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Four puppets and one open bar equals the only show on television where the truth goes to die.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Larry Miller
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Michael Agbabian
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Pride Parades, Alternate Realities & Weird Science
June 10

It's the game that proves that sometimes, you can't trust a puppet. It's "Late Night Liars!" Tonight's panel... the ever-inquisitive Shelley Oceans! The ever-exhumed William A. Mummy! The ever-plastered Cashmere Ramada! And the ever acerbic Sir Sebastian Simian! Your announcer is a weasel named... Weasel! In the audience today, escaped convicts and synchronized swimmers. And forming the head at host... Larry Miller!

And here are our players...

Annie Su
Irvine, CA
Roger Renyack
orig. New York City
partner in an internet advertising firm

The object of the game is simple... Spot the liar. For each liar you spot, you win cash money. Most money at the end of the game goes on to play for $10,000.

ROUND 1: Cities of the World That Should Have Their Own Pride Parade ($513)

Shelley: Gayville, South Dakota
Mummy: Old Fairy, South Africa
Cashmere: Crooked Queer, Australia
Sebastian: Dike, Iowa

Two are lying... Which is a real city, and which is a lie?

Roger: MUMMY

And the real cities.... Gayville and Dike.

After round 1, we're tied at $513.

ROUND 2: Real Reality Shows That Really Aired on Fox... Really ($839)

Mummy: "The Littlest Groom"
Cashmere: "Who's Your Daddy"
Sebastian: "My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance"
Shelley: "Pimp My Mom"

This time, only one panelist is lying. Who is it?


You'd think that Annie would know this being a repeat offender.... but the liar this time is... SHELLEY! Score remains the same.

ROUND 3: Weird Scientists

You have to pick a panelist and determine whether or not they're lying, if you are right, they pay you cash according to the random-ometer, which ranges from $100 to... "more than that".

Roger goes with Shelley... Stephen Hawking became better known in 2003 when his image appeared on a US postage stamp. Roger says TRUTH.... A person has to be dead to be on a stamp. LIE!

Annie goes with Cashmere... Denise Richards has a degree in mathematics from Cal State Northridge. Annie's calling Cash out on a lie... She's right to win! That means let's SPIN THE BOARD! Cashmere is worth... $119. So she wins $632. As for Roger... In addition to the $513, all of the losers win another $500 for showing up... AND their very own Pedi-Paws.


Annie will have 43 seconds to correctly identify eight statements as either true or false. Tonight, Annie is playing with Mummy, who's topic is KIRSTIE ALLEY, and Sebastian, whose topic is JUPITER. Get eight in 43 seconds, and you win the $10,000.

KIRSTIE: Can be seen with the naked eye even in daylight hours
- TRUE (1)

JUPITER: More than 10 times the diameter of earth
- TRUE (2)

KIRSTIE: Is comprised of a massive ball of gas surrounding a dense rocky core
- FALSE (3)

JUPITER: Has been photographed by the Hubble Telescope

KIRSTIE: Has been photographed giving the finger to the paparazzi
- TRUE (4)

JUPITER: Is named after the Roman god of war

KIRSTIE: Has a red spot more than 10,000 kilometers in diameter
- FALSE (5)

JUPITER: Was a part of the name of a dinner theater that was once owned by Burt Reynolds

KIRSTIE: Was married to Sean Cassidy

JUPITER: Has been visited by the Galileo Probe
- TRUE (6)

KIRSTIE: Is comprised of more than 80% water.
- FALSE (7)

JUPITER: Is the sixth planet from the... TIME!

Sorry, you didn't get the big money, but you are getting $500 for each one right, that's $3500, added to the $632 you won today gives you a grand total of $4132.

Okay, guys... that's LAST CALL.

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