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Forty men and women have come to Hollywood with one goal: to take on the next generation of American Gladiators for a shot at $100,000.

Recaps by Joe Mello, GSNN

Hosts: Hulk Hogan & Laila Ali
Gladiators: Gina Carano (Crush), Monica Carlson (Jet), Alex Castro (Militia), Robin Coleman (Hellga), Evan Dollard (Rocket), Breaux Greer (Hurricane), Beth Horn (Venom), Mike O'Hearn (Titan), Tanoai Reed (Toa), Justice Smith (Justice), Erin Toughill (Steel), Corinne van Ryck de Groot (Panther), Valerie Waugaman (Siren), Jennifer Widerstrom (Phoenix), Xin Wuku (Zen), Don "Hollywood" Yates (Wolf)
Referee: Al Kaplon
Announcer: Van Earl Wright
Creators: Johnny Ferraro & Dan Carr
EP: Howard T. Owens, Mark Koops, Johnny C. Ferraro, J. Rupert Thompson
Origin: Gladiator Arena, LA Sports Arena, Los Angeles
Packager: Reveille, Room 403 Productions, MGM


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Preliminaries 7: The Newlywed Game... Sort of
June 30

Monday night, so you know what that means.  Here come the newlyweds!

Ally Davidson
5’6” 126 lbs
Sales Rep.

Jeff Davidson
5’10”, 160 lbs.
Financial Advisor

Kendra Sirignano
5’7” 126 lbs
Social Worker

Aaron Simpson
6’0” 193 lbs
Wrestling Coach

We start with the hubbies and Joust.  Titan is going for the Glads, and 6 seconds later, we have two downed contenders.  That’s right.  3 seconds each.  A spectacular pair of goose eggs to start.

The women won’t have that problem as they start with Powerball.  Phoenix, Hellga, and Steel try to defend, but the wives get 3 points each.  Kendra gets a special bonus of getting jacked up by Steel as time expired, but luckily, she wasn’t hurt.

Next up is Men’s Pyramid.  Jeff gets Wolf, and Aaron gets Justice.  The wrestling coach is able to get the high ground, and all Justice is able to get is a piece of this jersey.  Aaron becomes only the 2nd contender this version (and first male contender) to get 10 points, and he does it in 18 seconds.

From one climb to another—it’s time for Women’s Wall.  Jet’s going after Ally and Venom’s on Kendra.  After a long struggle, Kendra finally yields, but Ally is able to keep her distance and gets to the top in 52 seconds for 10 big points and a 13-3 lead.

That was the wives, and now the husbands.  Aaron gets Rocket and Jeff draws Toa.  Rocket shows why he dominated the Wall last season, passing Aaron and pulling him off.  Jeff, on the other hand, shows that Rocket’s feat was nothing.  42 seconds later, he’s at the top, tying the match at 10.

Back to the wives with Earthquake and Crush’s yet-to-be-defeated record.  She’s able to separate herself from Ally and Ally from the support cable for another win.  Kendra hung by a foot—Crush’s foot—but refused to yield and earned 5 for a draw.  Ally’s lead is now only 13-8.

Next up: the new event of Sideswipe.  2 goals are situated at either end of a series of 5 pedestals.  The contender must get balls from one side to the other by hopping across without running into the 3 swinging Gladiators who will try to—appropriately enough—sideswipe the contender into the drink.  Each goal scored in 60 seconds is worth one point.

Before we start, let’s catch up with the men who were definitely busy.  Rocketball was a barnburner with Aaron winning 12-7.  In Hang Tough, Hurricane looked out of his element, yielding 10 points to both contenders.  So after a scoreless start, it’s all of a sudden 32-27 in Aaron’s favor.

Jeff gets the first shot at Sideswipe and he has to deal with Toa, Wolf, and Hurricane.  He’s able to get 4 points before working up too much momentum.  Add that to a kick in a rear by Wolf and he ends up wet.  Aaron, on the other hand, is able to stay dry and go at a faster pace, getting a nice 7 to extend his lead to 39-31 after the full 6.

On the women’s side, Ally dominated Rocketball with a 10-4 victory, but the Gladiators dominated Skytrack.  That leaves us with Ally on the better side of a 23-12 score.

For women’s Sideswipe, Venom, Siren, and Phoenix will be the trio of swingers.  Ally is able to get 3 before getting clipped by Venom.  Kendra does one better before getting completely T-boned by Phoenix.  Despite winning the event, the score is still 26-16.

It’s Eliminator time, and since we already have 6 on the leaderboard, someone’s going to get bumped.  Luckily, anything on this side of respectable will have a chance to survive.  We start with the husbands.  Aaron’s 4-second headstart holds up, but Jeff is able to pass him on the handbike and never looks back.  Despite a failed attempted to slingshot up the Travellator, Jeff makes it up and over in an amazing 1:34.5!


Jeff Davidson*


Mike Gamble*


Randee Haynes*


Brick Reilly


Tony Tolbert


Gerry Garcia


Now that the dead weight has dropped, the board is stacking up quite nicely.  With Jeff safely in the semis, it looks like the final 6 men will have to post a sub-3 minute time to even get on the bubble.

With that amazing effort, the wives will have to be on their best to match.  Luckily for Jeff, his partner has a 5-second lead which turns out to be rock solid.  She had an outside chance at getting under 2 minutes herself, but Ally will just have to settle with a wire-to-wire victory in 2:08.2, still lapping the field by at least 50 seconds.


Ally Davidson*


Tiffaney Florentine*


Abbe Dorn*


Lillian Thomassen


Vanessa Warren


Rochelle Gilken


The last few ladies will have to run under 4 minutes to get on the board, but will need to get under 3 and a half to improve their chances of advancing.

So the Davidson family is moving on to the next level together.  Next week, 4 big losers will hope to do the same.