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Who's singer enough, dancer enough, actress enough, and BLONDE enough to make it on the Great White Way?

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host: Haylie Duff
Judges: Paul Canaan, Heather Hach, Bernie Telsey
Creator: Jerry Mitchell
EP: Howard T. Owens, Mark Koops, Amanda Lipitz, Haylie Duff, Adam Paul
Packagers: Reveille for MTV Original Series Development
Origin: 37 Arts, New York City

Airs: 10p ET Mondays on MTV


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Act VII: Triple Threat Test
July 14

Last time, brunettes became blondes, but that was not enough for Natalie, who got cut after a hellish audition. Now four blondes remain in the hunt...

Back to the hotel as Lauren and Autumn celebrate their victory, however short it is. Bailey and Rhiannon return with one less Natalie. Rhiannon calls this victory awkward due to Natalie not getting a second chance (something Lauren & Autumn got), but if you flashback to week before last, Natalie did get a second chance, so Rhiannon... *raspberries*.

Quote of the night from Autumn: "Boo-hoo! You went to the Casting Office for the first time. I'm really sorry that you got told that maybe you don't have what it takes. You're just not quite there yet. You're... 19!" Lauren echoes that.

Next call sheet sends the girls to Ms. J's Gym at 10:15. Note: dress in comfortable clothes and wear workout shoes.


This workshop will be about taking what you've learned and putting it to the test in order to find a "triple threat". Singing, dancing, and acting... all at one time. Helping Haylie out with that are Rusty Mowrey & Michelle Kittrell, two of "her favorite people on the planet" for getting her ready for "Hairspray". They're in the cast of THIS particular show, so be sharp.

Oh yeah, and they're dance captains. This is going to be a bit fearsome. They're looking for... the "It" factor.

Everyone gets a monologue for each threat. And everyone pretty much nails it. Though Rhiannon runs out of breath. By the way, did we mention tap heels? Yeah, Autumn has an issue with that.

Now comes the hard part... picking a standout... Which is left to the host's brain.

Haylie determines that there IS no standout performer. "At this point at the competition, you're all standout performers." A surprise will be waiting for all of them.

Now for the input on the next audition, which will be a detailed scene set to the tune of the song "What You Want".

Now to the treat that Haylie promised... Dinner. Three courses. And a fourth course... jewelry from Tiffany's. "My Broadway wrap gift came in a little blue box, so I wanted to give you something special, too. XO -Haylie. PS: Jerry gave the same to the entire cast on Opening Night."

It's just one more step.

Over dinner, the girls talk about when they realized that they wanted to be on Broadway. Autumn, being the old fart of the group (she's 28, same as me), thinks that hearing the other's stories are a bit precocious, because they're all under 20. "They have no idea... When I was 19, I had the same dreams that they did." The truth is, this happens to very few people. Bailey thought these words were a bit discouraging, but that's the truth.

Next day sends the girls to rehearsal. First, the singing. It was very rangy. And Rhiannon needs work on her pipes. Mainly her cascading. Lauren says that if she didn't look (and ACT) the part, she would've been cut long before Celina. Remember Celina? No? 'Swhat I thought.

Now to the dancing. Here to help, players from the company. The favorite in this realm... obviously Bailey.

Everyone has their bright spot, basically. For Autumn and Lauren, it's the voice. For Bailey, it's the dancing. For Rhiannon... it's gotta be something. Bailey, meanwhile, calls Autumn out for wanting to fake it till she makes it, basically. She feels like she's behind on the learning curve. Everyone works on their failings at one time or another...

... through the night and into the morning of audition day. Bailey & Rhiannon are focused on staying positive and doing their best.

To that end, they take a separate taxi from Lauren & Autumn. Bailey was stressed to be around them, so I guess this is for the best.


As a reminder, this audition will look for a triple threat. They'll be performing with Denis Jones AND company.

Oh, and did we mention that there's a wardrobe change in the middle? And you only have 30 seconds? Break a leg, ladies.

And Rhiannon is first. Rhiannon's big failing seems to be her downfall here, because her vocals at the second half were strained and struggled. "I still have the feeling that you are not going to get through."

Bailey's next... and she has no problem until she's given a hat that's two sizes too big. That will come back to bite her in the butt. And it seems like the vocals are lost (read: flat) in the shuffle. You lost focus. But Bernie saw something that he didn't in the past few weeks, and that was the very spectrum of what Bailey was about.

Lauren follows. And needless to say, she kills on all three fronts, but what do the judges think? Paul thought that she was in her own little world during the improv.

Autumn's last... and she puts the "imp" in "improv." She's beyond proud of herself. Bernie says that there are moments where he's nervous for her. But still... Let's not lose sight of the important bit... She survived.

Can't we just create a Frankenblonde? We have Rhiannon's comedy, Bailey's professionalism, Lauren's freshness, and Autumn's voice.

Haylie returns with the List... which promises to be a lot different.




BLANK. Everyone's going to...


It's obvious that none of them have EVER performed on Broadway. It's also obvious that one person will not just be on Broadway, they'll be a STAR.

Autumn can't fly by the seat of her pants.

Bailey can't be cold with the acting.

Lauren can't be shallow with the role.

Rhiannon can't fall out of breath that quickly.

Lauren... is cut. "It was a dream for me, and it's really devastating to see that I didn't get there. I came into this not believing in myself at all. I made it farther than I ever expected I would."

But the night is not over. Jerry Mitchell wants TWO girls in the final, which means that one more girl is about to be cut right now... BUT WHO?!

Next week, the season finale... One girl is getting cut, and one girl is going to Broadway.

(End of Act VII)