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Four puppets and one open bar equals the only show on television where the truth goes to die.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Larry Miller
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Colleen Smith
Victor Yerrid
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Michael Agbabian (from an original concept by Adam Spiegelman & FM DeMarco)
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Michael Agbabian
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Kids, Food & Rosie
July 8

From Hollywood... in glorious 2D... it's Late Night Liars! Tonight, straight out of the sarcophagus, it's William A. Mummy! Straight out of the tabloids that she goes BM on, it's Cashmere Ramada! Straight out of the recording jungle, it's Sir Sebastian Simian... and straight out of another racist comment on The View... it's tonight's special guest Rosie O'Donnell! With your announcer Weasel! And the real reason you got basic cable, your host... Larry Miller!

And here are our players...

orig. La Grange, NC
owns a dog
magician's assistant

The object of the game is simple... Spot the liar. For each liar you spot, you win cash money. Most money at the end of the game goes on to play for $10,000... more or less.

ROUND 1: Actual Names of Frank Zappa's Kids ($529)

Rosie: Moon Unit
Mummy: Bongo Sandwich
Cashmere: Diva Thin Muffin
Sebastian: Mouse Grain Five

Two are lying... Which is a real kid, and which is a lie?

Vicki: ROSIE

And the real answers...Diva Thin Muffin... and Moon Unit. Gary has $529. And Vicki.... doesn't.

ROUND 2: Least-Menacing College Team Nicknames ($870)

Mummy: Mount Washington Screamin' Cherries
Cashmere: Delta State University Fighting Okra
Sebastian: UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs
Rosie: Scottsdale Community College Fighting Artichokes

This time, only one panelist is lying. Which one of these is NOT on a sweatshirt somewhere?

Vicki: MUMMY

Cash... is telling the truth. So was Rosie... ... and so is Sebastian. Vicki skyrockets into the lead with $870. Gary still has $529.

ROUND 3: Food for Thought

Vicki gets to go first with William A. Mummy... Honey is such a great preservative that, if properly stored, it will never spoil. Vicki goes with TRUE... Right! Let's SPIN THE BOARD! Vicki wins... $841! That gives her a total of $1711.

Gary needs to be right AND spin more than $1200 more or less to win... He goes with Cash.... American Airlines saved $40,000 in a year by getting rid of an olive from each salad in first class. Gary is going to go TRUE. Cashmere... is TRUTHING! We need to spin over $1182. SPIN THE BOARD! He wins.... $617 is NOT ENOUGH! Vicki wins $1711! Gary leaves with $500 and the Ped Egg.


Weasel sets the jackpot at $20,000, double the usual...

Vicki will have 43 seconds to correctly identify eight statements as either true or false. Tonight, she is playing with Rosie, who has BUBBLE THE CHIMP, and Sebastian, who has MACAULAY CULKIN. Get eight in 43 seconds, and you win the $20,000.

BUBBLES: Slept in a crib in Michael Jackson's bedroom.
- TRUTH (1)

CULKIN: Slept in the same bed with Michael Jackson.
- LIE (X)

BUBBLES: Was deemed too aggressive and euthanized in 2006.

CULKIN: Currently dating actress Mila Kunis.
- TRUTH (2)

BUBBLES: Starred in the film "Most Valuable Primate".
- LIE (3)

CULKIN: Retired and living in Florida since 2003.
- LIE (4)

BUBBLES: Times of India reported his attempted suicide in 2003
- LIE (X)

CULKIN: Godfather to Michael Jackson's son
- TRUTH (5)

BUBBLES: Was allowed to use Michael Jackson's private toilet
- TRUTH (6)

CULKIN: Appeared in Michael Jackson's "Black or White" video.
- TRUTH (7)

BUBBLES: Sat in on recording sessions for Jackson's album "Bad".
- LIE (X)

... and TIME. She gets seven for $3500, giving her $5211.

Until next week, remember, if you have to lie, at least run for Congress. Okay, guys... that's LAST CALL.

(C-Note: Celebrity voices are impersonated, no celebrities were harmed in the filming of this episode)

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