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High society hits a new low as 14 contestants are taught in the ways of the wealthy by the mother of all socialites, Kathy Hilton

Recaps by Don Harpwood, GSNN

Kathy Hilton
Paul Buccieri, Danny Salles, Jason Hervey, Rick Hilton
Packager: Endemol USA, Buccieri Entertainment
Airs: Tuesdays at 9pm ET on NBC

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"A Sporting Chance" - July 19

Last time, the competitors staged a fashion show, and despite a team balancing, Park won yet again. And in another double elimination, it was not a good time to be a guy on Madison, as Jabe and Rashad were both sent home. There's 8 left, and it's time for a more "sporting" competition.

Working out more changes

After having survived a 4th straight visit to the residence for elimination, the remaining members of team Madison are sitting outside, talking about what the problem is with this team. Jackaay thinks they're cursed, and Latricia is just sick of losing. Meanwhile, in team Park's suite, the mood is a heck of a lot better, but it seems that J.W. and Jules have sparked some sort of a relationship.

The next morning, a rather different breakfast with letter from Kathy awaits each team. The letter says that it's time to get in shape, so they get a healthy breakfast. Included are protein drinks and wheat grass shots, among other things. The letter also says for them to be at the Sports Club L.A. for a private session with a personal trainer. Latricia jokes about it, considering her own weight.

The teams arrive at the sports club, and they each begin their 1-hour session with a personal trainer. They're exercising, stretching out, lifting weights, etc. Afterwards, they meet Kathy outside, and after she explains why being in good physical condition is important, she points out that both Latricia and Jackaay have been on the losing end of challenges 4 straight times. So now, they'll both be captains of new teams, and they'll pick their own teams.

So, for the 2nd straight week, there's going to be a change in the teams. But this time, Kathy mentions that team Madison and team Park are no more; it'll be just blue and green from now on. [I guess this means Madison will go down in the record books as a reality show team that has never won a single challenge, period.] Jackaay will lead blue, and Latricia will lead green. They alternate picking members, starting with Jackaay, and this is how the teams turn out...

Blue - Jackaay, J.W., Jaret, Jules
Green - Latricia, Vanessa, Brenden, Niki

Brenden and Vanessa are once again on the same team, and neither of them like that. On the other hand, J.W. and Jules are happy to still be on the same team themselves. By the way, isn't it weird that now every person on the blue team have names that start with J?

With the new teams set, Kathy explains the next challenge; it's a set of 3 events, dealing with sportsmanship and teamwork, which she says may seem silly. This oughta be good... She then mentions that a world-class champion will be cheering them on, and she then sends them to their next destination, presumably where the events will take place.

Sports of the good life

The teams head to Central Park, as the announcer explains a little more about the challenge; it'll be the "Elite Olympics," which consists of scaled-down versions of upper-class games. And guess who is waiting for the contestants? Lennox Lewis, a heavyweight champion boxer. And he's holding a small dog named Tikka. After asking how the workout from earlier went, Lennox explains that the first event is Croquet, the second is Rowing, and the third is Best in Show.

Event #1: Speed Croquet

Basically, for this one, they just have to tap the ball with a mallet through each wicket in order, before hitting the final stake with the ball, as fast as they can. Fastest time wins. Brenden goes first for green, and since he's supposed to be a good golfer, this shouldn't be a problem, right? Well, the way he's handling this, it seems more like a hockey player handling a puck through the course. But he does pull off a good time of 1:00. Jaret is up for the blue team, and he also handles the course in a similar manner. But he handles it better and faster, finishing with a time of 0:57, and giving the blue team the win for this event.

Event #2: Slow Rowing

For this, they'll race from a bridge to a boat with a yellow flag, then back to the bridge. First team back wins. But they'll be using regular boats, which are not made for racing. J.W. and Latricia are on the bridge, watching on. Jackaay and Jules will row in the blue boat, with Jaret also in the boat. Vanessa and Niki will row in the green boat, with Brenden also in the boat. In an aside, Latricia mentions that Niki happens to row as a hobby. Will that be enough of an advantage for green?

The race starts, and the guys in the boats are trying to help the rowers to cooperate and row together. But the blue team had problems with that, and as a result, the green team pulls into the lead. And as Jules starts whining and crying about her inability to coordinate with Jackaay, green pulls further ahead, and wins the race to even the series at 1-1. Afterwards, Jaret got so sick of Jules' whining, that he dives out of the blue team's boat, and into the lake water! The others were quite surprised about it, and for good reason. What's in that lake water, anyway?

Event #3: Mini Dog Show

Each team gets a small poodle, and they'll be judged on sportsmanship, performance, and timing. Only toys, treats, or praise can be used to encourage the dogs to complete the tasks. The blue team will be represented by J.W. and Jackaay, and their dog is named Tangie. The green team will be represented by Brenden and Latricia, and their dog is Tikka, which Lennox Lewis held earlier.

The first part of this requires that the poodle be dressed in at least 3 articles of clothing. Latricia puts what looks like a pink dress on Tikka, while Jackaay placed a purple sun visor and peach ponytail holder on Tangie. Latricia then adds a hat on Tikka (she added another bit of clothing to the dog off-screen, which I didn't catch), and Jackaay added an orange bit of clothing to Tangie. The judge is taking notes from what she saw.

The second part is an obstacle course, where they'll have to get their poodle around some cones, over a ramp, and through a hula hoop. The blue team goes first, and they start well, but then, in the middle of the cone portion, Tangie goes off course. J.W. and Jackaay have some problems getting Tangie back on the course, but eventually, they get her back on and through the cones. And Tangie gets through the ramp and hoop bits without further problems. The green team ends up having more problems with Tikka, who just keeps going off course. Brenden and Latricia struggled with getting her through, but it's just stubborn. And we don't get to see if Tikka finished it.

The final part is simple; just get the poodle to give a kiss. Both dogs refused at first, but the teams did manage to get them to give a kiss. That's about it. Afterwards, the judge says she'll need some time to make a decision, and sends the teams back to Kathy.

Later, the teams are lined up, and Kathy is ready to announce the winner. After recapping the first 2 events (blue won the first, green won the second), she reminds them that they were judged on who had the best sportsmanship with their dog. She then announces that the winner is... the blue team! Jackaay finally gets a taste of victory, while Latricia now has 5 straight losses. But this time, both teams will share the reward: dinner with Lennox Lewis at Solo.

The trouble with losing

But on the way out of Central Park, Latricia is not taking this loss too well. The others notice her complaining, and Jaret tells her that she doesn't "have to be so b****y." But Vanessa tells him that it's human nature for someone to b****, and to just let her vent her frustration. And indeed, Latricia continues to vent away.

Back in the Melrose hotel, Jaret is still talking about his comment. He did feel bad about it, though, so he tries to apologize to Latricia for it. But she just wants him to "get out of her face." And they argue for a bit before Jaret tells Latricia to calm down, and he walks away.

The teams arrive at the restaurant, Solo, and they enter a private dining room, where they are joined by Lennox. He gives them a few pointers about sportsmanship. Jules then asks him what it was like to knock out Mike Tyson, to which he responds, "Easy." Let's face it; with a pro boxer there, how could they not talk about boxing at some point? Jackaay noted to herself that Latricia's mood was still down. And then, Lennox gives them each a gift: personalized boxing gloves. Come on. Who didn't see that coming?

Whining, then crying

It's time for another trip to the residence, or as I'd like to call it, team Madison's regular pit stop to jettison someone in between challenges. Except there's no more team Madison. Instead, it's the green team that arrives via limo to discuss what went wrong, and to determine who's going home. For Brenden and Niki, it's their first time facing Kathy for these deliberations. For Vanessa, it's her second. For Latricia, well, I think she's gotten used to being here by now.

After asking if she should start calling these "delibatricias", Kathy reminds them of the list that she'll write, on which the name of the one being eliminated will be left off of. She asks Niki who she thinks the weak link is, and she picks Latricia, because of her attitude. Latricia says she tried to keep her spirits high in the hopes of a win this time, but when asked if he'd agree with that, Brenden says yes, but adds that one should go into a challenge confident, and not cocky. Latricia then says that everyone else turned on her, but she's fine with that. But Brenden then says that he's seen Latricia be part of every bit of drama that he's seen. And then the bickering really starts between Brenden and Latricia. They just keep talking and arguing, and it goes on and on...

After they finally stop, Kathy mentions that she's becoming concerned. Latricia then says that she fought to get to this point, and she'll fight to stay. Kathy then asks Brenden why he should stay and continue on, and he says that he had been busting his hump for 30 years, and that he feels he deserves this opportunity to be here. Then, when asked who he'd like to see stay, he chooses Niki, because she had also been through a lot, despite her young age (22). Niki gets the same question, and she picks Vanessa. Then, when asked why she should stay, Niki says it's been a dream for her to be living the good life. And then, she mentions that her Grandpa died the week before this competition started, and starts talking about him, while starting to cry. Brenden gives her a handkerchief, and tries to show some support while she continues. But did I see Latricia roll her eyes during this?

The story even has Kathy crying a bit, and when Niki is done, Kathy says she appreciates that Niki was able to open up like this. She then asks Latricia why she should stay, and she reiterates what she said in previous deliberations, that she's there for her son. The question also goes to Vanessa, who gets choked up after Niki's story. Vanessa then says that she had been through disappointment after disappointment in her life, and she had never gotten lucky in her life (not counting the fact that she has gotten this far in the game, I bet), and that she was hoping to use the opportunity so she could start her own business. And she even cries a bit herself, thanks to Niki's story.

With that, Kathy sends the team out to the hallway so she can write her list. In the hallway, Brenden mentions the fact that he was the only guy in a room with some women who were telling stories and crying, and he couldn't really say anything without looking like a jerk. He also expresses to Niki the fact that her answer for whom she'd like to see stay was one that he didn't like. But Niki says that she can't take back her answer now, even if she herself didn't like it.

Once the list is written, the green team is back in the room, and Kathy reminds them that if they hear their name, they should head over to the dining room nearby, where the blue team is waiting. Now, for the list...


After saying that this last choice was very difficult for her, Kathy then reads the last name on the list...


And so, with that, Latricia's long and hard road through the competition has come to an end. She had been through 5 straight losses, and this time, her luck in avoiding elimination has run out. After thanking Kathy for the experience and the chance, Latricia walks down, out of the building, and into the limo waiting outside. Back in the residence, Kathy joins the remaining 7 in the dining room, and this time, she announces that there will no longer be team challenges; from here on, they'll be competing as individuals. On that note, they raise their glasses for a toast to the good life, and this episode is done.

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