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Catch it: 8p ET NBC This Week

Today is

Episode 4 - December 21

Last night on "Identity", Matthew Gatewood became the first player to walk away from the game with nothing to show for it. Meanwhile, Nickie Malouf took home a cool $50,000.

First up tonight is NICCI GUZIK from Streamwood, IL. She's a store manager for a coffee shop.

The game is simple... Each identity given belongs to one, and ONLY one, of the strangers. Match the 12 with their identities, and you're going home half a million dollars richer. The more identities you match, the more you win...

$ 500,000
$ 250,000
$ 150,000
$ 100,000
$  75,000
$  50,000
$  25,000
$  15,000
$  10,000
$   5,000
$   1,000

Nicci will have three helps available to him...

- MISTAKEN IDENTITY: He is allowed to miss one
- TRI-DENTITY: He can narrow an identity down to three strangers
- EXPERTS: A panel of experts can give their insight

Among tonight's strangers, "T-Mama," a movie buff, an early riser, a person who gave birth to her daughter in a bathtub, an autistic, a procedurals fan, and a hard-rock music buff. The identities...


For $1000, Nicci tries to pick our sushi chef. #5, are you our sushi chef? "Hai. I'm a fish chef."

Next, for $5000, Nicci tries to pick the opera singer. She seals #2, Jennifer. And the fat lady sings!

Next, for $10,000... the breakdancer... "Number 3 is reminding me so much of Ozone." One person it ISN'T... #12. Number 3 is sealed... And number 3, Rocky, comes down to the catwalk.... and busts a move. That's $10,000.

Next, Nicci wants to figure out who created Spider-Man. She has his eye on #12 (C-Note: And so does everyone else). His first name and location... Stan from New York City. Better seal it, girl. She does...

"My Spider-sense tells me that is so." It's Stan Lee, creator of "Spider-Man," "The Hulk", and "The Fantastic Four" and host of "Who Wants to Be a Superhero?".

Time to meet the family. Husband Michael, mother-in-law Gail, and Richard the father-in-law present Penn with a pie. Nicci says she's a huge fan of #10, being a fan of sports. She says his name is Marion Jones. Heh he... no. She knows #10 is the World's Fastest Man. #10... Maurice... are you the World's Fastest Man? For $25,000... "Take a victory lap. I am the World's Fastest Man." That's Maurice Greene, world-record-holder for the 100M.

Next, Nicci uses the Tri-Dentity on Vegas Showgirl.... #6, #7, or #11. She locks in #6... Teresa... are you the showgirl? "Viva Las Vegas, I am a showgirl!"

Next up, how about that Fitness Model? "I am so done." She seals #7. "If you're not a fitness model, you really should be." Is Lana a fitness model? She flexes for us! That's $75,000!

For $100,000... Nicci tries the youngest... #4? "Yes I am the youngest!" Danielle has another identity... She's double jointed, as she shows us.

For $150,000... Nicci tries to nail the big bad mamma-jamma as the bouncer... Maybe #8? Is Brian the bouncer? "Welcome to Club 150,000!" Welcome indeed!

For $250,000... Nicci goes with the experts for the alligator wrestler. The experts give it to #1. She seals it... Jay, do you wrestler gators? "It's not a 'croc'. I wrestler alligators." Jay once wrestled a 1000-pound gator named Superman.

This is it... The CSI and the kidney donor. Because there is only two remaining, the Mistaken Identity is gone. The family wants her to go home with the $250,000.

Nicci wants to play on... with #11 as the CSI. Audience doesn't seem to like that choice. "I sure as hell don't want to go home with nothing. My guy says take your butt home!"

She thinks #11 is the CSI... She seals in... that she's going home. Just for funzies, #11, what are you?

"I've only got one kidney."

And Nicci pulled out at the right time, so $250,000 is hers!

Final game tomorrow. Until then, don't be a stranger!


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