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Four puppets and one open bar equals the only show on television where the truth goes to die.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Larry Miller
Performers Tyler Bunch
Brian Clark
Donna Kimball
Colleen Smith
Victor Yerrid
Creator Dwight D. Smith
Michael Agbabian (from an original concept by Adam Spiegelman & FM DeMarco)
EP Lisa Henson
Michael Agbabian
Dwight D. Smith
Packager Mission Control & Henson Alternative for GSN Originals
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Airs 11p Thurs, GSN

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Holy Cats, Holey Bodies & Holy (^_^)! It's Mickey Rourke!
June 24

From Hollywood... Now in WIDESCREEN... it's Late Night Liars! Tonight, from the world of infotainment, it's Shelley Oceans! From the world of the gay undead, its William A. Mummy! From the world of rich b(^_^)es, it's Cashmere Ramada! And for one night only... from the world of the humans turned puppets, it's Hollywood bigshot MICKEY ROURKE! (C-Note: though we're not really sure on that). With your announcer Weasel! And here to solve all your plumbing issues today, your host... Larry Miller!

And here are our players...

Kristin McCoy
Camarillo, CA
American sign language interpreter

The object of the game is simple... Spot the liar. For each liar you spot, you win cash money. Most money at the end of the game goes on to play for $10,000... more or less.

ROUND 1: Popes Who Share Their Names With Cartoon Cats ($594)

Shelley: Pope Felix
Mummy: Pope Sylvester
Cashmere: Pope Garfield
Mickey: Pope Heathcliff

Two are lying... Which is a real pope, and which is a lie?

Kristin: MUMMY

And the real players.... Pope Felix... and... Pope Sylvester! So Ron leads with $594 over Kristin McCoy's... nothing.

And Weasel's back!

ROUND 2: Saturday Night Live Hosts... Who Were Charged with Murder ($797)

Mummy: Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman
Cashmere: Robert Blake
Mickey: Snoop Dogg
Shelley: OJ Simpson

This time, only one panelist is lying. Which one of these is innocent?

Kristin: SHELLEY

Cash's telling the truth... and so is Mickey... and so is Shelley! Mummy's the liar. Ron still has the lead with $1391. Kristin has... nothing still.

ROUND 3: Idol Chatter

You have to pick a panelist and determine whether or not they're lying, if you are right, they pay you cash according to the random-ometer, which ranges from $100 to... "more than that".

Ron goes with Cashmere. She has this story: Quentin Tarantino guest-judged American Idol. Ron saw it. He knows it's the TRUTH. SPIN THE BOARD! Ron picks up... $1277! Nice spin! That gives him $2668!

Kristin goes with Shelley.... Kara DioGuardi posed nude for Allure in May 2010. That's the truth. We've seen it. BUT does Kristin know it? NO! Ron wins! BUT Kristin leaves with $500 and a Windshield Wonder.


Weasel and Larry have gone absolutely crazy, because Ron is playing for $25,000!!!

Ron will have 43 seconds to correctly identify eight statements as either true or false. Tonight, he is playing with Mummy, who has THE MALL OF AMERICA, and Mickey, who has THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA. Get eight in 43 seconds, and you win the $25,000.

MALL: Visited by 40 million people a year
- TRUTH (1)

WALL: More than 8000 miles long

MALL: Currently houses a Hooters restaurant
- LIE (X)

WALL: Was jumped over by a skateboarder
- TRUTH (2)

MALL: Kids eat free on Toddler Tuesdays there
- LIE (X)

WALL: President Obama was welcomed there November 2009
- TRUTH (3)

MALL: A tomato was thrown at Sarah Palin there in December 2009
- TRUTH (4)

WALL: Cyndi Lauper & Boyz II Men performed there
- TRUTH (5)

MALL: Site of Wrestlemania VII
- LIE (6)

WALL: Visible with the naked eye from the Moon

MALL: Visible with the naked eye from the Moon
- LIE (7)

WALL: Took 11 years to complete

MALL: Took more than three years to complete
- TRUTH (WIN!!!)

Congratulations, Ron! You take GSN for a grand total of ... $27,668!

Okay, guys... that's LAST CALL.

(C-Note: Celebrity voices are impersonated, no celebrities were harmed in the filming of this episode)

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