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High society hits a new low as 14 contestants are taught in the ways of the wealthy by the mother of all socialites, Kathy Hilton

Recaps by Don Harpwood, GSNN

Kathy Hilton
Paul Buccieri, Danny Salles, Jason Hervey, Rick Hilton
Packager: Endemol USA, Buccieri Entertainment
Airs: Tuesdays at 9pm ET on NBC

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"Haute Couture Hits a New Low" - July 19

Last week, the teams went through an art scavenger hunt, and for the third straight week, team Park won. And in a double elimination, Ann (who may have been better off on American Idol) and Yvette (who may have been better off on So You Think You Can Dance) were both shown the door. 10 remain, and a fashion show is on the way.

A fashionable balance

Once the teams have returned to the hotel after the eliminations, in team Park's room, Brenden and Vanessa bicker about her behaviour during the previous challenge, and Rashad sees a power struggle between them as far as team leadership goes. Meanwhile, in team Madison's room, the mood is actually getting better despite having lost 4 members, and Jabe, Jackaay, and Latricia are more determined than ever to break their losing streak.

The next day, the teams arrive at Chanterelle, one of the finest restaurants in New York, for lunch with Kathy, as well as Frederique Van der Wal (a supermodel, whom you may remember from Celebrity Mole: Hawaii). Kathy also invited a couple of fashion experts to give the contestants some advice on looking good. Then, Kathy addresses the situation of the team sizes (Madison has only 3 left; Park still has all 7), and says that 2 members of Park will be going to Madison, with team Park choosing one, and team Madison choosing the other.

[Okay, so there's a difference between Madison and Survivor's Ulong tribe; Madison gets help in the form of members of the other side switching teams. But will it help Madison to break that losing streak?]

First, team Park votes for one of their own to go...

Niki votes for: Brenden
Jules votes for: Vanessa
Rashad votes for: Brenden
J.W. votes for: Vanessa
Brenden votes for: Vanessa
Jaret votes for: Brenden
Vanessa votes for: Vanessa
(Before you ask, yes, apparently, a person could vote for his/her self this time.)

So with that, Vanessa, who feels she'd be better off on the other team than bickering more with Brenden, is switching to team Madison. And now, it's team Madison's turn to choose another member of team Park to switch sides, and they decide to pick Rashad, because they feel he would help the team a lot. We'll see about that.

With the sides now even at 5 members each, Kathy gives the next challenge; there's going to be a fashion show the next day, and they'll have to model some outfits in front of an audience, as well as some fashion experts, who will judge them based on modeling, presentation, attitude, and style. The show has 2 parts. The first part is eveningwear, and the teams will head to a clothing store called Alice Underground to shop for the clothes for that part of the show. For the second part, they each choose a theme, and use their own clothes, as well as stuff from their hotel rooms.

Oh, and this time, they find out in advance that the losing team will lose 2 members. Another double elimination week, eh? I guess by this point, they just want to get this whole thing over with as soon as they can or something...

Shopping for control

The teams arrive at Alice Underground, where they only have 30 minutes to shop. Everyone is scrambling around the store, grabbing clothes and trying them on. Vanessa is trying to give Jackaay and Latricia ideas on what they could wear, without them asking for the advice. Control freak, anyone? And, as Brenden expected, it's starting to get on Latricia's nerves.

Later, back in the hotel, team Madison tries to figure out their plans for the fashion show. Jackaay shows off an outfit which includes a hole on the pant leg area, which the team seems to approve. And once again, Vanessa is giving ideas to Latricia. She says she's not there to be the boss, but come on, who is she trying to fool? Over in team Park's suite, they begin coming up with ideas for the second part of the show, like flowers taped to the back of one's head, or wearing lampshades. Yeah, weird stuff.

The next morning, Jackaay is up early to take care of some work on the clothing, when she sees an envelope for team Madison. Meanwhile, Jaret sees an envelope for team Park. They each take them to their respective teams, and the message to both teams is that they each have to pick an announcer for the fashion show. Madison unanimously picks Rashad, while Park goes with Brenden. But there's more to the message; after breakfast, they're getting makeovers.

At the Warren-Tricomi salon, each of the 10 contestants are getting the full makeover treatment. Not much to comment on for the most part, but eventually, each of them, 2 at a time, are pulled aside by a runway coach named Willie Ninja for some advice on how to walk down a runway during this time.

Amateur Night on the runway

It is now time for the fashion show, and the crowd is packed. Backstage, everyone had to make final preparations for the show, and things were quite hectic. Meanwhile, Kathy introduces the crowd to the judges; Frederique Van der Wal, Bettina Zilkha (fashion writer), Tracy Taylor (fashion director), and Lloyd Boston (style expert). After mentioning the judging criteria, they get started.

Team Park starts things off in the eveningwear portion, and Jules is the first one down the runway with a silk gown. Jaret is next with a suit that includes a powder-blue turtleneck. Niki then walks down the runway with a slip dress. J.W. heads down with a blue suit and a shirt unbuttoned at the top. And finally, as Jules temporarily takes over for Brenden in announcing, he walks down the runway with a gray suit of his own.

Up next is team Madison. Latricia walks down the runway first, with a black cocktail dress, as well as a scarf and sunglasses. Jabe was next with a brown long jacket, light blue shirt, and dark blue pants. Jackaay shows off a black dress with a longer gold skirt underneath. Vanessa walks wearing a black cocktail dress with sequins. And as Vanessa assumes announcing duties for the moment, Rashad heads down the runway with a black suit.

Now, it's time to prepare for the second part of the show, and the teams are scrambling to get changed and ready for it. And Kathy explains to the crowd about what they had to do for this one. Possibly so they don't get too surprised at the idea of someone looking insane or something.

Team Park once again goes first, and Brenden explains that their theme deals with the streets of New York City. They start with J.W., who is dressed like the Naked Cowboy. And we don't see the underwear behind the guitar until after the commercial break. Yeah. Moving on, Jaret walks out with a gas mask, T-shirt, and camouflage shorts. Next is Niki, with a black dress, sunglasses, and a lampshade on her head. Lastly, Jules is up with a black tight shirt and pink miniskirt. And Brenden manages to tie it all in to the Naked Cowboy bit. Ooooookay...

We're not done with lampshades, though, as Rashad explains that team Madison's theme is all about them. Vanessa walks out first, with a pink dress, and holding a lampshade that has a tutu on it over her head. Jackaay walks out with a black dress, and she also holds a lampshade over her head, this one with some black stuff on it. Latricia is wearing a coloured shirt with khakis, and yes, she holds a lampshade over her head, this one with what looks like a leopard-skin pattern (I think). Latricia then does some announcing as Rashad walks down the runway in his gray and black suit, and donning a lampshade with magazine pages on it. Finally, as Rashad gets back to announcing, Jabe heads out with a blue T-shirt and jeans, with a white open shirt on top, and the lampshade on his head, this time with what I think is a bandanna on it.

And now, it's time for the deliberations, as the teams wait backstage. Afterwards, the teams join Kathy on stage, where she announces that the prize for winning this challenge is a photo shoot with Antoine Verglas, a world-renowned photographer. She then reminds the teams of what awaits the losing team (which Madison has gone through 3 times already), and reminds them of the double elimination.

Kathy then says that Madison's lampshade theme was interesting, but confusing, and that Park's theme of the streets of New York pushed the envelope a bit, but the crowd did enjoy it. With that, the winner is... team Park. They take their victorious walk down the runway, as they have done it yet again.

Same old situation for Madison

The next day, team Park arrives at Hudson Studios and meet Antoine Verglas, then they once again get their hair done, the women get their makeup done, and they get changed. And then, the photo shoot begins. Each member of the team gets individual pictures taken, and then they get some group shots. All in all, another extravagant reward for team Park.

Meanwhile, back at the hotel, team Madison braces for yet another trip to the residence, and while Jabe, Jackaay, and Latricia have been through it before, this will be the first time for Rashad and Vanessa to face possible elimination. And those two seem to have a laid-back attitude about it. Not a good attitude to bring into the residence, as they will soon find out...


The limo brings team Madison to the residence for the 4th straight time, and Kathy once again meets them to find out what went wrong. When asked about feeling let down despite having 2 members of the other team joining them, Jackaay basically says yes, and when asked about who from team Park they would have picked NOW, she says Brenden, for his leadership skills. Interesting that she'd say that with Vanessa in the room.

Latricia is also asked about whether the two choices about who came to team Madison were good ones, and she also praises Brenden. Kathy says that he developed a lot, and Latricia apparently gets confused. Next up is who came up with the lampshades. The team says it was Vanessa's idea, but she tries to make it seem like a group idea. When asked if he had any ideas, Jabe admitted that he didn't have many, since he's not a fashion person, and that his outfit wasn't really that cool. Kathy then asks why he didn't get someone else's opinion. He says that everyone dressed themselves, but she doesn't see the teamwork in that.

Kathy then asks Rashad if he would take responsibility for how Jabe looked, and he says he would. He then elaborates on his answer, which is pretty much summed up by Kathy as a long "yes". She then goes into what message they were trying to convey to the crowd, and how 3 of them didn't get across what they should have. Rashad then says that they had a message and tried to put it out, but they generally failed. And Kathy reiterates what she had said once or twice already, that the other team's bit was exciting.

With that, the team is sent out of the room so Kathy can write her list. This time, 2 will be left off the list, and will be eliminated. Once the team is called back in, Kathy reminds the team that if they hear their name, they will join team Park in the dining room nearby. Now, for the list...


It is now tense, as only one of the 3 left in the room will advance, and the other 2 will no longer be in the running. The last name is...


That means that the men of team Madison, Jabe and Rashad, have been eliminated from the game. They both head downstairs and out into the same limo, taking them out of there, and Kathy joins the 8 remaining contestants to end the episode with another toast to the good life.

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