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High society hits a new low as 14 contestants are taught in the ways of the wealthy by the mother of all socialites, Kathy Hilton

Recaps by Don Harpwood, GSNN

Kathy Hilton
Paul Buccieri, Danny Salles, Jason Hervey, Rick Hilton
Packager: Endemol USA, Buccieri Entertainment
Airs: Tuesdays at 9pm ET on NBC

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The Next Item Up For Bids..." - June 28

Last time, the 14 people got their first taste of what life would be like in high society. After a dinner challenge, which tested their new knowledge of manners and etiquette, as well as their teamwork, team Madison suffered the first loss, and Alain was the first to be "not on the list". There is 13 left, and an auction is on the way.

To the Hamptons

It is a new day, and team Park is already awake and having breakfast, and they're quite confident after winning the first challenge. But over at team Madison, they were slower in getting out of their bed while the first elimination from the previous day was still sinking in.

The teams receive the next letter, which instructs them to get ready to go to the Hamptons via helicopter. They apparently don't know what that place is, but we find out that the Hamptons is a summer area for "New York's elite". While on the helicopter ride, Brenden mentions that he's glad to not be working as a caddy at that when he sees a golf course underneath.

After the copter ride, they travel by limo to a Polo match in the Hamptons to mingle with other members of high society. Moments later, Kathy meets team Park and asks them about the copter ride before the match starts. And in an aside, Jaret compares Polo to a high-class rodeo. Yeah, that sounds about right, except without the dirt. Or rodeo clowns.

Later on, either during a break or after the match (I can't tell, really), we see team Madison on the field, kicking around what appears to be, um, brown stuff, which I'm pretty sure is not dirt. I think a horse relieved itself during the match. And even though this is supposed to be a classy affair, theses people are flinging the stuff with their feet. Yeah, way to fit in with high society, team Madison.

Selling stuff for charity

Afterwards, the teams are driven by limo to the Hilton Estate, where they are greeted by Kathy. And inside, Niki gets to hold Tinkerbell, Paris' dog, for a bit. After a tour of the house, they're right back outside, where 2 tents are set up; one for each team. At that point, Kathy explains the next challenge; the next day, the "1st Annual Hilton Sale" will take place, and there will be both a sale and an auction. The team that raises the most money wins. (That sounds familiar...) All the money raised will be going to charity. The first thing they have to do is to get whatever Hilton family possessions that have been donated by the family they think will sell better into their tent.

Kathy signals the start, and gets out of the way as the teams rush towards the collection of items in the hopes of getting as much of the stuff as they can into their tents. And they weren't exactly being careful with it.

After everything was in the tents, and it was found that Madison got some of the more valuable items, it was time to decide on a theme for their tents, and decorate them appropriately by nightfall. In Madison's tent, Ann suggested a Luau theme, while over in Park's tent, Vanessa came up with the idea of the tent being like the Hilton home. But after Brenden starts with his own elaboration of that idea, the team starts bickering. And a few times, when someone tries to step in and stop it, it only gets worse.

At least Madison is getting along better, as they are busy setting up the tent and putting prices on their items. Later, after finally stopping the bickering, team Park is at work at 10:30PM, getting everything together for the sale.

Mixing business with pleasure

All of a sudden, a white Humvee limo pulls up to the estate, and after the teams gather around, out steps Kathy's daughters, Paris and Nicky (yeah, I accidentally spelled Nicky's name wrong at the end of the previous recap). They're there to take the teams somewhere to advertise the sale, so they can get as many people there as possible. And they have 5 minutes for the ladies to put on some clothes from the sale items before the get going. Nothing like a little extra advertising, eh?

But after the others have gotten changed, Latricia, whose physique wouldn't allow her to fit into any of the clothes there, now wants to stay behind. Apparently because she thought she didn't look presentable compared to the others. After she bickered with Yvette for a bit about it, she did indeed stay behind while the others went to the limo and climbed in. But that won't last, as Kathy comes out and, with her daughters' help, convinces Latricia to just go with the group.

The limo takes the teams to the location so they can advertise the sale. That location: a nightclub. Okay, I'll admit to having seen The Simple Life a few times, so in all seriousness, I should have seen this one coming. Anyway, Paris, Nicky, and the teams are all handing out flyers in the nightclub, and during that time, they also get the chance to dance and have fun. And we see a budding relationship revealed: Johnny and Yvette. Could this "alliance" somehow help those two in the long run?

Time to sell

The next day, it rains. And each team has to choose one of their own to be the auctioneer for the auction portion of the challenge. Team Park chooses Rashad, and over with team Madison, Yvette nominates Johnny. Gee, I wonder why. But after Johnny drops an "F-bomb", he is cautioned to be careful with his language when he's out there auctioneering.

Part 1: The Estate Sale

With the rain having stopped, the sale portion begins. At Park's tent, their theme is "High Tea at the Hiltons." Each member of the team pretends to be a member of the Hilton family, and they even brought in a Chihuahua to play the role of Tinkerb- Oh, wait. That IS Tinkerbell, isn't it? Well, anyway, they are moving along rather well, and they even managed to sell one item at 3 times the intended price (which was $500, so that sold for $1,500).

Meanwhile, at Madison's tent, their theme is "Luau for Life." Basically, a generic Hawaii theme. They're not exactly doing as well, though, as guests are noting that their prices are rather high. In fact, Johnny ended up selling a watch marked at $3,000... for only $900. And he had the deal made, complete with handshake, before his teammates could stop him. That might cost them.

After the sale portion ended, the teams started getting ready for the auction. But over at team Madison, they decided on a change of plans as far as choice of auctioneer is concerned. The team chose to go with Ann instead of Johnny, apparently due to Johnny's lack of language control.

Part 2: The Auction

Kathy starts with some opening remarks to the crowd, and the auction begins. Park starts with an antique globe, which opens up to reveal some wine; a good start, as it sells for $1,600. Madison is next, and their first item is an antique chair; though Ann seemed a little too excited for an auctioneer (Latricia became worried), they did sell it for $1,900.

Park offers a 19th century hand-crafted chair, which goes for $2,000. Madison offers an alligator-skin purple watch (modeled by Paris), which goes for $1,300. And Park sells a chest with a guy on a horse painted on it for $3,000.

Skipping ahead to the last items for each team; each a possession that belonged to Paris Hilton. Park offers a tiara, which Paris explained she wore on her 21st birthday. The starting price was $200, but they get plenty of bids, and in the end, it sells at $2,000! Madison offers a "Sweet-16" dress, modeled by Yvette. She thought that if she modeled it, it would garner a high selling price. Not this time. The starting price was $500, and that's all they could get for it. Ouch.

Afterwards, it's time for the results. Who raised more? Let's find out...

Sale: $4,361
Auction: $4,700
Total: $9,061

Sale: $3,251
Auction: $8,600
Total: $11,851

With that, team Park has 2 wins in a row, and this time, their reward is a lobster dinner on a secluded beach, catered by the Clam Man of the Hamptons. And of course, team Madison will once again lose a member.

Park arrives at the beach, and they begin what appears to be a buffet dinner. And as most of them settle down to eat, one of the guys apparently decided to jump into the water, with just his underwear. But he eventually gets dressed again and joins the group to eat.

The Blame Game

Now, it's time for elimination at the residence. Team Madison is back to try to explain what went wrong this time. When asked about what she thinks went wrong, Ann gives a typical "beauty-queen answer" at first, which Kathy doesn't want. Kathy notes that after seeing Yvette in that dress, that she should tone down the sexuality a bit.

Then, the watch issue is brought up, and upon hearing about the lowered price that Johnny sold it for, Kathy looked surprised. Johnny did admit to being a little dumb that time. Then, Yvette blames Jabe for marking the prices too high, and Jabe says that he thought the guests would be willing to spend more money since it's for charity.

Kathy then questions the last-minute switch in auctioneers. Yvette tries to explain for him, but after a bit of everyone speaking at once, Johnny gets a chance to speak. He says he eventually felt that he might not have been the best person for the job after all. (Maybe he got the idea after the rest of the team chose to go with Ann instead...)

Upon being asked about which one person would be responsible overall, Yvette picks Latricia, because she feels that she was still being bossy to her. Kathy then asks if that's why they originally left her behind on the night where Paris and Nicky took them to the nightclub. And then Yvette and Latricia begin arguing over their views of what happened that night. This also carries over to Johnny's actions at the nightclub, where he was apparently with a couple other girls while Yvette was busy "networking". She tried to claim that she didn't care, but the others disagreed, even Johnny. There goes the budding relationship, I'll bet...

When asked who would be considered a deadweight in the group, Jackaay chose Johnny, because she says he doesn't take the initiative. Yvette agrees. Yep, budding relationship over. And when Johnny gets asked about who's a deadweight, he picks Yvette, and those two begin arguing. Just like a couple married for many years. :P

Once they're silent, Kathy sends the team outside the room for a bit, to write up her list. Like last time, one person won't be on that list, and that person is going home. And again, when those who are on the list hear their name read from it, they'll join team Park in the dining room nearby. Once the list is complete, the team is back in, and Kathy begins to read from it...


So now, it's down to the two who seemed to have something going earlier. But one of them is about to get going, as in going home. Kathy does mention that the last person on the list does have a lot of work to do. So, who is staying?


And so, Johnny is not on the list, and gets the boot from this reality show. Once he's out of the residence and heading home, Kathy joins the remaining 12 for another toast to the good life, which marks the end of this episode.

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