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If you can't stand the heat, you're not going to last long in Gordon Ramsay's kitchen.

Recaps by Chico & Quisla Alexander, GSNN

Host Gordon Ramsay
Sous Chefs James Avery
Andrea "Andi" van Willigan
Maitre d' Jean-Philippe "JP" Susilovic
Announcer Jason Thompson
Creator Gordon Ramsay
EP Arthur Smith
Kent Weed
Gordon Ramsay
Packager A. Smith & Co. Productions
ITV Studios America
Origins Century Studios, Los Angeles
Web fox.com/hellskitchen
Airs 8p Tues, Fox

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10 Chefs Compete/9 Chefs Compete

Last week, it was the quinceañera from Hell, as a strong showing on both ends of the kitchen turned south of the border quickly, resulting in a no-win night and an irate Scot cutting Amanda from his brigade... and he's only just started.

We continue from that moment, and Ramsay... is continuing the cut. Cyndi says that she's not on the decline... and she gets back in line. Zach... is SPARED. Barret is GONE. Start stepping up, everyone, because Ramsay's patience is running out.

Back at the dorm, Susan is starting to break out... in blemishes. Hopefully she breaks out in the kitchen on this new day. New for Hell's Kitchen in 2013... The Fantasy Fountain!

SKILL DRILL #9: Out of Thin Air (creativity & presentation)

One by one, the chefs will have to pull out a ticket or two and make something out of those ingredients. Gold represents protein, white represents vegetable. Then you'll have 45 minutes to create individual dishes from five of those ingredients.

And remember your plating. If it looks like crap on a saucer, Ramsay reserves the right not to taste it. In fact, only three dishes will be tasted from each side.

Judging with Ramsay is People Magazine's senior writer Jennifer Garcia... which is important because THE BEST DISH will be featured in People.

Janel, Mary, and Cyndi will represent the Red, while Anthony, Zach, and Jon will move on to the tasting.

Jon: Duck Breast with Confit: 92
Anthony: Coriander-Crusted Halibut: 82
Zach: Roasted Red Pepper with Garlic & Shallots: 83

Ja'Nel: Basil Marinated Grilled Prawns: 89
Cyndi: Fennel-Crusted Sea Bass: 90
Mary: Wasabi Flank Steak: 90

RED wins, 269-257. But who will be in People? It was Mary's steak! And Jon's duck? Well, there's got to be a consolation somewhere. How about... cleaning the dorms. ALL the dorms. As for the women, they'll be prettied up to be photographed for "Starwatch". AND there's an additional surprise waiting in the dorms... Vitamix blenders to take home! The same blenders used in Hell's Kitchen and in my kitchen, the Rolls Royce.. of blenders.

Oh and you may want to be careful with the beds.. Nedra's a sleep-eater.

OH and another thing. Jon and Zach are to deliver champagne to the girls... on bikes... that MAY or MAY NOT WORK... Zach.

And of course Ramsay never is one to give up a free photo-op.

The girls return and they think they're going to relax a bit... but in comes a call from the HK-phone to report to the office. Which, by the way, I'm going to be watching in lieu of the AI finale, because honestly, I could give a rat's. But that's another story. Anyway... HK is closed to the public tonight, but there will be a private function: two tables of 12 US Army veterans each who are coming home. The food will be served at the exact same time. So get in sync. Get changed. Get ready. This dinner is of NATIONAL importance.


DINNER SERVICE #10: Hell's Kitchen Serves Those Who Serve

Each team will be responsible for a table. Each CHEF will be responsible for a course. The menu: prawn, linguine, risotto, bass, New York strip, and souffle.

First is Ja'Nel and Jon with the butter poached prawns. Ray begins the night by... screwing things up. Aside from that, perfect course.

Ray and Nedra are in charge of the lobster linguine. Nedra manages to prolong a boiling pot of pasta, while Ray is... not saying much. Ramsay is at his boiling point... good thing SOMETHING is. Ray is already plating, but he's doing it by himself. That and Zach's portioning give her another shot... and the Red table is delivered. The Blues.. a little behind. And a linguine is hard.

Mary & Michael are on mushroom risotto, eight minutes. That... goes off without a hitch. Ray's lobster linguine... And Zach thinks he can get one over on Ray? But he can't get one over on Ramsay.

Anthony & Cyndi take over on the loup de mer course... and Ray finally finishes linguine.

Finally, Zach & Susan get the strip steak on and grilled... Zach has this no problem. Susan? She needs more time. But ... good things are worth the wait. And thanks to Zach switching off, the Blues are behind. All of the VIPs are served their steak, and we're finally done. Now it's time to... oh screw up. Another double loss. Both teams must nominate ONE to eliminate.

The Blues think that Zach and Ray pulled the team down. Zach thinks he's a good chef, better than Ray, even. Meanwhile, on the Reds, Susan and Nedra play the goat. The pasta was rookie and Susan was weak on steak.


Mary nominates Nedra, while Jon nominates Ray.... and Ramsay nominates Zach.

Nedra cops to her rookie move, but she finishes strong. Zach gives himself a seven. Ray says he has more drive, passion, honor, and integrity.

Ramsay... sends Nedra.... back in line.  As for Ray.... HE GONE!

"Ray's age wasn't the issue. It was his cooking. And I wasn't getting any younger waiting for him to improve.

But we're not finished in HK yet. Not by a longshot. We'll have a second course, but first, we must pause 10 seconds for stations to identify themselves across the Fox Broadcasting Company.

(10 seconds)

Well that was fun. And if anything, you learned that if you need water to boil REALLY REALLY QUICKLY, get the tin foil, increase the pressure. It's the Universal Gas Law in action, folks. SCIENCE!

Meanwhile, Nedra and Susan take a moment to lick their wounds. What started as best friendsship turns into bitter rivalry. Zach meanwhile sees his near-misses as a wake-up call. Time for Grant Banks to come out. That's Zach's boxing alter-ego.

The next morning... 4:50... a classic Hell's Kitchen wake-up call. There's a lot of work to do today. Tonight, Hell's Kitchen will feature menus designed and executed by ALL OF THE CHEFS. Each team will have four apps, four entrees, and two dishes.

The teams return to the dorms and shake off the sleep to put together a menu. While Grant Banks looks knocked out, Nedra looks like she can keep going... and going... and going... and saying how "all y'all bitches is fake". You want to talk about fake? Cornish Hen Gumbo. That's as pretentious as it gets. As for the blues, Zach finally wakes up to salmon, filets with blue cheese, and some more Chef Banks. Now Ramsay must taste and approve the menus.

After five hours of tasting, testing, and cooking, it's time to plate for inspection.

BLUE HIGHLIGHTS: Chipotle Calamari, Fire & Ice, Salmon, Filet.

RED HIGHLIGHTS: Cornish Gumbo, Grilled Peach Salad that isn't grilled, Raw Duck breast, and a whole lot of crap as well.

Oh yeah, and we're opening in 20 minutes, you better fix something!

It's Showcase Night on Hell's Kitchen... "OPEN HELL'S KITCHEN, PLEASE!"

DINNER SERVICE #11: Menu vs. Menu

The red will feature a strip steak and branzino, while the blues will cook up a halibut and pork chop. Since diners at the same table can order from either menu, both kitchens will have to coordinate to make certain that the dishes come out simultaneously.

Nedra's slow on scallops... and the Blues send their first dishes away. The Reds are ready with more apps, but we're waiting on Nedra's scallops. Good things are worth the wait, as the scallops are heading to the diners. Time to fire entrees. And Zach...

... "Did I just have a conversation with Chef Ramsay about (^_^)ing? I think I did." First orders are up... and red fish is raw. Cyndi refires. The pork chop on the blues? Perfectly cooked. The Reds... not even plating, come on, people. Cyndi! Branzino! NOW! And they're... going out. Everyone's back on track. And now... where's the beef? Oh, it's right here. Sauce? Yeah, finally, dude. Come on. And the sauce? Cold sauce. COLD SAUCE. Zach owns the error, then owns the refire. BETTER.

Susan unknowingly gives us our Gordon Ramsay Zinger of the night. She says "Coming, Chef!" Ramsay responds... "SO IS CHRISTMAS!" Her garnish puts the Red Kitchen on pause. After that little bit of nonsense, we finally get a moment of clarity, and some more entrees. Filet on the blue... It took a while, but he nailed it. Reds finally get their crap together, while the Blues are hoping Michael can keep up with fish orders. Raw, dude. He tries again... dry fish. In the back.

Ian Ziering and LisaRaye McCoy are enjoying her dishes. Michael ... isn't. He's put on time-out by the HK Wall of Fame.

Raw pork chop. Last table for the Reds! Michael's back in the blue... and the Reds are DONE! As are the Blues. But damn was that a trial. The REDS win the service, and the Blues will nominate ONE person to leave.

Michael says that he has had a lot of good services, while the others weren't exactly "rock stars". Anthony wasn't talking to his teammates.

Meanwhile, the ladies get a call to Ramsay's office. I think I know what's coming... "I need you to come up with which individual will be joining the Blue Team." Okay, I didn't see that, BUT it's not a total surprise either. Susan's the first to nominate herself. The others agree. About themselves. They agree on a draw, and are bound by it. The draw is... CYNDI.

The men still have yet to reach a decision. Mike and Zach are deadlocked at two a piece. Zach is holding a grudge with Anthony for having helped him... only to be stabbed in the back. And we still don't know who's going up.


And the Blues are STILL split. Jon decides to take the initiative... and nominate Michael. "Because he really (^_^)ed us today." Michael chose Zach. Anthony chose Zach. Zach chose Mike. BOTH step forward.

Zach says he's better than Michael. Michael says he was confused by the timing, but he has a lot of experience.

Ramsay.... sends MICHAEL away.

After he leaves, Ramsay tells the Blues of the Reds' meeting, and their decision. And it appears that we've reached an impasse THERE as well!


To see this episode in its entirety, go to fox.com/hellskitchen.