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High society hits a new low as 14 contestants are taught in the ways of the wealthy by the mother of all socialites, Kathy Hilton

Recaps by Don Harpwood, GSNN

Kathy Hilton
Paul Buccieri, Danny Salles, Jason Hervey, Rick Hilton
Packager: Endemol USA, Buccieri Entertainment
Airs: Tuesdays at 9pm ET on NBC

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The Lost Arts" - July 5

Last time, the teams got to meet Paris and Nicky Hilton at the Hilton Estate in the Hamptons, and team Park won a challenge involving a sale and an auction. And though there seemed to be a possibility of Johnny and Yvette hooking up, it wasn't meant to be, and Johnny was eliminated. With 12 left, it's time to get "artsy"...

A journey into the world of art

A new day dawns on the Melrose Hotel, and once again, team Madison takes their time in waking up. After 2 straight losses, can you blame them? We are then reminded that there is still tension between Latricia and Yvette. Duh.

The team then receives the next letter, basically stating that the next challenge deals with the art world. They definitely don't want to lose again, especially with 2 members down. Meanwhile, team Park also gets the next letter, and they're confident that they can make it 3 straight wins, even if they argue amongst each other again like last time.

The teams arrive at the Brooklyn Museum of Art for a tour and lecture arranged by Kathy. After checking out some paintings and statues along the way, they arrive at an open room with a stage in the middle, where they receive a lecture from Jim Caruso. After the lecture, and some brief demonstrations of various forms of art, Jim sends the teams out for some exploration around New York City, but with a warning to pay attention, as some things that they'll see could be useful to know later.

The group then boards a double-decker bus, and ascend to the seats on top. They get to see various sights of the city as it drives around, and a tour guide is describing certain things about those sights. But during this tour, Ann gets the "bright idea" to sing while the guide is speaking. And it's apparently annoying everyone else. Heck, even Yvette found it annoying, especially since she was sitting right in front of Ann.

The art of the scavenger hunt

Finally, the teams arrive at Central Park, and they walk to "Cleopatra's Needle", an ancient Egyptian obelisk located in the park. There, Kathy explains the next challenge; it will be an art scavenger hunt. Using clues which they'll receive at the start, they'll have to go to various locations in the city and perform certain tasks. The team that completes the most tasks and is back at the obelisk by 4PM wins. Each team gets their set of clues, 2 cell phones, and a map of the city, and it is 1PM, which means they have 3 hours for the challenge.

Team Madison starts by locating where each clue directs them to, and marks it on their map. And Yvette decides that she wants a shot at a clue that's written in French. Over at team Park, Vanessa gives the idea of taking care of the task(s) located at the furthest destination first. But Jules wants to start with the closest. They talk for a bit, and decide on Jules' idea before running out of Central Park to get started. And team Madison is still marking locations on their map.

As team Park wanders the city, Rashad gets the idea of splitting away from the group and taking care of a task at a location that the group was walking past. And the bickering starts. Some want to keep the team together; some want to split up into groups (makes sense; they do have 2 cell phones). Eventually, Rashad and Jaret split away to take care of a task while the rest of the team continue to bicker.

Their first clue directs them to a piano place after figuring out what was meant by the ivories, and they find out that the task there is to learn how to play "Chopsticks" on the piano, then play it. Jaret completes the task, and for it, they receive a piano key as proof of completion of the task. After letting the rest of Park know via cell phone that they did it, Rashad and Jaret move on to another clue. It directed them to a bookstore, where the task was to recite a poem; specifically, "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe. They also had to get a picture of the task being done on a balcony. Rashad recited the poem; Jaret took the picture. 2 tasks done.

Meanwhile, team Madison finally get going, and they split up; Jabe and Latricia in one group, and the other 3 in the other group. And even though they have the map, those other 3, Ann, Yvette, and Jackaay, end up getting lost for a brief moment. But they eventually get their bearings, and get going. Until they find that they can't figure out which way to go, that is. And Jackaay is feeling left out of this group, as the other two kept shutting down her ideas.

Their first clue leads them to a dance studio, where the task is to learn a ballet move and perform it in a leotard. So naturally, Yvette, who already has experience as a dancer, does the task. But while she's supposed to be learning, she sidetracks and does some ballet of her own. Show-off.

On the other hand, Jabe and Latricia ends up at the Sloan Cancer Center while following the French clue that Yvette read earlier. But there was no task for them there. So they called the other group, and after some talking, they skip the French clue and move on to the piano clue (the same one that Park completed earlier), and though Latricia was quick to figure out what was meant by the ivories, she initially assumed that the task was in a mobile RV from which she heard a piano playing. Oops. But they did recover and find the right location, and Jabe completes it. Their next clue sent them to a store to find a pair of opera glasses, which they get after some searching.

At this time, both teams go with a clue where they'll essentially have to find a statue in the middle of Times Square. The group of 5 from Park bicker about where the clue is leading them (it says to "go to where the ball drops"), and the group of 3 from Madison are also trying to figure it out. Eventually, team Park finds the statue first, and they see that the task is to sing a song for the tourists and get 3 of those tourists to sign the clue as proof of completion of the task. As the Park group sings, the Madison group finds the statue and starts singing as well. Both groups then get their signatures to complete the task.

Afterwards, team Park is back together, and they've completed 5 tasks so far. They try to decide whether or not to go for one more, as there is 45 minutes left, and they bicker. Meanwhile, the group of 3 from Madison decide to try for more clues, even though one of them (yep, Jackaay) wanted to return to Central Park due to time running short.

The art of tardiness

As Jabe and Latricia decide to stop and head back to Central Park, team Park arrives at Cleopatra's Needle, apparently having decided to stop and hope that the other team either completes fewer tasks or doesn't arrive on time. Moments later, Jabe and Latricia arrive, and Jabe tries to call the rest of team Madison, but they don't answer. Why? Because Yvette is spontaneously showing off her tutu from the ballet clue while they're moving through the city.

The clock strikes 4PM, and Ann, Yvette, and Jackaay are still not at the obelisk yet. So therefore, team Madison is disqualified, and team Park wins once again. Park celebrates, and Jabe calls the missing group to break the news to them. Those 3 finally arrive at 4:30PM, and for some odd reason, despite knowing that they lost again, Yvette has the nerve to prance around in that tutu as they arrive. And understandably, Park couldn't believe it when they saw it. Jules said it best: "No class."

Kathy arrives and officially declares team Park the winner, then informs them that their reward this time is a night out, involving dinner and a Broadway performance. And once again, team Madison's members face elimination. And after Yvette decides to show off a ballet dance yet again (Who the heck decided to make her a contestant here, anyway?), Kathy breaks the news that 2 of them are going home this time. That's right; it's double elimination night, as 5 will be whittled down to 3.

[I'll just say right now that in my opinion, at this point, it's looking like team Madison is becoming IWTBAH's version of the Ulong tribe from Survivor: Palau. I see 2 things in common between Madison and Ulong: the group colour (blue), and the fact that they're being completely decimated by the opposing group.]

Team Park enjoys their night out, and at the dinner, we find out that this day happens to be J.W.'s birthday. The team then gets to see the Broadway musical "Wicked". With the best seats, of course.

Meanwhile, back at the hotel, Latricia and Jackaay talk about how Jackaay got the feeling that it would be a bad idea for her to go with Ann and Yvette. Yvette walks in, and after a few words about whether or not the whole competition is just a game, Yvette walks out.

The art of lying

In what seems to be becoming routine for team Madison, they arrive via limo at the residence to talk about what went wrong, and to send someone home. Kathy begins by saying that this time, while she will make the list for one elimination, the other one will be determined by the team. Then they get into whether or not Ann and Yvette cared about having lost again. They said they did, but the others said otherwise.

Then, Yvette has the nerve to blame Jabe and Latricia for holding them up on the way back. And Ann tries to explain that it was before 4PM when Jabe called saying that it was over. *BUZZ* Wrong. Jabe and Latricia knew that it was after 4PM when he called, and mentioned that, but Ann refused to believe them. This leads me to believe that either Ann's watch was slow, or she's trying to lie her way out of taking the blame.

This leads to the whole French clue situation, and Jabe and Latricia blame Yvette for sending them on a wild goose chase with her so-called deciphering of the clue. Yvette says that she speaks French, and she wanted to do the clue herself, but Jabe says that when it came time to divide the clues between the 2 groups, the French clue ended up with him and Latricia. And then, they bicker some more about the all the calling done between the 2 groups. Finally, Jabe sums things up appropriately: he and Latricia got 3 tasks done and were back at the obelisk with 10 minutes to spare, and the others didn't return on time.

When the group is asked for any final thoughts, Jackaay says that she, Jabe, and Latricia are getting more out of this experience than the other 2, whom she says doesn't appreciate the opportunity they have with this show. She even says that Ann may actually be looking for a record deal, what with all the singing. Ann and Yvette try to defend themselves, and as Yvette tries to explain, she is cut off by a song from Ann. Sure, go ahead and prove one of Jackaay's points, why don't ya.

The art of double elimination

After seemingly being stunned by that weirdness for a brief moment, Kathy gives the group a box with 5 pens and 5 pieces of paper, so they can each vote for who they think should be eliminated first on this night. Kathy leaves the room for 5 minutes, and each of the 5 writes down their votes. Afterwards, Kathy has each of them read their votes out loud, one at a time. Here's the breakdown of the votes...

Yvette votes for: Jackaay
Jabe votes for: Ann
Ann votes for: Jackaay
Jackaay votes for: Ann
Latricia votes for: Ann

With that, Ann has been voted off the island (of Manhattan), and she can now sing her way home, her hopes of being on the list tonight gone. Speaking of which, Kathy sends the rest of the team outside the room so she can write her list. As usual, whichever of them isn't on the list is gone. While she writes it, at the stairway outside, some bickering ensues, with Yvette vs. the other 3 over her lying.

Once team Madison is back in the room, Kathy says she feels that teamwork is missing from this team. And with that, she gets to the list...


With those 2 joining team Park in the dining room nearby, it's now down to Latricia and Yvette, who have been bickering with each other ever since the competition started. But now, that bickering will end, and so will the journey of one of those ladies. With that, Kathy reads the last name on the list...


Latricia did not want to lose to Yvette, and in the end, she didn't, as she will continue on in the competition. As for Yvette, her dancing after a loss was the kicker, and she will now have a chance to dance back to Vegas, having been eliminated from the show. Afterwards, Kathy once again joins the remaining 10 competitors in the dining room for another toast to the good life. And that does it for this artful episode.

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