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Catch it: 8p ET NBC This Week

Today is

Episode 6 - March 16

Way back in December, NBC came out with a Can You Tell Redux. It quickly caught on and produced one grand champion, so we're doing it again.

The game remains the same, as one contestant tries to size up 12 strangers with 12 identities, with completion resulting in $500,000.

First up, CHRISTINA HOWARD from Sacramento, CA. She teaches Shakespeare in Los Angeles.

The game is simple... Each identity given belongs to one, and ONLY one, of the strangers. Match the 12 with their identities, and you're going home half a million dollars richer. The more identities you match, the more you win...

$ 500,000
$ 250,000
$ 150,000
$ 100,000
$  75,000
$  50,000
$  25,000
$  15,000
$  10,000
$   5,000
$   1,000

Christina will have three helps available to her...

- MISTAKEN IDENTITY: He is allowed to miss one
- TRI-DENTITY: He can narrow an identity down to three strangers
- EXPERTS: A panel of experts (a body language expert, a psychoanalyst, and a detective) can give their insight

Here are the 12 identities for this game...


Remember, every detail counts.

Christina gets to ask a few strangers about themselves... #10 Kevin's nickname is Fuzz. #8 Whitley was a high school track star. #5 Jonathan's hero is Tiger Woods.

First, the Bush impersonator. #12 looks a lot like him. Christina locks in #12. ... "Yes, I'm the George W. Bush impersonator."

Next, for $5000, Christina picks the Hooters Girl. She's looking for hooters... in Hooters. #3 seems to have the best body of the bunch and is not afraid to show it. Christina wants to order beverages from here. Sealing in the identity... "Well, I don't know what would make you think I'm a Hooters girl, but... I am."

Next, for $10,000... Britney's first husband. It's between #2 and #7. She locks in with #2... Is that your identity? "The best 55 hours of my life. I was Britney Spears' first husband."

Now for two more hints... #1 Yu sometimes tutors Japanese. #6 Susanna was born in Germany.

Next, who was born in Haiti for $15,000? She's stuck between 8 and 11. Christina wants to embrace mistakes. She locks in #8. Where was Whitley born? "Actually, I live in LA... but I was born in Haiti!" Right!

Introducing the loved ones now. Here's Jeffrey (boyfriend), Kelly (best friend), and Jamille (good friend). They talk about the horse rancher being #5 or #9. Jeffrey knows it's not #5. He's too put together. Horse ranchers know how to get dirty. She goes with #9. Lock it in. $25,000 at stake... "Saddle up! I am the horse rancher!"

So far, a perfect game. Next, for $50,000, prison guard. She has to have a certain demeanor. Might be #5... and the crowd is booing. Jamille knows why, because he thinks he was on a TV show. Okay, we're switching to the stylist. The crowd agrees that #5 is a stylist...

Celebrity stylist, #5. Jonathan... is that your identity? "You are looking good and you have a good haircut." It's Jonathan Antin from "Blow Out". He's styled hair for Madonna, Kirsten Dunst & Rod Stewart. And he uses the word "Bangin'" a lot.

Another hint. #7 Trey is a concert pianist. Let's get rid of Scrabble. Trey can't be a prison guard.. and he can't tear phonebooks in half. Christina locks in Trey as the Scrabble champion. "Seven letters in Scrabble. That's a sign." Yeah, except that there're eight letters. Okay, Trey... speak. "Triple word score."

Christina wants to use the money to launch a Shakespeare company for kids.

Next, either 1, 6, or 11 is a hula dancer. She thinks Fuzz or #4 is a polygraph expert. (C-Note: I'm jumping out of my head now). Christina uses the Tri-Dentity on the polygraph expert. It's 4, 6, or 11. She thinks #4's got the poker face. #11 is more open. She locks in #4. I know she's right, because I can pinpoint Jack Trimarco of "Fake Out" from Court TV when I see him.

"The truth is... I AM THE POLYGRAPH EXPERT!" Fun fact: Robert De Niro's character in "Meet the Parents" was based on Jack.

Four strangers left. For $150,000... She wants to get rid of the hula dancer. The help thinks that #1 is the hula dancer. After a panic fit, she locks it in. Yu... are you a hula dancer? "I am... the hula dancer."

Christina asks the experts who the prison guard is. Mark thinks about #11 being the open chested and observant prison guard. Stacy agrees. Bill knows a thing or two about prison guards, and he goes to #11.

Chrsitina will not guess the prison guard right now. She guesses that Fuzz tears the phone book in half. Fuzz is a big guy. She locks it in...

Fuzz gets a phone book from a leggy model, and... makes short work of the restaurant listings. She's got $250,000.

So all we're left is #11 and Susanna. One of them is an astronomer. The other is a prison guard. A $500,000 decision. With that comes bad news.... The Mistaken Identity is taken away. Will Christina walk away with $250,000 or go for the big money?

Loved ones say to play it out. "We're gonna play!" It's an all or nothing deal. She's solving the prison guard next.

She thinks... everyone thinks #11 is a prison guard. Everyone's like "Lock it! Lock it! Lock it!" She does...

Okay, #11... for $500,000... or nothing... Prison guard... is... that... your.... identity?

... she's from Los Angeles...

... she's 26...



And of course, Susanna's an astronomer. So Christina is now among immortals, but can lightning strike again? Find out next time... on Identity! Until then, don't be a stranger!


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