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Twenty-four men and women have come to Hollywood with one goal: to take on the next generation of American Gladiators for a shot at $100,000.

Recaps by Joe Mello, GSNN

Hosts: Hulk Hogan & Laila Ali
Gladiators: Justice (Justice Smith), Toa (Tanoai Reed), Titan (Mike O'Hearn), Militia (Alex Castro), Wolf (Don "Hollywood" Yates), Mayhem (Romeo Williams), Crush (Gina Carano), Siren (Valerie Waugaman), Venom (Beth Horn), Fury (Jamie Kovac), Stealth (Tanji Johnson),  Hellga (Robin Coleman)
Referee: Al Kaplon
Announcer: Van Earl Wright
Creators: Johnny Ferraro & Dan Carr
EP: Howard T. Owens, Mark Koops, Johnny C. Ferraro, J. Rupert Thompson
Origin: Gladiator Arena, Sony Pictures Studios, Culver City, CA
Packager: Reveille, Room 403 Productions, MGM


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Semi-Finals 2
February 11

Last time, Shanay Norvell and Evan Dollard got their tickets punched for the final round. Who will join them? In 90 minutes, we'll have the answer.

Andy Konigsmark
unknown specs
Christian youth minister

Alex Rai
58 150 lbs
History teacher

Monica Carlson
 57 130 lbs
Soccer mom/fitness model

Venus Ramos
unknown specs
Rehab physician

First event in the battle of teacher vs. preacher is Hit & Run. Doing the running first, Andy, who scored 8 the last time out, followed by Alex, who hit seven buzzers for 14. Doing the hitting, Titan, Justice, Mayhem, and Wolf. Andy is stuck in the middle of a grudge match... Winners... Gladiators. Andy can only manage 2 before the preacher gets baptized at the hands of Mayhem. Alex looks like he may break his own record, but  he gets 6 before he trips himself up despite anything of what Titan said. Still, it's good enough to leead, 6-2.

Now to the women... Like Andy, Venus came into Gladiator Arena as an alternate. Unlike Andy, though, she was the subject of one of the greatest Eliminator comebacks ever. Monica posted one of the fastest times on the Eliminator ever. Today, they match up in Powerball first. This will be Venus' first foray in the arena that sent the woman she replaced to rehab. Monica scored 6 last time. Tonight, they face off against Crush, Fury, and Hellga. Fury looks like she's favoring a leg, while both ladies manages to slam one in the center pod. Monica comes away with it, 9-7, but they are literally running on nothing.

Next, the guys will try to grab a ring and Hang Tough. Andy's just going to try and go straight. He'll face the seven-foot wingspan of Justice. Both don't start at each other until six seconds in. He hangs on for 5. Justice gets a drag in for the hell of it. Now to Alex, who neutered the Wolf last time on Hang Tough. Tonight, he feels the power of Justice, who scissors him, and then grapples him under. No points, but one bloody nose. Andy takes the lead, 7-6.

Ladies get to Hang Tough next. It's Monica's first time, and she's up against Venom. Monica's aggressive on the rings, but Monica passes through an opening and picks up 10 easy ones. Venus is also a newbie at Hang Tough... but the outcome... vastly different. Venus gives us a belly flop. Monica extends her lead to 12, 19-7.

Time for the guys to run the Gauntlet against Titan, Mayhem, Toa, and the long arm of Justice. "Gonna make the preacher see the light!" But he makes believers of the Gladiators, even after Justice puts the smack on him. He's got 10. How about Alex, also a first-timer at the Gauntlet up against half a ton of Gladiator. End result... Justice says... NONE SHALL PASS. He's got 6. Andy extends his lead, 17-12.

Next up, the ladies will Joust against Siren. Last time, Venus went down pretty hard... but fast. Venus gets a step off and then a swim. She was gone before she hit the water, to add insult to injury. Monica, on the other hand, send the Gladiator to the pool. Second verse... same as the first. Big shot to the head when Siren went low means she's gone swimmin'. Monica is wide-out, 29-7.

Fourth event for the men is Joust. Alex is going to go through a trial by fire against Wolf. Wolf gives a coulple hard shots, and then waves bye-bye as Alex gets his bell rung. Andy took a bad beat against Titan, and ever since, he's not taken a shine to this even. With Wolf taking a shot and a misstep, Andy gets a change of heart quickly. He leads, 27-12.

Ladies get ready to scale the Wall next. First time for both Venus and Monica. Monica's going to be chased by Siren, while Venus gets to meet Venom... hopefully not the hard way. So much for that. Venus is the first one to be given the business down there. Monica, another story. She shakes Siren off and finishes her ascent to the summit for the 39-7 lead.

Next, the Wall awaits the men. Toa from Samoa will chase Andy, while Alex hopes to dodge the one-man Militia. The contenders give the Glads NOTHING as Alex gets the 10, shortly followed by Andy for 5. Alex cuts into his lead, and thus, his head start on the Eliminator. Andy will get 5 seconds in the jungle thanks to the 32-22 score before Alex is unleashed.

Last event for the women before Eliminator is Pyramid. Last time, Venus took the backdoor to 5, while Monica got 10. Monica'll have to get past Crush, while Venus will have to make it past Siren. Gladiators, though, make it do what it do. No points, meaning that the score remains 39-7, giving Monica a 16-second head start in the Eliminator.

The battle of Preacher vs. Teacher comes to its stunning climax as Andy is the first to begin his assault on Eliminator. By the time Alex gets to start, Andy's already beginning his swim under the firewall. Alex manages to pull even at the handbikes. They pull even again at the Travellator... but Andy gets to his feet... and slips! This is Alex's big chance. And he takes it. Final time: 1:49.1. And he needs a medic badly.

Now to the marquee matchup. Fastest Women's Eliminator time vs. Greatest Women's Eliminator comeback. Shanay Norvell awaits the winner of this race. Monica has a 16-second advantage going in. She makes it to the cargo net before Venus is released and never looks back... okay, once, when she fell off the handbikes. This one is no contest. Monica breaks her own record time, 1:54.1. And Venus finishes the course.

And there are the finals...

Evan Dollard: 1.23.0
Alex Rai: 1:49.1

Shanay Norvell: 1:51.0
Monica Carlson: 1:54.1

Sunday night, the brawl for it all, the doubleheader for all the cheddar. $100,000, a 2008 Toyota Sequoia, and a chance to come back this summer as a new American Gladiator. Two hours, two winners. Be there or beware...