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June 10


Four puppets and one open bar equals the only show on television where the truth goes to die.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Larry Miller
Performers Tyler Bunch
Brian Clark
Donna Kimball
Colleen Smith
Victor Yerrid
Creator Dwight D. Smith
Michael Agbabian
EP Lisa Henson
Michael Agbabian
Dwight D. Smith
Packager Mission Control & Henson Alternative for GSN Originals
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Dirty Baseball, Dirty Puppies & A Day at the Beach
June 17

From Hollywood... Almost live, but not quite, it's Late Night Liars! Tonight, with two matching boobs and two mismatched eyes, Shelley Oceans! With one matching wrap and one matching wit, William A. Mummy! With six matching nipples and one matching dog, Cashmere Ramada! With several matching shirts, all of them black and tight around the chest area, Sir Sebastian Simian! With your announcer Weasel! In the audience today, ! And starting at point guard, your host... Larry Miller!

And here are our players...

Joleen Mullens
works for a medium
Amir Singleton
Jersey City, NJ
apartment manager

And I believe we have another "5th Grader" cast-off in our midst.

The object of the game is simple... Spot the liar. For each liar you spot, you win cash money. Most money at the end of the game goes on to play for $10,000.

ROUND 1: MLB Players With Dirty Sounding Names ($559)

Shelley: Urban Shocker
Mummy: Rod Long
Cashmere: Omakase Wang
Sebastian: Pete LaCock

Two are lying... Which is a real player, and which is a lie?


And the real players.... Pete LaCock (C-Note: a good player, also the son of "Hollywood Squares" host Peter Marshall) and ... Rod Long. So after round 1, we're tied at... zero.

ROUND 2: Dog Breeds That Sound Like Chinese Food ($893)

Mummy: Har Gow
Cashmere: Shiba inu
Sebastian: Chow Chow
Shelley: Borzoi

This time, only one panelist is lying. Who has the fake AKC breed?

Joleen: MUMMY

Shelley's telling the truth... and so is Sebastian... and so is Cash! Mummy's the liar. Joleen has the lead with $893. Amir has... nothing still.

ROUND 3: A Day At The Beach

You have to pick a panelist and determine whether or not they're lying, if you are right, they pay you cash according to the random-ometer, which ranges from $100 to... "more than that".

Joleen goes with Mummy... Key West, FL, is the southernmost point in the continental US. (C-Note: Been there, done that). She goes with truth... Mummy's totally truthing, so let's... SPIN THE BOARD! Mummy's worth... $213, bringing her to $1106.

Amir goes with Shelley.... Baywatch was cancelled by NBC after its first year on TV. Amir says she's lying... It was running for a pretty long time... but it was CANCELLED by NBC in season 1. TRUTH! Joleen with the shutout!  Amir leaves with $500 and a set of Bottle Tops.


Joleen will have 43 seconds to correctly identify eight statements as either true or false. Tonight, Annie is playing with Cash, who has SARAH PALIN, and Sebastian, who has SNOOKI from "Jersey Shore". Get eight in 43 seconds, and you win the $10,000.

PALIN: Chosen to host a cable reality show in 2010 about the state where she lives.
- TRUE (1)

SNOOKI: Appeared at Republican Mayor Bloomberg’s Inner Circle Gala

PALIN: Performed stand-up comedy for “The Tonight Show”
- TRUE (2)

SNOOKI: On Time Magazine’s "Top 100 Most Influential People" for 2010

PALIN: Hosted "Saturday Night Live" in January 2010

SNOOKI: Raised money for Haitian earthquake relief by signing autographs

PALIN: In an October 2008 interview, told Katie Couric she got her news from Entertainment Weekly

SNOOKI: Tweeted she's reading her first book
- TRUE (3)

PALIN: Was hit in the face with a pie at the National Tea Party convention in 2010
- TIME! (True)

Sorry, you didn't get the big money, but you are getting $500 for each one right, that's $1500, added to the $1106 you won today gives you a grand total of $2606.

Okay, guys... that's LAST CALL.

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