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Forty men and women have come to Hollywood with one goal: to take on the next generation of American Gladiators for a shot at $100,000.

Recaps by Joe Mello, GSNN

Hosts: Hulk Hogan & Laila Ali
Gladiators: Gina Carano (Crush), Monica Carlson (Jet), Alex Castro (Militia), Robin Coleman (Hellga), Evan Dollard (Rocket), Beth Horn (Venom), Mike O'Hearn (Titan), Tanoai Reed (Toa), Justice Smith (Justice), Erin Toughill (Steel), Valerie Waugaman (Siren), Jennifer Widerstrom (Phoenix), Xin Wuku (Zen), Don "Hollywood" Yates (Wolf)
Referee: Al Kaplon
Announcer: Van Earl Wright
Creators: Johnny Ferraro & Dan Carr
EP: Howard T. Owens, Mark Koops, Johnny C. Ferraro, J. Rupert Thompson
Origin: Gladiator Arena, LA Sports Arena, Los Angeles
Packager: Reveille, Room 403 Productions, MGM


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Preliminaries 4: Hulk Special
June 9

We took a week off on Monday to allow the Detroit Red Wings and Pittsburgh Penguins to have one of the most epic Stanley Cup matches to take place.  Tonight, we salute another type of epic—epically green—in a one-hour Incredibly Hulkified Gladiators special. 

Rochelle Gilken
4’11” 113 lbs
Crime Reporter

Chaunda Mason
5’5” 113 lbs
Mother, Army Vet.

Our ladies start the night off with Hang Tough and Phoenix.  AG’s smallest competitor proves little challenge, and Chaunda doesn’t fare much better.  0’s all around for round 1.

Landon Jones
6’2” 216 lbs
Medical Device Salesman

Tony Tolbert
5’10” 150 lbs
Science Teacher

Round 1 for the men is Gauntlet and the order of Zen, Titan, Toa, and Justice.  A neat little twist is that stations 2 and 4 are armed with Hulk Hands instead of the typical whacking implements.  Landon was a former standout safety is able to blow through everyone and get 10 points in 12 seconds.  Toa and Justice are roadblocks for Tony, but he is able to power through for 10 as well.

Our 2nd round is a full event—Assault, and Hellga will be manning the cannon once more for the women.  Rochelle gets hit sliding into the 3rd station, so she only gets 2 points.  Chaunda nearly scores with the bazooka, but that’s as good as it gets.  It’s 3-2 Chaunda at the half.  On the men’s side, Justice will be gunning Glad.  Tony is able to get through 4 stations before timing out, and the former Colorado St. star gets through 5.  It’s 15-14 Landon after 2.

Round 3 for the women will be Vertigo, and Jet will be doing the climbing.  Jet gets the hole shot over Chaunda, but the contender gets to the scoring zone for 5 before Jet scores a win.  Rochelle’s lack of height became her undoing, as she got shut out.  8-2, Chaunda after 3.

To the men we go and it’s time for a special green-balled Powerball.  On the defensive will be Titan, Toa, and Wolf.  Landon is far and away the winner here, 5-2 (remember, we’re counting by 1’s) and extends his lead 20-16.

Also on the docket tonight, Steel shutout the women on Tilt, and she and Crush did the same on Skytrack, so we wrap up the women’s night with Joust.  Crush remains undefeated after vanquishing Rochelle, and eked out a win over Chaunda (with 1.2 seconds left), so it’s still 8-2 Chaunda heading into the final.

On the men’s side, Skytrack yielding nothing thanks to Rocket and Wolf, while Milita and Zen got victories on the Wall.  Their night also concludes with Joust and a very mean, very green Titan.  Neither contender lasted 10 seconds, so it’s still 20-16 heading into the Eliminator.

We start with the women’s Eliminator.  Chaunda gets a 3-second advantage despite the low scoring.  The lead evaporates at the start of the net, and Rochelle starts leading at the top.  Chaunda retakes the lead soon after and that takes her all the way to the Travellator.  Both go up to the top at the same time, but Rochelle is able to climb over first and claim victory in 3:48.  On the men’s side, Landon has a 2-second head start.  Tony is able to keep pace throughout and it pays off.  He takes a brief lead on the seesaw and is able to get through the Travellator and win in 2:55.

Next time, we fill out our leaderboard.  And twins!