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Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Scott Lasky
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"The Weather Started Getting Rough" - December 14

Last time, we crowned our final seven castaways: Gilligan Chris, Skipper Jim, Millionaires Glenn & Mindy, Movie Star Rachel, Professor Pat, and Mary Ann Kate. But just as the castaways were celebrating their newfound unity...

"Attention castaways! Attention castaways! There's a hurricane approaching. Evacuate immediately! Evacuate immediately!"

My that lightning looks fake. The castaways return from a cave to find that surprisingly, the love shacks are still in one piece. That's about it, though, as they begin the cleanup. Afterwards... Glenn has a nap.

Scott arrives with news (again) on how the game will change. From here on, it's every castaway for themselves (including Mr. and Mrs. Stearns). And from here on out, it's Survivor: the sitcom, as players compete for reward competitions and a life-preserver, signaling safety from the next vote to banish one player to the other side of the island.

In the end, only one will win... a 2005 Ford Mustang... and $250,000. Cash.

Rachel tells Pat that she thinks that some people may have formed alliances already, while Pat believes that alliances aren't ingenuous, and that Rachel feels the same way. There's.. one... way of forming an alliance.

Alliance #1: Glenn & Mindy. Glenn hopes that he isn't found out soon enough. He says that once it gets down to himself, Mindy, Chris, and Kate, it'll be that much easier to break the other two apart.

"Attention castaways! The jewel of the island is calling, but there's something fishy standing in the way. Report to the beach for the first individual reward competition."

Indeed, something fishy this way comes... as we have a pit of rotting fish. They have to find a ring swallowed by a fish. Person who does that wins a pepperoni pizza dinner. Oh, and did we mention the smell? Yeah, pretty gruesome.

Hand goes in, guts come out. That's what ring-finding's all about. Kate finds the ring, and she gets the pizza... and of course, since she can't possibly eat a whole pizza by herself, little buddy gets the pizza order as well.

So now we know the answer... Gilligan was a Mary Ann man. Thus Kate has a hot date tonight. Chris is looking forward to some pie... err, pizza. "Hold the anchovies," Mindy says.

That night, before the date, Rachel puts it forward that Glenn & Mindy are in cahoots, as Chris weighs his decision to ally with them. Rachel brought up some points about voting off the Millionaires first... and the only point Chris managed to get from her... is the one in his pants. The Millionaires want to listen in on the conversation. Glenn reminds Chris that this isn't about making friends anymore, that it's a game with real consequences.

Then it's off to share a pizza. They toast some wine to being the last two. They talk of some strategy while Chris pledges that he won't turn his back on Kate. After dinner... we learn that Gilligan did hit Mary Ann on the side.  If by "hit" you mean... snuggled.

The next morning, Chris is feeling great about "this whole entire thing." He and Kate share a shower. And by that, I mean, she showered and Chris pedaled and vice versa.

Glenn & Rachel start talking about the Ritz cracker incident from earlier in the series. But then, Glenn thinks that Rachel thinks that the millionaires are the biggest threats.

"Attention castaways! Who has what it takes to be the last castaway standing?"

Seven rings. One Scott. The rings are attached to three coconuts, and if all three are smashed, the ring goes up, and they're out of contention.  Last person standing wins safety from the vote at Voodoo Village. Yes, it's the standard pecking order challenge. And the pecking order dictates: ... that Pat and Chris want to get rid of themselves. No, seriously. In any case, order of elimination: Rachel, Pat, Jim, Kate, Glenn, Chris, and finally, Mindy. She wins the lifesaver and another day on Gilligan's Island.

That night, Rachel decides to let EVERYTHING out in the open about the alliance between the Stearnses, Chris, and Kate. "Rachel Hunter is an actress. I admire her for just going in there and just completely change the whole game," Glenn says. Kate is pissed about the Ritz cracker rumors that she allegedly spread. Rachel is pretty much reading exactly what was written. "It looked like she wasn't going to take any (^_^)," Jim says. Glenn believes that it may make more sense to keep Rachel tonight, but is that what the other women want? She thinks that the move will turn Gilligan & Mary Ann against them.

What does Rachel think? "I think [Mr. Stearns] really messed up today. I have warned all the people I could, and if I go tonight, then good luck to this lot." She then proceeds to give us two little birdies.

Glenn wants to run the island as his next strategy. He's able to buy up Chris and Kate.

Now to Voodoo Village, and the vote... Rachel and Pat vote for Glenn. And now the pull... Mr. Stearns... the Professor...Mr. Stearns... Mr. Stearns... The Professor... The Professor... The Professor. Pat has been banished to the other side of the island. Pat just says that he enjoyed it, and that he hopes to see everyone again.

But now that Rachel was given another day, will she take advantage of it? Find out... right now!

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