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Today is

Episode 2 - December 19

Last night on "Identity", Herb Irvine spotted out a rabbi, a burlesque dancer, a jockey, a pregnant woman, a shark-attack victim, and a hair braider for $75,000. Then Andrea Brown spotted a sumo wrestler, an English professor, a bull rider, a bounty hunter, and a ballet dancer for $50,000. Can someone do better than seven, though?

First up tonight is ROBERT TALON from Chula Vista, CA. He's a loan officer, and he's used to sizing up people.

The game is simple... Each identity given belongs to one, and ONLY one, of the strangers. Match the 12 with their identities, and you're going home half a million dollars richer. The more identities you match, the more you win...

$ 500,000
$ 250,000
$ 150,000
$ 100,000
$  75,000
$  50,000
$  25,000
$  15,000
$  10,000
$   5,000
$   1,000

Robert will have three helps available to him...

- MISTAKEN IDENTITY: He is allowed to miss one
- TRI-DENTITY: He can narrow an identity down to three strangers
- EXPERTS: A panel of experts can give their insight

Among tonight's strangers for our first game, a C student, a shoe fetishist, a shy girl, a cheerleader, a fan of JFK, an anti-fan of rollercoasters, someone who doesn't like cheese, and ... "Trainwreck." The identities...


Robert tries Celebrity Impersonator... #12, who looks like Ozzy Osbourne. For $1,000... is Roy a celebrity impersonator? "You rock! I am the celebrity impersonator!"

Next, for $5000, is #3, Steve... a tattoo artist? "Yes, I am the tattoo artist. Good job."

Next, for $10,000... Robert tries to whittle #2 or #5 as the NFL player (Robert: "He looks like TO") and #9 as the airline pilot. He locks in #9 as the pilot. ... "You're cleared for takeoff. I am the airline pilot."

Robert is drawn to #4, who says her name is Brittny. She loves hip-hop and wants a Chihuahua for Christmas. Robert plays with cage fighter. He locks in #10... who looks like Amazon Beard... It is Amazon Beard! And if she isn't a cage fighter, she should be... "I rock'em... I sock'em... I am the cage fighter!" Right for $15,000!

Intro of friends and family: sister Lydie, brother Jerry, and good friend Tina. And behind him? His kids. The sidelines immediately pinpoint #4, Brittny as one of E!'s "Gastineau Girls." "I don't want her to go away yet." Robert seals it. #4, reality TV starlet. Brittny, is that your identity? "My name is Brittny Gastineau from 'Gastineau Girls' and I am a reality-TV star." That's $25,000!

The sidelines are thinking blackjack dealer is #11... or #8. But he's going to lock in #5 as the NFL football player. For $50,000... is Ray our footballer? "And it's.... good." Ray Crockett of the Denver Broncos!

Next, for $75,000... Who's the preacher's son? Robert doesn't think it's #7. He seals in #2. With an amen... #2... Sharad... are your the preacher's son? "It has been ordained by..." A simple yes would've sufficed.

Next up, $100,000... still batting 1000. He uses the Tri-Dentity for Russian immigrant. We're whittled to... 1, 7, and 11. Everyone agrees on 7... Robert seals it. Is #7.... Alec.... who may sound Russian.... Is that your identity? "You got it!" In Russian! Robert has won $100,000!

But can he turn it into $150,000? He wants to so he can start a boardinghouse in the Philippines. Robert thinks #8 is innocent enough to be a preschool teacher. Robert seals it. Is #8, Jessica, our preschool teacher? "You've earned a gold star!" Robert is two away from $500,000! And we're down to three strangers...

For $250,000... Robert tries to nail the blackjack dealer. He gets a vibe from #11... and he doubles down on #6. Pamela, #6... for $250,000... is that your identity?


With the Mistaken Identity still on the table, this game is locked. Or does he? The rules stipulate that Robert must get this final identity right on his own. Hence and therefore... the MI is now OFF the table. That said, will Robert walk with $250,000?

"We're playing." Okay, he wants to use the experts on belly dancer. Mark says #11. Dr. Deborah says #11, but go with your gut. Christopher goes with #11. Robert can still opt out. He doesn't. He locks in #11 as his belly dancer. "I'm gonna seal that identity!" Podium is green... there is no turning back.

For $500,000 ... or nothing... #11... Eva... is... that... your... identity?


After a break...


She bowed her head.... "Yes I am."


And Eva comes down to congratulate him in person, as does #1, our concert violinist. Question now is... can we give away the big money TWICE in a row? Find out tomorrow night. Until then, don't be a stranger!


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