitch to me."

It's audition day, and naturally, everyone's not about to "buy last year's dress at this year's price," meaning, they're all going to give it everything they've got. And then some. Meanwhile, Cassie is said to have a lot of growing up to do, though she says herself that her talent is underestimated. We'll see.


Here with us is a local actress named Nicole. She'll play "salesgirl".

Note Haylie's words: "At least one of you will be cut from the competition." I like to pick up on these things.

It seems like through the number, the standout performer was Natalie. Autumn is also given props. Emma was "harsh" in the dialogue. Bailey also gets her propers on the numbers. Cassie was "less shrill". She says that she wouldn't send herself home... but she'd rather not say who she'd send home. Even though we all know her name begins with BAILEY.

"She threw us all under a bus. Not cool." Thanks, Emma.

Lindsey next... Then Lauren... breathiing. Celina is next... dirty flirty. Lindsey looks perfect, but can't hit it out of the park. Lauren isn't coming through as girly. Celina wasn't "sincere", but rather... harsh, almost "I don't want to be here." Celina disputes.

Time to deliberate. Emma... Harsh gestures. Bailey... in the game, but "Disney paint-by-numbers." Cassie took notes. Lindsey... amateurish. Celina... professional. Lauren... Doesn't know if there's a voice.

On the list tonight... five girls. Four, instead of three, are going to the casting office.

Cassie O

Everyone was shocked at the last entry. But nevertheless, Celina, Emma, Lauren, and Lindsey are heading to...

The Casting Office

Dreams are in jeopardy. Emma looks the part, but there's that attitude that's the driving force. Elle needs to be less NY and more LA. Lauren is less squeaky with a sense of "I don't want to be here." Lindsey is not giving them what they want to see... and this is the second time she's been up there. Celina has presence, but it may not be the presence they're looking for with the boob-grabbing and such. "We are not looking for the next Pussycat Doll." That's... another show, Paul.

Emma... needs to show more colors. She gets another chance. Celina has potential. She gets another chance. That leaves Lauren & Lindsey. Lindsey's been here before. Lauren didn't bring her A game.

Leaving tonight... is Lindsey. Leaving eight to fight it out to bring out their inner... blond.

(End of Act III)