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Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Scott Lasky
Creator: Sherwood Schwartz (based on original characters)
EP: Mike Fleiss, Sherwood Schwartz, Lloyd J. Schwartz
Packager: Next Entertainment, Telepictures Productions
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"The Tiny Ship Was Tossed" - December 14

Last night, the first vote. Today, the aftermath, as Glenn is surprised that Rachel voted the way she did (for him). "I think that Rachel picked my voodoo doll because it was a retaliation for the coconut game." His vote is to win, and he's taking the game seriously. "My goal is to win. I'm going to vote my wife off! But you said some things that made people not trust me, and that was a low blow."

So who else voted for Glenn? Skipper Jim? Professor Pat? Yeah, that sounds about right.

Back at their hut, Millionaire Mindy is tired of all the talk about strategizing. "All we've been doing is strategizing. We talk about strategizing, we strategize at the beach, he never stops strategizing. There's other things besides strategizing!" Mindy begins to demonstrate one of those "other things"... but then Glenn says "So the Skipper is the swing vote." Way to kill the mood.

Rachel and Chris discuss breaking the alliance. "Rachel is smart enough to see that the best way to crumble an alliance would be to turn Glenn and I against each other." Sounds like a game plan. He tells Kate that all he wants is freedom to vote his conscience. "Chris and I had this tight bond like we were going to vote together, then Rachel... put the thought about breaking the alliance into his mind." Basically put, she's in it for herself now.

Swing montage! Okay, that was fun...

"Attention castaways! Attention castaways! The key to victory is within your reach."

Who's up to being tied up? Here's the score, there are three treasure boxes. And in the treasure boxes? Treasure: $5000 in coins and cash. While one partner is blindfolded, another is handcuffed to a pole, directing the visually impaired teammate to the spot in the sand that holds the key to both the box and to the shackles. The first team to unlock their box KEEPS the treasure.

The teams: Mindy/Glenn (of course), Chris/Kate (of course), and "Skip"/Rachel (of course). The girls are tied... Heh, while the guys go digging. Chris is the first to find a key, while Glenn finds one key and searches the same hole for the next one. Glenn and Chris race back with their second keys at the same time while Rachel is still waiting for the Skip to dig up a first! Kate and Chris are first to the box, as they unlock their treasure!

Oh, and Jim found the first key. At long last. Yay. Rachel's happy as long as the Millionaires didn't get it.

That night, Mindy makes fart noises at the tub.  She and Kate talk about Chris never having a massage in his life. That is soon remedied, as Chris gets to enjoy a massage and his $2500. But then again, Chris is still bothered about Mr. Stearns and his alliance. "The whole ally thing is something I can't be a part of. I'm going to vote my own way," he finally says to Glenn, who immediately thought about what Rachel might have said. Chris denies. Glenn tells Chris to keep thinking about the game and possible influences. And speaking of, Rachel says that yeah, she did put the thought of independence into Chris' mind. Glenn goes to Kate to see if she is still playing ball, but then again, Kate does hear about what Chris says and she agrees with it. Dissatisfied with her neutrality, Glenn heads back to ... strategize some more. "I'm having a good time, I'm taking it one day at a time and that's worked for me," says Mindy, who still hasn't told Glenn that she's a bit tired of the whole strategy game. "I'm just being me. I'm not trying to be nice because that's a strategy."

Jim and Chris... Oh, you remember a while ago, Chris had a Gilligan anchor on his shirt? This is where it came from Jim drew it. Pretty cool. They have "an unspoken alliance" because of geography.

Next morning, the Stearnses head out fishing, mostly as yet another strategy move. Mindy takes it... well, as a millionaire could take it while banging a fish against a rock. The Skip is feeling threatened over his role as provider. But then again, everyone's enjoying it... well almost. "I'm not going to be won over by a fish," Rachel says.

And just as the fish was beginning to digest, Thanksgiving turns into the Last Supper.

"Attention castaways! Attention castaways! Hold on. You have a lot of obstacles to overcome."

Of course, it's an obstacle course at the lagoon! One by one, each castaways will will swing down a zip line, swim to a platform, cross logs, swim to a cargo net, climb to the top and stand inside a circle, and for what? A life-preserver and a guaranteed one-in-five shot at $250,000 and a new car. Fastest one wins. Glenn is first... and his pants are down. He clocks in at 43.12 seconds. Mindy gets 44.47, not good enough. The Skip... is still going at 2 minutes. Kate clocks in at 49.47. Chris gets 45.81. It's all up to Rachel, who still has that thing about water. We have a winner.... Rachel's time... 43 seconds.... 47 milliseconds. Glenn wins by a hair. "I felt like a trapped chicken."

Time to get dressed for the elimination at Voodoo Village. Glenn is hoping that Mindy will stick around. Kate tells the millionaires that Chris' vote will stay as is.

Chris believes that he needs to fix a mistake. Rachel thinks that people need to start using their own minds. Meanwhile, Mindy works on Jim and Kate...  will it work? Not one of them is safe... well, Glenn is.

And speaking of which, it's time for the vote at Voodoo Village.

Glenn votes for Rachel. "I hope this plays into my strategy. Nothing personal." Chris votes for Mindy. "Just trying to even out the playing field."

The other four votes... Kate... Mindy.... Rachel.... and Rachel. The movie star has been edited off to the other side of the island. Final words: "Thank you for an awesome experience. They've been traumatic and amazing."

Meanwhile, Glenn wonders if he could have possibly made a mistake. "Rachel was my biggest threat, but now that I think about it, she could have been my biggest ally. I'm not sure if I did the right thing or not," admits Millionaire Glenn. Receiving a vote toward elimination (later revealed from Jim) throws off Kate. This vote proved more than anything... it's still anyone's game to lose.

Next time, two hours... and one rescue. Can Kate hold off the pressure? Will Chris keep his lone stand? Is the game really worth the Stearnses' marriage? Find out... next time.

We end as Glenn takes the liberty of a free shower... with Rachel Hunter. Every heterosexual man's dream.

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