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Who's singer enough, dancer enough, actress enough, and BLONDE enough to make it on the Great White Way?

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host: Haylie Duff
Judges: Paul Canaan, Heather Hach, Bernie Telsey
Creator: Jerry Mitchell
EP: Howard T. Owens, Mark Koops, Amanda Lipitz, Haylie Duff, Adam Paul
Packagers: Reveille for MTV Original Series Development
Origin: 37 Arts, New York City

Airs: 10p ET Mondays on MTV


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Act IV: It's Time to Get Serious
June 23

Last time, a salesgirl stood between one more step towards stardom and one more cut off the list (sorry, Lindsey), as Cassie threw the rest of the girls under a bus and was put on notice by both the cast and the judges. Now eight remain.

Back at the hotel, the girls are surprised to see both Emma and Celina walk through. Bailey's upset. Emma's mortified and brought back down to earth. This is, after all, a competition. Celina was offended by what Cassie had to say beforehand, going to her with it. Cassie doesn't even know what to do here, but everyone else basically charges her with everything from "talking without thinking" to "not being a team player" to "murder."

Emma: "If you want to make it on Broadway, you have to be a team player. If you're not, you won't last long."

"Bring your notebook and pen"... to this via the not-Cash-Cabs...


The girls enter Telsey's office to... dogs! Feisty dogs. They are introduced to the animal wrangler and his two dogs, both of which play "Bruiser". There are two different, yet equally important truths at work.

1) The most difficult things to work with in show business are animals and kids.

2) The most endearing relationship in the musical is between Elle and Bruiser.

So we're literally going to the dogs today, as the girls take the two dogs (like Laura Bell). They'll come back tomorrow to see who bonded with the dogs the best. That person wins the workshop and an edge going into the audition.

Bill, the animal wrangler, will look for anyone who has a trusting bond with both Boo-Boo and Teddy, the dogs. "It has to look like it's attached to you and not just an accessory."

Bailey's dog at home... stupid. That won't help here.

The dogs arrive at their home away from home and immediately bond with Lauren. Cassie... not so much. "Obviously I have trust issues."

The next day, Emma has a burning chest and some nasal congestion. Not good when Haylie and Bill arrive at the loft.

The prize for earning a dog's trust today: a doggy date with Teddy, Boo-Boo, and Richard Blake ("Warner"). Autumn gives us a bow-chicka-wah-wah...

The girls display their doggy dos and don'ts in front of Bill... Some have issues (Cassie). Some don't. The winner of this challenge... Autumn! "She seemed the most natural. She needed the least amount of basic corrections."

And of course, Autumn gets to choose a girl to go with her. That girl: Celina.

Now to details on the audition. The girls will be performing "Serious" from the musical with Richard, so do take this... "serious"-ly.

Fast-forward to a doggy boutique in New York City, where Richard meets the ladies with roses and champagne. Autumn meanwhile gets down to business and asks what the quickest way to create a rapport is. "Make out."

I like your style, Richard Blake, and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

Now, to the audition, which takes a seriously comedic turn as we prepare to perform "Serious". The crux of the scene is Elle thinking that Warner will propose only to realize that she's getting dumped... in the middle of the bridge. Musical bridge, not a bridge over a river...

Meanwhile, Emma continues to have a bit of issues with her chest since she stopped smoking (remember, she brought that up last week). So she's going to a doctor after this.

But first, the vocal coach drops a bombshell on Bailey after her frozen performance of "Serious"... "You know, none of the judges wanted you to come back this week." Dun dun dun...

"Just kidding." Okay, now Bailey seems to "get it". The whole devastation thing.

Afterwards, Emma gets the diagnosis... bronchitis, or as people in musical theatre call it... the Big B.

AUDITION: "Serious"

As stated before, the girls will be performing the "Serious" scene with Richard, including the duet.

Rhiannon is feeling a little nervous (for someone we haven't heard from all episode). A shame, too, because she was dead-on. Cassie... less so. Bailey... well, she might as well have heard that the judges didn't want her back. Natalie and Celina... same thing. Lauren, though. Got it. Got it like that. Wish I could say the same for Autumn. Tony says it best: "Autumn is better than this." She choked. She knew she choked.

But what about Emma? She's playing hurt. But the show must go on. And it did go on. Went on without a hitch. And no one's more pleased about it than Emma.

After a deliberation, Haylie returns with the list... Five names on it.

Rhiannon (no surprise)
Emma (again, no surprise)

That means that Cassie - who calls this "ridiculous" - Celina - who thinks that Elle isn't her part - and Autumn are going to have to take the long trip upstairs to the casting office.


Cassie makes a good swing and understudy, but she'd much rather be a star.

Celina didn't make anyone laugh, but she says she's playing it subtle.

Autumn said that this was her worst, and the judges tend to agree, but remind her that she can't blame it on a bad day.

They immediately cut Celina. "This has helped me beyond my wildest imagination, and no one can take this away from me."

... but we're not done yet! They're about to cut ANOTHER. Cassie is blossoming. Autumn was on top, but then she had a day like today.

Autumn... is safe. Cassie gets her walking papers. "I had taken every ounce of criticism and I applied it to me. I worked my butt off and they sent me home. My hopes and dreams of being on Broadway had just been ripped from my hands."

Three words, Cassie.




We're down to half-a-dozen, and next week, we're dancing in heels on the street.

(End of Act IV)