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High society hits a new low as 14 contestants are taught in the ways of the wealthy by the mother of all socialites, Kathy Hilton

Recaps by Don Harpwood, GSNN

Kathy Hilton
Paul Buccieri, Danny Salles, Jason Hervey, Rick Hilton
Packager: Endemol USA, Buccieri Entertainment
Airs: Tuesdays at 9pm ET on NBC

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"Party Time" - August 2

In the last episode, the contestants faced more cameras, in the form of photographers, and at the same time, they faced questions from previously eliminated players. And Brenden, Jules, and Niki joined those who didn't make the list. It's down to the final 4, so it's time for them to party.

What it takes to throw a party

The next morning, as the final 4 wake up at the Melrose hotel, they're still reeling after having almost half the field cut the night before. But soon, as they sit on the balcony, instead of getting a letter, they get a visit from Kathy. She asks if they've gotten used to living in a penthouse, then gets right into the next challenge; it'll involve using every "skill" they've learned so far, and they'll be divided into 2 teams: Jackaay & J.W. vs. Jaret and Vanessa.

Each team gets half of a nightclub to throw a party, and their goal is to invite as many socialites, party promoters, models, etc. as they can to their event, and hope that those people choose theirs over their opponents'. Whichever team gets the most people to attend their party wins. Oh, and they have just 10 hours before that party starts at 9PM. Not to mention that the winning team will receive a set of expensive watches, in addition to being exempt from elimination.

The teams arrive at the nightclub that they'll be using, named Quo, to meet with John Mosley (promoter/PR expert) about the art of networking, which will be important for them to get the guests to the party. The teams then split up to meet their staff, then to come up with a name and theme for their shindigs. Jackaay and J.W. had a bit of trouble coming up with a name, until Jackaay came up with the catchy "Status at Quo". Meanwhile, as Vanessa came up with "Lunes at Quo", Jaret found her to be quite bossy. Gee, how long did it take for him to figure that out?

The networking game

Each team was given an identical black book, containing the names of assorted partygoers, including models and promoters, and they'll have to compete to get those people to their respective parties. And so, they head out to meet these people. Each team even gets a chance to advertise their parties at a local hip-hop and R&B radio station; Power 105.1. Jaret is up first, and he is nervous about doing a broadcast that 1.9 million people would hear. (From what I hear, that's around half of the people that watch this show.) He gets interviewed, and pretty much gets the message across as best as a guy from Texas can on hip-hop radio.

Elsewhere, J.W. meets up with Stacey Nuñez, a "NYC party girl" (yes, that's what it said), and he does what he can to convince her to attend Status at Quo. She says that she could bring about 30-50 people there. She thought he did a good job. And after the meeting, J.W. seems very excited.

Later, Jaret and Vanessa take their turn talking to Stacey, hoping to woo her over to Lunes at Quo. They pitch their deal, but they didn't know what would be provided as far as liquor was concerned. And that turned out to be a concern for Stacey. At this point, it seems that Status at Quo would have the better chance at getting her and 30-50 of her friends.

Now, it's Jackaay's turn to promote her team's party on Power 105.1. She actually got some cheesy sayings ready for it, because she thought she'd only get about 30 seconds to advertise it. But during the interview, Jackaay shows that she's with it, and she gets across what seems like a stronger message than Jaret's because of it.

Meanwhile, J.W. calls Aaron Karo (club promoter) about coming to Status at Quo, and Aaron says that he could get about 100 people to the club. But he also says that he has a meeting with Jaret in about an hour, and that whoever impresses him the most will get the people. Soon, J.W. meets Aaron in person. The first thing that J.W. brings up is girls, which according to Aaron is a good thing. And they continue chatting about, well, girls.

In the meantime, Jaret and Vanessa are meeting with David Spencer (NYC promoter) to see what he can do for Lunes at Quo. He's not exactly a fan of the name Lunes, but he does like that they'll have an open bar. At least, Jaret said so at first. But as soon as he was told what it meant, he changed his answer, saying it's not open bar. Oops. But Vanessa tries to recover for Jaret, saying that they'll comp one bottle per table for promoters. Will that be enough?

On the way to another location, Jackaay calls Justin Brody (model/manager) about possibly going to Status at Quo. He says he has some people that he is considering sending to Lunes, but Jackaay does arrange a meeting in person to see if she can change that. At that meeting, Jackaay does what she can to convince him to send the people to Status, even bringing up Stacey. In the end, Justin says he'll call later to let her know what his plans will be.

It's Jaret's turn to meet with Aaron. He makes whatever promises that he can, and the meeting goes smoothly. But now, Aaron has a dilemma, as both sides made strong cases, and he's not sure who to go with. We then see quick clips of other meetings that the final 4 have with others, as they each try to make their cases to convince as many people to go to their respective parties on this night. And as J.W. noted, no one is giving a definitive answer on whether or not they'll show up.

Later, Vanessa calls Stacey to ask if she has a guest list for Lunes. No definitive answer once again, as Stacey says she'll call back. Stacey then calls J.W., and she tells him that she's bringing 60 people to Status. This makes J.W. quite confident that Status will win.

Time to party... Or is it?

At night, the contestants are back at the hotel, getting dressed up and ready for their parties. Both teams know what's at stake; some obscenely expensive watches, and safety from the next elimination. Once they're ready, they are driven to Quo, and they go into their respective halves of the nightclub for final preparations. On Status' side, J.W. is working the door, and Jackaay is inside making sure that their promises from earlier would be kept. It looks like on Lunes' side, Jaret has the door, and Vanessa is inside.

The doors are open, and people that each side met from the streets are making early arrivals to each club. Then, the first of the big groups arrived, and it was led by Stacey Nuñez. However, instead of going to Status, like she said she would, she chooses to go to Lunes instead. Huh? J.W. is understandably mad at this. He informs Jackaay of this, and says they're screwed. I'd say screwed is an understatement in this case. And it shows, as people are now just going to the Status side to ask where the Lunes party is. And a dejected J.W. points it out to each of them.

As the people pile into Lunes from Stacey's group, Jaret is marking the names of the people on the list, to confirm that they're there. And J.W., well, can only stand there and talk about how Stacey screwed Status over. Inside, after entering, Stacey tells Vanessa that it was a last-minute decision for her to change her mind. Yeah, nice time to change one's mind. Back outside, the people are still piling in to Lunes, while there's little action on Status' side, except for a ticked off J.W. This seems to have "Landslide win for Lunes" written all over it.

But hang on! Aaron Karo shows up with a bunch of people, and he leads them over to Status! And all of a sudden, we have a ball game! Both J.W. and Jackaay are very thankful that Aaron came to Status, as now, it's no longer a landslide. But is it enough? Maybe, as Aaron feels that Status' party is the better of the two, as they're delivering on their promises. Well, except for the bottles, as Jackaay doesn't seem to be getting those to the tables as promised, according to Aaron.

Soon enough, Kathy arrives to party with everyone, and afterwards, she and her sister, Kyle, get down to business and count the names on each guest list to determine the winning team. When it's time to announce the winners, she starts by saying that even though the contestants didn't know any of these people 10 hours prior, they managed to get over 500 people combined to Quo. With that, Kathy announces that the winning party is... Lunes at Quo! Jaret and Vanessa are excited, and J.W. and Jackaay seem to take it well. Well, until they get outside. Then, J.W. continues venting his frustration about what Stacey did.

Upon returning to the hotel, we hear J.W. mention how weird it was that Status lost despite the people saying they had the better party, while Jackaay sees that she has a 50/50 shot of staying in the competition. Both are worried that they'll be the one to go, and they both mention this to each other.

They're worth how much?

The next day, Jaret and Vanessa arrive at Wempe, a jewelry store, to get their reward. The guy in there brings them to where the watches are waiting, and shows them what they've won. Vanessa gets her new watch, and Jaret gets his. He asks what they're worth, and the guy says that the two combined are worth about $10,000. As they leave, they both don't seem to believe that they're wearing such expensive watches on their wrists.

Attitude and promises

The limo takes J.W. and Jackaay to the residence, where one of them is about to be eliminated from the competition. They sit alone in the deliberation room, and soon enough, Kathy joins them. She starts by reminding them that only one of their names will be on the list this time. She then tells them that she feels Jaret and Vanessa did a much better job of networking, which was important for this task. She asks Jackaay what she did, and Jackaay replies that she came up with the name "Status", because it would sell easily and she could say, "Prove your status, show your status, come to Status at Quo." J.W. admits to having a weak point when it comes to coming up with stuff like that.

J.W. is then asked why he thought this challenge was the hardest, and he says that they had to implement everything they had learned in this one, and it was tough to do that. He was then asked what he was doing while the club was running, and J.W. mentioned his job of marking off people on his list. Kathy then asks what he was doing with the Quo staff, and he says they were taunting him. She tells him that he should have tried to smooth things out. Then, when asked if she was impressed with J.W.'s attitude, Jackaay says no, but she tried to just look happy in front of the guests they had.

The next subject is a conflict concerning J.W. and Stacey. J.W. explains what happened, and how she seemingly screwed him over. Kathy then mentions that from what she heard from Stacey and others, Jaret and Vanessa "had it more together". J.W. says that he does what he has to do, and if it works, good, but if not, he at least tried. But Kathy says they didn't seal the deal, and that he didn't keep his composure, which was supposed to have been learned from the press conference challenge. Kathy then brings up J.W.'s use of foul language on the red carpet. J.W. apologizes for it.

Kathy then asks Jackaay about the promise of free bottles to a lot of people, and how people kept coming up to her, wondering where they are. Jackaay says she wasn't aware of how many bottles they gave out, and Kathy mentions that that's something she should have been aware of. She also says that this wasn't just about getting people in, but also keeping them happy, and backing up their promises. (Even though the challenge was essentially judged by how many people got in?)

Kathy then gives each of them a chance to say what they learned. Both essentially say that they've learned from their mistakes; J.W. about his attitude, and Jackaay about the promises. After telling them both that they didn't network well the day before, Kathy sends them out to the hallway so she can write a name on her list. Here's a hint: It starts with a J. And both seem to be thinking that Jackaay is going home.

Once they're back in, Kathy tells them that Jaret and Vanessa are in the dining room, waiting to see who will join them in moving on. After reiterating her disappointment in J.W.'s attitude, as well as how she's seen Jackaay in there more times than she would have liked. (I say blame the cursed Madison team for that.) With that, she reads the one name on her list...


With that, Jackaay survives yet again, and joins Jaret and Vanessa in the dining room. And that means that J.W. has to go home. He and Kathy say their good-byes, and he heads downstairs and outta there, into the waiting limo. Then, Kathy joins the remaining 3 in the dining room, and congratulates them, before making the weekly toast to the good life, ending the episode. And next week, 3 will be reduced to 1, as a winner will be crowned in the finale.

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