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Today is

Episode 8 - March 30

Last week Amy Roach ended up with nothing, while Andy Meeks wins $75,000.

Next player is TONI PURRY, an Angeleno. She's an account executive at a PR firm.

Time to meet the strangers for the first game.

AGE 35

Remember, every detail counts. Let's talk to some of these people... #10 Patricia works with autistic children. #8 Noelle plays classic violin. #7 Lance loves sushi. (C-Note: one down, 11 to go).

For $1000... is #5 the home design guru? ... Well, he is, but let's let him say it. "Well get out your throw pillows and your swatches, sister, because I am the home design guru." It's Christopher Lowell!

For $5000... Rock & Roll Drummer... #2?  "Rock and roll, I was the drummer for Skid Row." That's Phil Verone.

For $10,000... Toni goes with the most downloaded woman. Toni goes with her gut and says #1... The audience loves that choice. She locks it in... #1? "I'm Cindy Margolis, and I'm the most downloaded woman on the Internet." She sure is.

Two more strangers speak. #3 Kimberly may have held a suitcase on "Deal or No Deal" (C-Note: Dodgeball case!). #4 David can fit a Coke can in his mouth.

Next for $15,000... Chewbacca. Toni thinks Chewbacca was short... No, he was tall. Toni rules it out to #12... and the audience likes it. But #12 could also be the magician. She locks #12, Chewbacca... "May the Force be with you." That's Peter Mayhew!

Time to bring in a few loved ones, her two girlfriends Nona and Val.

Next, for $25,000... the pro drag racer. She thinks more a guy than a girl. The girls think #7... The audience doesn't like that. Toni uses the Tri-dentity on that.... That leaves #6, #7 Lance, and #11. She doesn't feel #11. She thinks that #6 is much of a tomboy, while #7 isn't of the drag racer mold. She locks in #6... "You're in the fast lane!"

Next up for $50,000 with two assists remaining... the EMT. Will it be #4? That... later. Right now, Toni thinks the magician is #7. Or maybe it's #11. The girls say that magicians have sleeves... Toni goes with her gut and says #7... Penn's laughing, because he knows him. Lance? "I'm Lance Burton, and I'm the magician."

One more stranger... Speak! #9 Hannah. "I can't vote, but if I could, I would be a Democrat." She's also a foreigner.

Next up, we're going to the experts for $75,000. Mark says #8 and #9 are serious enough to be the stem-cell researcher. That and #9 has an accent. Stacy goes with #9. Christopher agrees. The girls say that because of political affiliation, they go with Hannah. Toni locks it.

After the break... for $75,000... "You've done your research."

Going for $100,000 now with five strangers left and one assist. The girls say #4 is the EMT. "My boss's son is an EMT, and he's pretty buff." Toni goes with it... "Charge the paddles." Got it!

Now for $150,000. The girls think Kimberly was born in Japan. #10 also looks exotic. She goes with #3. Kimberly... were you born in Japan?

"That is not my identity..."

Okay, out of assists, but she can play on if she chooses. The crowd wants her to take the money. The girls say take the money... Toni's playing on. She thinks #11 is the PTA mom...

But she's not locking it in. She's taking the money. Toni is $100,000 richer.

The rest of the panel...

3 - Kimberly Estrada is 35
8 - Noelle is a clown
10 - Patricia was born in Okinawa.
11 - Toni thought she was the PTA mom...  she would've been right!

Well, them's the break. We'll see you next week. Until then, don't be a stranger.


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