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If you can't stand the heat, you're not going to last long in Gordon Ramsay's kitchen.

Recaps by Chico & Quisla Alexander, GSNN

Host Gordon Ramsay
Sous Chefs James Avery
Andrea "Andi" van Willigan
Maitre d' Jean-Philippe "JP" Susilovic
Announcer Jason Thompson
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Kent Weed
Gordon Ramsay
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14 Chefs Compete
April 23

Last week in Hell, the men finally won a challenge, but they couldn't pull out a win at dinner. Then again, neither could the women, leaving four nominees to stand in the firing line and one - Jessica - getting BURNED. Tonight, we celebrate Earth Week (Greenitmeanitfox) by exploring our wild side.

GREEN FACT #1: it takes less energy to prepare farm fresh food than it does to create food from frozen or processed ingredients. That said...

SKILL DRILL #6: Catch It, Cook It (farm fresh ingredients)

The chefs will have to match up their desired protein (which, by the way, is still walking) with a starch by caging it into a corresponding pen. Each chef will have up to 10 minutes to do so, and up to 40 minutes to cook their protein and their starch.

Did we mention that Nedra is "scared (poopie)less" of these critters? That's important.

After the catching comes the cooking. You have 40 minutes to turn your critter into lunch. Judging alongside Ramsay: one of the best new chefs in America. The chef/owner of Animal in Los Angeles, John Shook. One of Susan's idols... And squee-worthy.

In the end, there are seven dishes, but only five of them are being scrutinized. The Reds drop Cyndi & Jacqueline's dishes, while the Blues cut Jon (self-imposed)... but still wonder between Dan and Michael's dish. Dan gets the axe. And Dan is not happy. He gives America the business finger.

NEDRA: Turkey Legs with Sweet Potato Strings
RAY: Turkey Meatballs with Pasta
WINNER: NEDRA (Reds up, 1-0)

SUSAN: Duck Breast with Citrus Quinoa
ANTHONY: Seared Duck with Jasmine Rice.
WINNER: SUSAN (Reds up, 2-0) ... Squee!

ZACH: Lamb with Roasted Potatoes
MARY: Pecan Crusted Lamb with Couscous
WINNER: ZACH (Reds up, 2-1)

AMANDA: Seared Pork with Cheesy Gratin
BARRET: Pan Seared Pork with ... who cares. Cooked beats overcooked.
WINNER: BARRET (Tied at 2)

JA'NEL: Goat & Wild Mushroom Ragout
MICHAEL: Goat Rib with Couscous... "This is something I'd feel my dog."
WINNER: .... JA'NEL with the Dish of the Day (REDS WIN, 3-2)

For the record, had Dan's dish been chosen over Michael's, The Blues would have won. Maybe. They'd be in with a chance.

The Reds are going to get a VIP treatment at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, while the Blues stay behind and prep for... Family Night. That of course means... a petting zoo, where the animals eat better than most of the patrons of Hell's Kitchen. True story.

GREEN FACT #2: "One of the ways that you, as chefs, can actually help these penguins is by sourcing responsible seafood at your restaurants."

Dan, being the team's whiny punching bag since the loss this afternoon... has decided to walk out of the punishment. Dan's new strategy: take care of DAN.

The next day, how does the Blue Team solve a problem like Dan? Simple... a) look at the Reds and how they're united. For now. b) Do what they do.

It's Family Night on HK. And joining the festivities... The four Ramsay kids (Megan, Tilly, and twins Jack and Holly), being fed by the Blues. Don't let them down, and more importantly, don't let yourselves down.


DINNER SERVICE #7: Family Night

For tonight's special even, we have a pizza margherita, cheeseburger & fries, and panko-crusted chicken fingers. Good timing is essential, as the kids meals will be served with the adult apps. And the first mistake comes with a blue pizza seeing red. Dan also sees red, and the team tries to rally back around him. That... doesn't go over well with Dan. Jacqueline's scallops are not better. That causes the Red ticket to be restarted. The guests... are busy entertaining themselves. The men's first order (take 2)... is served.

Half an hour into service, and apps are bouncing back. Back in the Blues, Ramsay's next order is important... that's his wife & kids. You mess with the man's wife, he'll ream you one. Example.. cold burger. And true to form, Ramsay goes all medieval and stuff.

Ninety minutes in, and a cold burger puts the Blues at a standstill. The second try... is served to the Ramsay table. Now to play catchup on the rest of the kitchen. The Reds complete their apps/kids meals and are onto entrees. Mary and Jacqueline are on the clock. Mary's beef is on the money. Finally. On the other hand, Barret on the blue meat station has to get it together. He can't. Raw lamb. Meanwhile, the customers are wondering if they're ever going to be fed. Second time lucky for the lamb. And the rest of the entrees are next. But can the kitchens get in synch? Not with Barret on meat.

The women are on their last ticket. And... DONE! Now they have to jump into the Blue Kitchen and save the guys. AGAIN.

Chef James' wife is about to get raw chicken. And she's pregnant. GOOD ONE. The Reds take over the kitchen, and literally make the Blues their bitch. Dinner's over, and Mary's on top of the world. The Blues... not so much. THEY'RE nominating tonight.

Michael is livid to have worked with "so many (bleeping) amateurs", calling out Ray's burger, Barret's chicken, and Dan's.... being Dan. All Zach can say is "sometimes you have to wake up." Barret wants to punch Dan in the face. Can't say I don't blame him.


Jon nominates Barret (raw chicken) and Dan (being a little bleep).

Dan says he knows how to cook. Barret says he gives a crap.

But it's game over... for DAN. At long last. Can't work as a team player. Leaving, he calls Barret a "weapons-grade douchebag", Zach a two-faced (bleep), Michael "S-T-O-O-P-I-D stupid" and tells the entire team to shove it up their asses.

Ramsay threatens the blues with eliminating MORE than one at a time if this skid continues. Speaking of... here's Ramsay...

"Dan was just too much of a wild card. There's NO WAY I'm betting a restaurant in Vegas on him."

To see this episode in its entirety, go to fox.com/hellskitchen.