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Four puppets and one open bar equals the only show on television where the truth goes to die.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Larry Miller
Performers Tyler Bunch
Brian Clark
Donna Kimball
Colleen Smith
Victor Yerrid
Creator Dwight D. Smith
Michael Agbabian (from an original concept by Adam Spiegelman & FM DeMarco)
EP Lisa Henson
Michael Agbabian
Dwight D. Smith
Packager Mission Control & Henson Alternative for GSN Originals
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Airs 11p Thurs, GSN

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Roses, Music, and a Tasty... Justice
July 1

From Hollywood... Looking like a pilot-stage... it's Late Night Liars! Tonight, the nips and tucks of Shelley Oceans! The wraps and bandages of William A. Mummy! The couture and doggie-bags of Cashmere Ramada! And the tight shirts and wry wit of Sir Sebastian Simian. With your announcer Weasel! And the last sane man on earth, your host... Larry Miller!

And here are our players...

Suzie Estrada
Whittier, CA
training for triathlons
Don Petransic
orig. Chicago
"super taster"

The object of the game is simple... Spot the liar. For each liar you spot, you win cash money. Most money at the end of the game goes on to play for $10,000... more or less.

ROUND 1: Rose Varieties That Can't Possibly Smell Good ($587)

Shelley: Sauerkraut
Mummy: Torched Flamingo
Cashmere: Golden Showers
Sebastian: Seagull

Two are lying... Which is a real pope, and which is a lie?


And the real answers...Golden Showers.... and Seagull. So Don takes the money and the lead. Suzie takes... a powder.

ROUND 2: Tasty-Sounded Supreme Court Justices ($834)

Mummy: Justice James W. Melon
Cashmere: Justice Salmon P. Chase
Sebastian: Justice Warren Burger
Shelley: Justice Felix Frankfurter

This time, only one panelist is lying. Which one of these is innocent?


Sebastian... is telling the truth. So was Shelley... ... and so is Cashmere. We're still at $587-nil in favor of Don.

ROUND 3: Can't Stop The Music

You have to pick a panelist and determine whether or not they're lying, if you are right, they pay you cash according to the random-ometer, which ranges from $100 to... "more than that".

Don starts with Shelley. Tony Bennett's famous song, "I Left My Heart in San Francisco", has nothing to do with his hometown. He's going TRUE... Tony was born in... Astoria! SPIN THE BOARD! Don wins... $943 more for a total of $1530. Suzie can still win here.

She picks Sebastian. The story: to earn a gold record nowadays from the RIAA, an artist must sell at least a million copies of a given recording. Suzie goes TRUTH... No, it's only half-a-million. DON WINS! Suzie leaves with $500 and a set of Perfect Fit Buttons.


Weasel sets the jackpot at $10,000.... with $4 interest for a total of $10,004!

Don will have 43 seconds to correctly identify eight statements as either true or false. Tonight, he is playing with Mummy, who has the late great GARY COLEMAN, and Cash, who has DONALD TRUMP. Get eight in 43 seconds, and you win the $10,004.

GARY: once ran for governor of California.
- TRUTH (1)

TRUMP: has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
- LIE (X)

GARY: once appeared commercials for the payday loan company Cash Call.
- TRUTH (2)

TRUMP: filed for personal bankruptcy in 1999.

GARY: filed for personal bankruptcy in 1999.
- TRUTH (3)

TRUMP: once shaved Vince McMahon's head on national TV.
- LIE (X)

GARY: as a child, starred in the sitcom "Webster"
- LIE (4)

TRUMP: as a teen, attended the New York Military Academy.
- TRUTH (5)

GARY: popularized the catchphrase, "What'chu talkin' 'bout, Willis?"
- TRUTH (6)

TRUMP: tried to copyright the catchphrase, "You're fired!"
- TRUTH (7)

GARY: graduated from the Wharton School of Business  in 1968
- LIE (WIN!!!)

Congratulations, Don! That gives you a grand total of $11,534!

Next week, another "guest" raids the panel. She's a cutey-patootey. Until then, remember, if you have to lie, at least run for Congress. Okay, guys... that's LAST CALL.

(C-Note: Celebrity voices are impersonated, no celebrities were harmed in the filming of this episode)

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