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If you can't stand the heat, you're not going to last long in Gordon Ramsay's kitchen.

Recaps by Chico & Quisla Alexander, GSNN

Host Gordon Ramsay
Sous Chefs James Avery
Andrea "Andi" van Willigan
Maitre d' Jean-Philippe "JP" Susilovic
Announcer Jason Thompson
Creator Gordon Ramsay
EP Arthur Smith
Kent Weed
Gordon Ramsay
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Origins Century Studios, Los Angeles
Web fox.com/hellskitchen
Airs 8p Mon & Tues, Fox

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13 Chefs Compete
April 30

Last week in Hell, the chefs caught and cooked their challenge plates, but ultimately, it was all Red, all the time. The Blues ruin Family Night and send Dan packing.

Let's get it out of the way now. The men are getting wall-hacked. They're tired of losing, but they haven't found a way to win yet. And if it takes Barret doing something crazy, then something crazy will have to be done... wait, are those clippers? Some background, Barret has a Mohawk. Takes him half an hour to get it right. How long do you suppose it'll take him to lop it off?

SKILL DRILL #7: Steak (creativity)

Tonight is Steak Night. Each chef will have to create the most amazing, flavorful rubs to enhance your various cuts of steak. Those steaks will have to be cooked medium rare. 

Cyndi: Wild Mushroom with Black Thyme Rosemary Butter
Jon: Blackberries with Black Garlic & Lavender
WINNER: Jon (Blues lead, 1-0)

Nedra/Susan: Raspberry Chipotle
Zach: Peppercorns with Mustard Seed... and Orange Juice
WINNER: Both (Blues lead, 2-1)

Amanda: Salt & pepper
Michael: Truffles
WINNER: Nobody.

Anthony: Shallots, Garlic, and Banana
Jacqueline: Black Garlic with Lemongrass
WINNER: Both (Blues lead, 3-2)

Ja'Nel: Argentine Chimichurri
Barrett: Black Garlic
WINNER: Ja'Nel (Tied at 3)

Mary: Blackberry Vanilla
Ray: Grand Marnier
WINNER:... MARY! (REDS win, 4-3)  If Ray cooked it medium rare, he would've nailed it.

The Reds are going to get mani/pedis while spending the day by the rooftop pool at the Hotel Wilshire for the day. Meanwhile, the Blues will spend the day butchering a side of beef while prepping both kitchens. Hell's Kitchen is open TONIGHT.

Anthony decides to hold a come-to-Jesus meeting on how the guys continue to lose. They need to get the team back on track, get the weak off, and get the strong up. Because it's only going to get tougher from here. Zach loses it, while Ray tries to calm him down.

As Steak Night is about to commence, Jacqueline admits that she's not comfortable with steak temps. Meanwhile Ramsay is prepping a tableside prime rib on tonight's menu. It's up to Susan and Zach to be in sync with the kitchen.


DINNER SERVICE #8: Steak Night

For tonight's special event, we have a special appetizer menu and classic cuts of steak.

Barret begins by... frying crab cakes out of order. Oops. This is going to be a long night. With Anthony leading the way on apps, the Blues are flying through appetizers. On the Reds, Mary didn't hear an order, and is not getting the business for it. Her sliders finally leave the kitchen... but they have a special bit of protein in it. A hair. The men have served all of their apps, hair free... Barret... so let's go to entrees, and Zach, that's your cue to get into the dining room.  Speaking of Barret... he's app-challenge with the salad, right about now. Meanwhile, the first entrees are leaving the blue kitchen.

Mary redeems herself with a second plate of sliders, and the ladies are back on track and moving onto entrees. Susan, into the dining room... The rest of the team... stalled. Where are the entrees? Right here... thanks to a brief pep talk. On the blues, Ray & Michael are looking to deliver on meats. They start with... a raw NY strip. The rest of the team decides to pick up the slack, refiring an entire table.

The reds have stopped talking to each other again... and as a result, we have two raw filets. Thanks, Jacqueline. Ramsay is still looking for a filet, but you know what they say about too many cooks... They deliver a second raw filet, and Jacqueline, Cyndi, Nedra, and Amanda... are heading to the showers. Ja'Nel, Mary, and Susan are left to fix their mess.

Amanda, fully expectant that it's HER time tonight, starts packing... then starts yelling with Nedra about mistakes and being allowed to fix them

Over at the Blues, Michael and Ray hope to God that their refire is ready. They... are ready. And with that, they push to the finish... and Susan runs up to get the girls so that Ramsay will deliberate on their fate.

After congratulating the men on FINALLY delivering a decent service for a change and challenging them to build upon this victory, Ramsay commands the Red Team to nominate.

Seems like Jacqueline doesn't like to drive stations, while Amanda doesn't know her meat. Amanda comes to Jacqueline's defense. Mary... nothing. The ladies call out the hair in the burger. So who's going up?


Cyndi nominates Amanda (raw filets) and Jacqueline (supposed to drive the meat station).

Jacqueline says that she's better than Amanda and can temp meat. Amanda says that she's passionate and has been nothing but an asset.

It's too little too late for.... JACQUELINE.

"Jacqueline talked a good game, but unfortunately for her, I need someone who can deliver."

To see this episode in its entirety, go to fox.com/hellskitchen.