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If you can't stand the heat, you're not going to last long in Gordon Ramsay's kitchen.

Recaps by Chico & Quisla Alexander, GSNN

Host Gordon Ramsay
Sous Chefs James Avery
Andrea "Andi" van Willigan
Maitre d' Jean-Philippe "JP" Susilovic
Announcer Jason Thompson
Creator Gordon Ramsay
EP Arthur Smith
Kent Weed
Gordon Ramsay
Packager A. Smith & Co. Productions
ITV Studios America
Origins Century Studios, Los Angeles
Web fox.com/hellskitchen
Airs 8p Mon & Tues, Fox

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20 Chefs Compete
March 12

It's a restaurant unlike any other. And in this restaurant, wishes become dreams... and dreams become NIGHTMARES. And when the doors open tonight, it'll be for the 10th anniversary season... AND when the prize is a head chef position at Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill in Caesars Palace Las Vegas... the gloves are off, and the rules are out the window.

So who gets the dubious honor of cooking for our fiery Scot this year?

The Red Team (Women) includes:

- Gina Aloise (49; Bronx, NY; line cook)
- Jacqueline Baldassari (27; Florence, NJ; roundsman)
- Danielle Boom (33; Atlanta; executive chef)
- Amanda Giblin (28; Orange County, NY; executive chef)
- Nedra Harris (24; Detroit; kitchen manager)
- Susan Heaton (29; Whittier, CA; culinary student)
- Jessica Lewis (26; New York City; chef tournant)
- Mary Poehnelt (26; Belchertown, MA; butcher)
- Cyndi Stanimirov (25; Queens, NY; head chef)
- Ja'Nel Witt (31; Houston; executive chef)

The Blue Team (Men) includes:

- Ray Alongi (51; Boston; executive chef)
- Barret Beyer (25; Long Island, NY; head chef)
- Michael Langdon (33; Plains, PA; executive chef)
- Jeremy Madden (22; Los Angeles; lead cook)
- Anthony Rodriguez (27; New Orleans; line chef)
- Christian Rosati (38; Boston; line cook/sandwich maker)
- Sebastian Royo (32; Brooklyn; sous chef)
- Dan Ryan (27; Westchester, NY; head cook)
- Jon Scallion (27; York, PA; chef de cuisine)
- Zach Womack (34; Philadelphia; head line cook)

They all board a bus.. but they're not headed to HK. They're going to LAS VEGAS to kick it off. And they're excited! They're so excited! Nineteen of you are going down like the Transformers you fought in the opening. Just reminding you there.

Meanwhile, they THINK they're going on a 4-D adventure ride. Oh, they're going on a ride all right, and they're going on an adventure. And I think this is the same theatre that they did TPIR's 30th anniversary special in. Interesting.

By the way, assisting Andi in the kitchen this year is a NEW resident bald guy, James Avery. Not to be confused with Uncle Phil.

SKILL DRILL #1: Signature Dish (creativity & identity)

In front of this packed audience, you are to create a dish that describes who you are on a plate. And you have 45 minutes to do so. Good (^_^)ing luck.

- Danielle: Chicken Parmesan
- Barret: Pork Loin Roulade

- Nedra: (after much needed prayer)... double grilled potatoes with rosemary lamb
- Sebastian: Shrimp & Salmon Corn Dog
WINNER: NEDRA (Reds lead, 1-0)

- Susan: Raw lamb. Seriously. With overcooked couscous
- Jeremy: Stuffed Ribeye with Smoked Gouda

- Ja'Nel: Thai-Grilled Prawns with Asian Pesto
- Ray: Stuffed Veal Cutlet with Prosciutto
WINNER: BOTH! (Reds lead, 2-1)

- Gina: Penne Pasta with Stuffed Brigole
- Dan: Eggs Benedict with Champagne Hollandaise

After a fast-forward, we're tied at 3.

- Jessica: Pan-Seared Wahoo
- Anthony: Barbecue Scallop Po'Boy
WINNER: Jessica (Reds lead, 4-3)

- Christian: Pasta alla Norma
- Mary: Pan-Seared Duck Breast

- Zach: Grilled Pork Chop with Mustard Greens
- Jacqueline: Roasted Magret Duck Breast with Currant Au Jus
WINNER: ... JACQUELINE (Reds win, 5-4)

The ladies are going on a VIP trip through Vegas for the rest of the night! The men... are going back to Hell's Kitchen in a rundown school bus. A long drive through Death Valley. The last time they checked, it should make it. But the AC still doesn't work, so... while they're schlubbing back to LA in a hot bus with Sebastian running his mouth off, the ladies are rolling like rock stars, complete with naked model sushi. Well, not REALLY naked...

Meanwhile, the bus makes an unscheduled stop. Actually, and this is one thing you learn watching 10 years of "Hell's Kitchen".... it's always tamer before the editing. It's just a bathroom break. Over in Vegas... two words... Celine Dion. Saw her perform in Chapel Hill. Yeah, she's the real. After the show, the plane back to LA. And they manage to beat the guys back to the dorms. Which got a major makeover over the last year.

One hour later, the guys arrive. And now it's time to study the menu. Unless you're Gina. Then you play with your puppet, Chef Alfredo al Dente. Then you play with others. Then others think you're insane.

The next day, it's time to prep for the grand reopening of HK... and Gina is still in bed. She eventually gets up and joins the others downstairs to receive their JA Henckels knife kits. Gina, with extreme trepidation. The men are a picture of teamwork, while the women are not fully focused. Namely, Gina, who has to see a medic about her sudden wonkiness..... and we'll find out what the cause of it is in a moment, but right now, let's pause 10 seconds for stations to identify themselves across the Fox Broadcasting Company...

(10 seconds)

Before we open the doors, let's see where Gina is right now... well, physically she'll be fine. Mentally, she checked out a long time ago. She's working on herself in the dorms. Jeremy's... working on getting oriented to stuff.

And here comes Gina, who says she's going to bounce back.

And now, Ramsay is guaranteeing a complete dinner service for the 11th opening. We'll stop at nothing. Meanwhile, JP (after THREE YEARS) arrives... finally... which can only mean one thing...


DINNER SERVICE #1: The Complete Dinner Service

Amanda and Christian will also be serving ale-steamed mussels.

Gina starts her sojourn into hell by burning scallops... just kidding, they were perfect. Which is a lot better than what the men are doing right now, which is being silent. Their first dish... raw risotto. Meanwhile, Zach's scallops are perfect, while Christian goes ahead and serves a customer wiithout serving the entire table. On the red side, the scallops were overcooked while the risotto is ready and waiting. Looks like Nedra and Gina are going to be REALLY GOOD FRIENDS. Gina is the first lady to be ejected. "There's gonna be war." Uh oh.

On the blues, the men are ready for the first ticket... again. And second time's the charm. Let's keep it going... with spicy spaghetti. Come on. Meanwhile, Sebastian is kicked out... because he called Chef Zach "Zachy-wachy". Meanwhile, Christian is serving mussels, whether the diners ordered them or not.  Red Team, on the other hand, is getting the apps out. Now it's time for the entrees. Susan can remember them. Danielle... can't. Jon (without Sebastian) gets the men on track. They're on entrees now. Michael cooks lamb every day. Barret cooks the wellies. Michael knows his lamb is cooked. Which means... it isn't. Barret... same with the wellington. Cindy & Jessica hope to deliver on the meat station. Jessica is fresh out of culinary school... and it takes over two minutes to slice through the lamb. At least she can cook it. Barret's refired wellingtons are perfect, but Michael's lamb needs a little more time. Make that a LOT more time. Michael & Barret are about to be accosted when Sebastian comes back! Yay... Now all three of you can leave. And we're down to 16 in the kitchen, with ZERO entrees coming from the Blue Kitchen. And if Sebastian comes back, he's gone for good.

Meanwhile, the Reds are looking for kale. Protein's good, but we need GREENS. Susan spends so much time helping Danielle that she neglects to watch HER garnish. That move proves costly. And so does this from Danielle... Can't remember a thing.

The guys are cranking out entrees (finally), but Jeremy's kale is on fire. And so is his mouth. His brain, on the other hand... another one for the meat grinder. Meanwhile, Ramsay is sending lamb without potatoes, hoping the diner won't notice. Jacqueline is... not doing much. She leaves...with the water she's looking for. And by the way... the customer noticed.

The Blues are refiring more dishes than sending out. And the risotto... sends Jon and Dan out. That's six men down. And Ray sticks his finger to taste defeat. Make it eight. That leaves Zach and his panic attack ... and his puke. He returns and knocks it out of the park. That's the passion Ramsay needs.

Meanwhile, 12 chefs are left to stew in the dorms. The Reds meanwhile have finally found a rhythm, while Zach is on the attack. He ends up finishing service.... as does the remnants of the Red Team. First service done.

The end result... the RED Team wins the service, on the back that there were more of them. After praising Zach for keeping up the fight, he sends the Blues back to nominate as a team. As Ramsay guarantees a full service, Zach guarantees that the guilty parties will be made to answer. The guys seem fixed on Jeremy and his torched greens. "You stepped on me real hard, bro! You don't even know where the (^_^) I'm from!" ...

Jeremy.... Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy...

- Jeremy Madden (22; Los Angeles; lead cook)

Michael and Sebastian are also brought to task.


Zach nominates Jeremy (he refused to take criticism and assistance), who admits to be "frustrated" while "lashing out". Second nominee... Sebastian (good guy, but not serious).

Sebastian says he loves cooking, and he knows he drops the ball. He knows his problem is his attitude. He needs to correct it. Jeremy says he fought for everything in his life. He succeeded in almost everything he tried, saying he dropped the ball.

The first person leaving Hell's Kitchen tonight....


SEBASTIAN. It's a kitchen, not a place for comedians.

"Sebastian tried to be funny...but it was his cooking that was the joke."

To see this episode in its entirety, go to fox.com/hellskitchen.