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Who'll be rescued from the REAL Gilligan's Island?

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Scott Lasky
Creator: Sherwood Schwartz (based on original characters)
EP: Mike Fleiss, Sherwood Schwartz, Lloyd J. Schwartz
Packager: Next Entertainment, Telepictures Productions
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"It's an Uphill Climb" - December 7

Last time, Mary Ann Amanda and Millionaire Beavens were exiled to the other side of the island, leaving Movie Stars Nicole and Rachel and Gilligans Gooner and Chris to fight it out for the final two slots on the island.

But of course, because you asked for it, we start with... gratuitous nudity! Prof. Pat and Skipper Jim take a walk on the beach to find Nicole showering and Rachel sunbathing. Oh yeah....

Millionaires Glenn & Mindy note that they've got the best sleep that they've had in a while, mainly because Bill & Donna are gonzo. Meanwhile Mary Ann Kate and Gilligan Chris think that they both took way too much to drink. Glenn thinks that Kate can only take Chris so far before she has to fish or cut baits. "Good for his character." Chris normally doesn't kiss and tell, but "nothing happened" between the first mate and the sweetheart.

"Anyone ever see Santa naked?" No, Rachel, and I thank you to not pursue that desire further. Especially when it involves Jim.

"Attention castaways... Attention Gingers. You're going to find out which star is going to make the biggest splash. Round up your fellow castaways and head to the lagoon for your head to head competition." Nicole's waiting for this day: "The odds of one team winning all the way down the line... It's close to impossible!" For Jim, it doesn't matter who he likes: only who'll win.

The challenge: an underwater obstacle course to get pearls. Dive into the water to collect oysters, while your Gilligans must shuck for pearls. It takes 15 pearls to make a necklace and one necklace to secure your place in the final 7. (Rachel) "Are they real?"  (Scott) "That's a good question, actually." Nicole has the advantage going into the challenge with the Baywatch experience. "Those shells are really deep and I can't do that deep because my ears really hurt."

Nicole does have the advantage, grabbing three or four shells at a time while Rachel only grabbed one. Nicole led at one time, 7-5. Then comes a time where Rachel catches up to tie the teams at 11. After telling her teammates to shut up, Rachel comes up with two more. Three more... Four more! But can Rachel string them all in time?

Nicole has her 15.. Now it's a race. Rachel takes time to count her pearls... That's 15! She wins it! Gooner calls it luck of the draw and the two movie stars congratulate each other. Rachel joins Jim, Pat, Kate, Glenn & Mindy in the final seven, leaving one open spot... Gilligan. And only one Minnow Green to fight it out for... Gooner

Needless to say, Rachel was shocked, but truth be told, Nicole was weakened from not eating, and it finally got back to her. Minnow Gold gets to have a movie night with soda, popcorn, and chocolate.

After the competition, it's back to the hot tub for Chris, Kate, and the Stearns. Chris is always confident, but at the same time, he's always nervous. Kate doesn't know what will happen once it gets down to the final seven, but if she has any control over it, she wants to be in the final four. Her words... takes after her mom, doesn't she?

Meanwhile, it's time to start thinking alliance, as Mindy says that her hubby has a master plan. "He's always five steps ahead of us." The only threat: Rachel, who Glenn calls "a very smart woman." Glenn meets up with her to talk movie, and Rachel wonders about... missing crackers? This blows up at dinner time. Kate and Amanda decided a long time ago to save the crackers for when they were really hungry... but now she doesn't know where she put them.

But enough about that... It's showtime. It's date time. It's... an HDTV movie in paradise. The movie: Mr. Robinson Crusoe. And from 1932, it's primitive as can be.

At the huts, though, Jim and Gooner share a stogie. Then they get the idea to liven up the movie a bit... so they raid the theatre and Gooner drops his pants. "It's a horror movie!" "I did that, because they can kiss Gooner's ass." Then Gooner and the Skip get an idea to make a voodoo doll and hang it up on a yellow string. And they do, with a yellow string to signify Chris and a green string to signify Gooner's victory. They then burn the doll in effigy. Pat: "Kinda reminds me of Skipper's raft. It looks good, but it just won't go." Tackle!

Meanwhile, Rachel and Glenn return from Voodoo Village with the REAL Gilligan doll. And a note: "Tomorrow, it's Gilligan vs. Gilligan with no help from your Minnow mates."

"Sorry to see you go, Gooner." Them's fighting words. Meanwhile, Kate and Chris spend at least one night together. He says that he's just going to do it. Jim says that Gooner needs this win for both character and the salvation of Minnow Green. He plays mind games as he begins to "start feeling like ass." He lets Rachel know of his game face, since she was the one who was cheering him on, but then Rachel reveals that Kate may be a bit shady.

Meanwhile, Glenn & Mindy can't fish.

"Attention castaways... Gilligans, prepare to test your sea legs! Grab your fellow castaways and head to the beach for your final head-to-head competition."

Gooner prepares mentally, while Chris... sleeps. The challenge: transport water down the beach while dizzied by a rotating water pump. The Gilligan with the most water in his tub at the end of time will be the final castaway in the final seven.

Chris is initially dizzied hard, but he shakes it off. Gooner on the other hand has a hard time keeping water in his tub. And a hard time keeping himself in the chair. Same with Chris. Continue for another few minutes. And that's time. And now... the weigh-in. No contest, as Chris wins it all. Meanwhile, for little buddy Gooner, it's the final nail in the coffin for Minnow Green. Both teams will miss the way that he touched a lot of lives on the island.

But in the meantime, here are the final seven!

Gilligan: Chris O'Malley
Skipper: Jim Murray
Millionaires: Glenn & Mindy Stearns
Movie Star: Rachel Hunter
Professor: Pat Abbott
Mary Ann: Kate Koth

The seven run in the rain to get back to camp for a celebration of sorts. First, bedding... everyone gets it. Changes of clothes: everyone gets it. Lobster, corn, baked potatoes... everyone gets it. And one other thing that everyone gets... A visit from Scott? After congratulations, Scott notes that tomorrow, the game will change and the biggest challenges are yet to come. "Things are going to get ugly," Jim says. You don't know the half of it... Because just as we're ending this episode...

"Attention castaways! Attention castaways! There's a hurricane approaching. Evacuate immediately! Evacuate immediately!"

Next time, the castaways return from higher ground.

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